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With over 70 million “baby-boomers” reaching the “youth of middle-age,” we’re developing pain and discomfort from a myriad of invisible illnesses including pain, inflammation and digestive disorders; many attributed to our oral health, specifically dental crowns.

General Inflammation

Inflammation is a response that occurs when part of the body reacts to trauma, toxic overload or infection – resulting in disorders such as arthritis, injury, or bacterial infection.

In times past, symptoms of inflammation were easy to identify; swelling, heat and pain. With newer emerging disorders such as fibromyalgia, lupus, chronic fatigue and multiple allergic response syndromes (MARS), to mention a few, identification and diagnosis is challenging. More often than not, inflammation in the soft and connective tissue is invisible to everyone except the victim. In the case of digestive disorders, many victims of leaky gut, Crohn’s, colitis and irritable bowel never connect that part of the culprit can be the destruction of their oral health and the subsequent bacterial inflammation.

Doctor Heal Thyself

Unfortunately, I speak from experience. As a result of a life-threatening accident and the subsequent drug-induced leaky gut from prescription medications for pain and inflammation, I became allergic to everything! My odyssey from healer to victim is documented in my best-selling book I was Poisoned by my body. I’d consulted with thousands of clients around the world with serious multiple allergic responses and guided them to recovery, never dreaming I’d someday be forced to walk the same path.

After a couple of year’s recovered from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, leaky gut and MARS, I developed an acute sore throat on the left side when I swallowed. It was relentless. Prior to the sore throat, I enjoyed my usual bountiful energy for traveling, lecturing, teaching, investigative journalism, and consulting. Suddenly, I was tired all the time, fibromyalgia symptoms returned, dark circles appeared under the eyes, my elimination became sluggish, and the sore throat eventually became a defined swollen gland under the chin. After repeated visits and testing with my conventional physician, all that was echoed was “everything is within normal range” – I then knew it was time to see my dentist again.

My lower left molars had been crowned in gold in 1966. In spite of the x-rays previously not showing any decay, abscess or inflammation, I knew we again had to investigate the lower left crowns although I had no pain or sensitivity in my teeth. My dentist removed the crown on the first molar and the following is what he uncovered. What I would have done to have a photo of the expression on his and his assistant’s face!

I was being poisoned by not only an exposed root from rampant decay, but the tooth had been built-up using a mercury amalgam filling and the poisons were pouring directly into my blood – any wonder I had a one-sided sore throat that felt like a knife was piercing every time I swallowed? Take a careful look. You can see where the nerve is exposed on the upper portion where it looks like someone took a bite of the tooth. Then look again and see the shiny mercury that had surfaced and was pouring directly into my nerve; had it not been discovered, it could have killed me.

The tooth was extracted and replaced by a bridge. I worked in dentistry for  ten years in the 60’s and 70’s and had forgotten that amalgams were used in that era to build a weakened tooth structure in order to prepare it for a crown. Don’t become a victim of a false sense of security just because you’ve had your amalgam fillings replaced with crowns….your invisible illness could be hiding under your dental restorations.

Treating Symptoms NOT Causes

My physician suggested antibiotics, even though no clear evidence of infection was present. Had I taken them, it would have compromised my intestinal integrity and provided an opportunistic entry for candida yeast and the decline of my overall immune system.

Basic Steps to Reduce the Body’s Intestinal Toxic Load

Scientists now know approximately 80% of our immune system is based in our gut….that’s right, our gut. However, most of us never consider the fundamental protocols necessary to insure our intestinal toxic load is reduced, which is so interconnected to our liver health and the countless invisible illnesses. When toxins are being “dumped” into our liver, faster than its ability to neutralize them, particularly from a leaky gut, invisible illnesses develop. A protocol to reduce the overall intestinal toxic load and then add health-enhancing nutrients is imperative, otherwise the escalation of the disorder and decline of our immune defenses in inevitable.

Foundational First Step – provide long-term relief and immune system support by detoxifying the body through use of a comprehensive herbal/fiber cleansing product for the large intestine. This type of detoxification will subsequently reduce the overall toxic load of the major pathways of detoxification, the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system.

An initial cleansing protocol would encompass 90 days, thereafter a maintenance dose should be taken daily to continue to “brush” colonic debris for elimination. If your elimination becomes sluggish, or constipation is an issue, take an herbal stool softener that does not contain habit-forming herbs, along with the fiber cleanse product to encourage complete evacuation.

Second Step – provide as much natural non-drug support for the immune system by supplementing with plant sterols* and a high potency multi-strain  probiotic*. Plant sterols act as immune modulators, taming an over-active system and stimulating an under-active one.

Third Step – Eliminate all foods known as the “nightshades”. This family of botanicals contains a substance called solanine, a chemical known as alkaloid, which can be highly toxic and known to cause inflammation, even in your mouth.

Historical Perspective: The connection of nightshades in arthritis and inflammatory disorders was first brought to the forefront largely by the efforts of Dr. Norman F. Childers, former Professor of Horticulture at Rutgers University (for detailed information about nightshades, see the book “Pain / Inflammation Matters” written by Gloria Gilbère). The inflammation caused by nightshades ranges from gastrointestinal inflammation, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, muscle stiffness, gum disease, and migraines. Cholinesterase is an enzyme in the body originating from the brain that is responsible for flexibility of movement in muscles. Solanine, present in nightshades, is a powerful inhibitor of cholinesterase, in other words, its presence can interfere with muscle movement – responsible for stiffness experienced after consumption of nightshades.

The nightshade group includes:

Paprika  Pimento   All varieties of Tomatoes and Potatoes

Peppers of all varieties (red, green, yellow, chili, cayenne, hot/sweet)

Homeopathic Belladonna    Okra Tobacco Products

We also advise eliminating Blueberries and Huckleberries because although not a nightshade, they contain the same inflammation-inducing alkaloids as nightshades.

Some prescription drugs, especially those used for insomnia and depression contain potato starch, check with your pharmacist for a list of ingredients if you have an inflammatory condition.

Fourth Step – Have a thorough dental exam by a biologically aware dentist. Many victims of inflammation and immune system disorders have a “false sense of security” because they have full gold or porcelain restorations. Many a victim has not been able to completely repair their immune system, only to find that beneath their expensive restoration is a toxic mercury/amalgam filling or undiagnosed decay adding constant insult to injury.

If you’re a victim of invisible illnesses and you’ve been told, as I was, that you’re “within ‘normal’ range”, become a health sleuth to uncover the hidden causes, after all, it’s about your quality of life, naturally.

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