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Specializing in environmental health and chemically-induced immune system disorders gives me the “edge” on new technology and products to share with my readers, students and clients. I’m always hesitant to recommend or endorse a product or service; I’m a tough professional to impress.  However, these new wonders are an exceptional invention too good to hoard – safe and healthy for us and our environment! Click here to continue reading…

I have used micro-fiber cloths for years now for everything that requires cleaning. They’re cost-effective because they last so long, you only use water to clean, and there is nothing better I’ve found that polishes surfaces like granite, marble, laminate counter tops/surfaces, leather, mirrors, glass, chrome/brass, and all hard surfaces. Additionally, since the fabric weave “traps” particles, there are no airborne particulates that may trigger allergies. Now, we can actually purchase microfiber cloths that are embedded with silver to kill 99.9% of bacteria; wish I had thought of that! I am a firm believer in using the correct silver product internally to kill everything, now we can do so for everything we clean environmentally.

Protection Trapped Inside, naturally

I don’t subscribe to “sales pitches” so when I was introduced to this new technology I, of course, asked, “Has it been scientifically proven to do what you claim?” The answers lie below – extracted from the many pages provided me.

Note: The purpose of the studies was to observe the long-term development of microbiological particles when you clean surfaces and areas with microfiber that are in daily use in a hospital setting. After all, what better testing environment than a breeding ground for germs? The summary of the study cited was done using daily regular sanitary and cleaning routines, using ONLY microfiber cleaning products and water on floors and other surfaces at the hospital Feiring at Feiringklinikken in Eidsvoll, Norway. This facility specializes in consulting, treating and rehabilitation of adult heart patients.

The Study

    To benchmark the cleaning effectiveness, the researchers used the Nordic standard NS-INSTA800 (a unit of measure used in Norway). The measurements were observed and recorded for a period of four months.

    The kick-off to the study emphasized that the goal of the project was not to benchmark individual employees, but rather to determine the long-term effect of using microfiber silver-embedded cloths combined with only water as the single method of cleaning and sanitation within a hospital setting.

Only microfiber products that are in daily use at the clinic were used during the project. All products that were used are documented in the research reports.

In addition to measuring the number of Colony-forming Units (CFUs), or bacteria cultures, after cleaning a surface, each product was also tested to see how many CFU were contained in the cloth or mop.

Bacteria samples were taken inside the surgery ward and in the cafeteria before and after cleaning. In the surgery ward, measurements ware taken on the floor, two different counter tops, and 2 measurements in the sterilizing room. In the cafeteria, samples were from the floor and on 2 different counter tops in the kitchen.

To quantify the results, the numbers of Colony-forming Units (CFUs) on the sample were counted after a 72 hour incubation period at 37oC.

After use, all products were laundered at 90oC and then dried in a dryer and all products were used within 4 hours after laundering. The products were separately contained in a sealed plastic bag on each trolley or in a clean box after cleaning. The detergent used for cleaning was Clara Mopwash from Nilfisk-Advance.

Only microfiber products that are in daily use at the clinic were used during the project. All products that were used are documented in their report.

In addition to measuring the number of CFUs after cleaning a surface, each product was also tested to see how many CFUs were contained in the cloth or mop. This project only considered the measurement of indoor hygienic conditions.

The experiences gained during the project are first and foremost positive. The test data shows a good and satisfactory hygienic level that is just as good as traditional cleaning methods and products. The challenge was foremost related to the introduction of new cleaning routines, new methods and the correct usage of microfiber cleaning products.

The final conclusion, both in the kitchen and in the surgery ward, is that the microfiber silver-embedded cleaning products and the cleaning routines employed are of excellent quality and effectiveness.

Additional testing was conduced by a Japanese Inspecting Foundation. Their testing confirmed that the silver-embedded microfiber cloths remove 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces. Just as important, the studies confirmed that even after washing the cloth 300 times, it was still capable of picking up 99.9% of surface bacteria. See results below:

Rate of eradication (%) April 30, 2003 NBRC 12732 & 3972

Name of Sample Staphylococcus aureua  Escherichia coli

Cloth, silver-embedded   99.9% or more  99.9% or more

 Rate of eradication (%) September 3, 2003 NBRC 12732 & 3972

 Cloth, silver-embedded 99.9% or more   99.9% or more

Antibac Body Pack Cloths

Antibac Body Pack face cloths are made of ultrafine microfiber that is ten times finer than silk and allows you to clean your face using only water

  • Cloth fibers are specially embedded with an antibacterial silver-based agent that prevents bacteria/germ growth by breaking down bacteria immediately upon contact with the silver based agent—achieving 99.9% bacterial reduction in the cloth within a 24 hour period
  • The silver-based agent embedded in the face cloth is safe and environmentally friendly and has passed both FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) approval
  • Antibac Body pack face cloths allow you to deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin naturally, removing grease molecules and all makeup and dry skin cells without the use of alcohol or cleansers
    This soft, fluffy, and super absorbent set includes a hooded towel and face cloth intended for use up to toddler size.


Use the Body Pack face cloths as an alternative to all face cleansers in your regular cleaning regime  exceptional for everyone, especially those with multiple allergies and allergic responses to multiple chemicals and ingredients.

· Use only with water to wash and then rinse, wring out, and hang to dry

· Wash with lint-free laundry and organic laundry detergent (make sure if it’s fragranced it’s ONLY organic essential oils.

· Do not wash with bleach or fabric softener

 The Antibac Enviro-cloth (thicker)

This cloth removes dust, grease, and dirt from all washable surfaces – use it dry for dusting; use it damp for cleaning tiles, bathtub, counters, silver or brass, car interiors, etc. 

  • The Antibac cloths come in four colors that all do the same thing. This allows you to color-code the cloths for different purposes, rooms or individuals.
  • The New Antibac Microfiber is a new Microfiber (patent pending) that contains an environmentally friendly natural silver as the antibacterial agent.
  • The Antibac cloths remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The new microfiber should be regarded as a complement to regular hygiene practices as it helps prevent the transfer of germs to your hands while cleaning – preventing cross- contamination. Germs removed and retained within the antibac microfiber will be destroyed within a few hours with this new embedded silver technology. 

Antibac Window Cloth (A finer thin cloth)

  • Now you can clean your windows, mirrors and shiny surfaces with just water and the antibacterial window cloth. Clean the surface with a moist microbac cloth (like conventional antibacterial cloths), then polish with the antibac window cloth; or just spray water on the surface and polish with the dry antibac window cloth

The antibac microfiber is a new generation of microfiber (patent pending) – containing an environmentally friendly anti-bacterial agent.  It’s now easier than ever, for us and our environment, to stay healthy by not adding to our collective toxic burden.

The cost of the Antibac Face & Body Cloths  is $16.99 supplied in packs of 3, plus s/h. The general cleaning  Antibac Enviro-cloth is $14.50 each, plus s/h.  The Antibac Window/Glass Polishing Cloth is $16.99 for one. For more information on these amazing Antibac microfiber products click here.

In another blog I will share with you the success stories from customers and patients as they discover these revolutionary cleaning tools, including micobac mops, tea towels, etc.

Please email me at with your comments after you’ve tried this unique cleaning experience.

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