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As mentioned in a previous blog, I was invited to present information and research regarding Wholistic Rejuvenation and Living Healthy in a Toxic World in China this month. The invitation was to participate at two hospitals in cooperation with the school of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the Naturopaths. I just returned and wanted to be sure to give a progress report to my patients and followers. Click here to continue.

I taught in China in the mid 1980’s and visited the country many times. I expected to see growth this trip but nothing like what I experienced. Shanghai and Nanjing are progressive cities, not only in their infrastructure but also in their medical community and education.

We, the delegation, were graciously welcomed and every moment we spent with the doctors, staff, and medical students was enlightening and memorable. The warmness and acceptance of the Chinese people has never been surpassed by any other country or health care community that I have had the privilege of being invited to present and/or teach.

I shared my research regarding the causes of chemically-induced immune system disorders and examples of studies completed in New Zealand that found safe non-toxic ways of preventing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). New Zealand went from having the highest rate in the world of SIDS to almost none, all because of a discovery about the toxins that were introduced into the infant’s life that no one ever imaged could be a contributing factor.

One of the hospitals I visited in China was the beautiful modern hi-tech OBGYN facility in Nanjing. The hospital is not what we Americans expect in China. It is decorated as if you were in someone’s personal home in inviting calming colors with the most modern equipment. I was amazed at the “family room” that is attached to each patient room where the spouse and/or visitors can comfortably relax in an atmosphere of caring and healing that encompasses from the decor to the staff.

They have their new mothers stay in the hospital for one week. During that time the infant at about 3-4 days old is monitored carefully as well as allowed to swim in mini pools with a flotation device. It is a breathtaking experience to see a 4 day old swimming as if an old pro with absolutely no fear and having a grand time as he/she amuses the staff and visitors — including our delegation. Before we departed, the local T.V. station interviewed me and it aired on local television.

In Shanghai, the modern hospital has a 1,000 bed capacity with the latest in technology that can rival any U.S. or Western European hospital I’ve been in. The staff was eager to learn from all the delegates and promised to work on establishing an on-going educational exchange in the near future. Every engagement and meeting was meticulously organized down to the minute detail.

What the Peoples Republic of China has accomplished since my last visit in the mid 1980’s is nothing short of amazing! The entire infrastructure has been built and continually updated, including the modern high speed train system and wide highways with beautiful landscaping and large trees to counteract emission damage to the environment. Yes, China has a very long way to go to improve their air quality but if anyone can do it, the Chinese can. They are striving to be the global example in all their advances and I am surely cheering them on after experiencing the metamorphosis first hand.

In Shanghai they are preparing the city for the World’s Fair that begins in the spring of 2010 with new highways, hotels, sports complexes, new train service and every ammenity necessary to be a world host of this caliber. When I last visited, the mode of transportation was mostly bicycles, what seemed like an endless parade side by side. Now the endless parade is of vehicles and the bicycles are a very small part of their transportation system and delegated to one narrow lane on the highway. For us in major U.S. cities, we have nothing to complain about traffic. You simply have to exprience traffic in a city like Shanghai to feel blessed at our minor inconveniences. Yes, traffic is the most I’ve ever witnessed but everyone seems to adjust their lives to it and focus on their ever-changing progresses, which are too numerous to mention.

What we need to do now is continue our knowledge exchanges so that we can truly practice what we teach……health through education, naturally.

I am truly indebted to the two hospitals that invited us for their warm reception and hospitality and to the TCM students who are like sponges to learn how to Live Healthy in a Toxic World and who remind me why I have devoted my life to research and teaching. I just returned yet already miss my new found friends and colleagues who I hope to see again soon.

With deepest appreciation to my Chinese hosts in Shanghai and Nanjing,

Dr. Gloria



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