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As a healer turned victim of one of the newly emerging disorders known as fibromyalgia, or myofacial* pain syndrome, I can attest to its pain and the exasperation experienced when conventional medicine doesn’t know how to deal with it other than prescribing more drugs for symptom-care without investigating the root causes. Click here to continue reading…

Fortunately, I am now symptom-free; unless I unknowingly consume MSG or foods in the nightshade family. After working with thousands of patients around the globe to overcome their “invisible illness”, and the thousands of hours researching everything possible to find root causes, we now have scientific information that validates there’s more going on than knots in our soft tissue caused from weight-gain.

Fibro Knots: Real Pain Real Disorder

For my friends out there with “fibro-knots” it’s NOT all in your head and you don’t have a deficiency of Prozac. You really do have knots. Fibromyalgia is made up of three words; the Latin term for fibrous tissue (fibro), the Greek word for muscle (myo) and pain (algia). This is another way of saying this is muscle knots tied by painful ropes; a condition I know personally and professionally only too well! These manifestations of the disorder are NOT emotional instability but rather specific biological origins.

The Oregon Health and Science University published reports that there is evidence for dysfunction of the intramuscular connective tissue, or fascia*, in fibromyalgia syndromes. This paper proposes that inflammation of the fascia is the source of peripheral input that leads to central sensitization. The fascial dysfunction is reported to be due to inadequate growth hormone production.

To better understand fascia, it is the richly innervated major cell of the fascia*, or the fibroblast. This has shown to secrete pro-inflammatory cytokines, particularly IL-6, in response to strain.

Recent biopsy studies using immuno-histochemical staining techniques have found increased levels of collagen and inflammatory mediators in the connective tissue surrounding the muscle cells in fibromyalgia patients.

These “fibro-knots” are inflammation of the fascia similar to conditions experienced in plantar fascitis and lateral epicondylitis; better described as a dysfunctional healing response. This now appears to explain why even NSAIDs and oral steroids have NOTbeen effective in fibromyalgia patients and only add to their total body burden, specifically that of the liver.

It’s been my personal and professional experience that one specific manual therapy is extremely effective in eliminating those “fibro-knots” and assisting connective tissue repair; that therapy is myofascial release therapy provided by a certified therapist.

Natural, Non-Drug Options

One nutraceutical that I have found extremely effective, and proven so by multiple clinical studies, is a complex supplement (Kaprex) that contains a proprietary blend of Rosemary, Oleanolic Acid (from olive leaf extract) and THIAA (Tetrahydro-iso-alpha acids complex from hops). This nutraceutical provides a safer option for effective relief of pain and inflammation than prescription medications.

It works by it’s selected plant components that influence kinase signaling and the formation of certain substances that are associated with pain. Clinical tests show this complex may offer a high degree of relief pain and inflammation as well as safety supporting the cardiovascular, gastric, renal and liver functions. It modulates production of specific target cells called PGE2 and features SKRMs in the form of THIAA that modulates kinase activity, in other words, shuts off pain messengers. I recommend one capsule twice a day with meals for best effect. This nutraceutical is only available through approved health care professionals.

Myofascia: the thin layer of connective tissue that covers, supports, and connects the muscle cells, muscle fibers, and the whole muscles, as well as forming tendons and ligaments. It is the support network that provides the body its shape and determines its flexibility.

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