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Do You REALLY Know What You’re Eating?
 I’ve previously reported about dangerous ingredients that are legally included in the food we consume and their subsequent health implications.

What if I told you that you’re eating “plastic fat” – the deadliest of ingredients? I’m sorry to say, you are!…Continue reading…

Research conclusively shows that hydrogenated oils are deadly because they cause, among other disorders, non-insulin dependent Type II diabetes, or hyperinsulinemia – which can actually burn-out the pancreas and cause insulin-dependent diabetes.

The body needs essential fatty acids (EFAs) that are natural – not hydrogenated oils that are toxic to the body. EFAs are the building blocks of fats – affecting almost every major organ, cell membrane and immune system function.  They actually contain an electrical weight that changes fluidity of cell membranes – assisting the development of healthy immune cells. When oils are hydrogenated, the electrical weight is altered, changing their electrical weight – affecting fluidity that causes cell membranes to stiffen.

Cell to Cell Communication
The human body is not capable of producing EFAs – it must acquire them from vegetable or fish oils in healthy ratios. These acids form cell membranes for cell functions and create substances known as eicosanoids that act as the electrical system for cell to cell communication. They are hormones that regulate molecules in most forms of life, however, do not travel in the blood like hormones, but rather are created within the cells. Hydrogenated oils form trans-fatty acids which the body has no mechanism to deal with so they are not synthesized. Without natural-occurring EFAs, the body cannot form healthy normal cells and produces misshapen or abnormal ones.

Historical Perspective – When This Deception Started
• 1903 – first patent for hydrogenation• 1911 – first patent for hydrogenated cottonseed oil• 1911 – Proctor & Gamble launched Crisco oil, a combination of hydrogenated palm and cottonseed oil mixed with lard and animal fats• 1911 – Mazola oil introduced

• 1914 – most companies removed any animal fats in oils and produced vegetable oils and the population began consuming trans-formed EFAs that became trans-fatty acids in foods by introducing hydrogenated oils

After the 1930’s, the following diseases exponentially increased:
o Insulin-resistance – person produced enough insulin but it did not reduce sugar in the blood (new name was given as non-insulin dependent diabetes, today also known as Metabolic Syndrome)o Heart disease (currently claiming over 750,000 lives a year)o Cancero Autoimmune diseaseso Inflammatory diseases/disorders• 1937 – new patent by a doctor working for a major oil company with an improved process that separated certain fats for commercial use

• 1957 – margarines out sold butter because of deceptive advertising practices about its “so called” health benefits

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the following deaths were attributed to diabetes:
o 1985 – 36,969 o 1995 – 59,085      In 10 years, that’s an increase of 59.8% or 6% annually

o 2007 – 284,000, that’s an annual cost of diabetes of $174 billion

The above statistics validate, in my opinion, that these manufacturers and regulatory agencies are only concerned with high profits, not about our health. They’ll go to great extents to deceive consumers, especially using other names on ingredient lists.

Oil….with a side-order of Aluminum!
High levels of aluminum are being detected in individuals in very high levels. We now know that metals, such as aluminum, were added into many oils – believed to account for the link to Alzheimer’s and cancer, especially in baby-boomers. Also added was non-radioactive cobalt, the kind used as a catalyst in these oils is a component of vitamin B12. Studies suggest that this type of cobalt causes cell destruction and nerve disorders!

Additional Dangers of Hydrogenated Oils (Trans fatty Acids)
• Consumption of trans-fatty acids cause systemic inflammation especially in woman (arthritis, fibromyalgia, gout, migraine headaches, etc.)• Significantly raises LDL (bad) cholesterol and lowers HDL (good) cholesterol – specifically increasing risk of coronary heart disease as myocardial infarction (heart attack)• Raises total serum cholesterol by 20-30 %• Lowers volume of cream in milk from lactating females – lowering overall quality for the infant• Attributed to low birth weight in infants• Affects immune responses – lowers efficiency of B cell response and increases proliferation of T cells• Decreases response of red blood cells to insulin• Causes adverse alterations of enzymes that metabolize chemical carcinogens and drugs (medications)• Adversely interacts with conversion of plant omega-3 fatty acids – escalating adverse effects of essential fatty acid deficiencies• Promotes cancers: prostate, breast, colon and lymph • Increased heart disease (men and woman)• Increases paroxysmal activity – free-radical formation• Impairs brain function and damages brain cells• Promotes attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)• Causes liver and gallbladder disease• Blocks natural creation of pain-reducing hormones (eicosanoids)• Contributes to infertility• Causes dandruff and acne• Lowers tissue uptake of oxygen

• Promotes cystic fibrosis

Consumer Beware!
 If a product shows “Trans-Fat Free” on the label and still lists hydrogenated oils or mono-diglycerides (a new name of hydrogenated oils), it is NOT safe. Beware of hydrogenated cottonseed oil – it’s just as deadly.

 All commercial shortenings made with partially hydrogenated soybean oil have 25-50 percent of the fat as trans fatty acids. Those made with partially hydrogenated canola oils have the same or higher levels.

FYI: European Countries ONLY allows 4% Trans Fatty Acids in Foods – several ban them altogether.

Parents and Consumers Beware!
It’s especially important that parents and grandparents be informed about what foods are healthy and those that are health-depleting, or downright toxic. Our children are heading for a shorter lifespan and diminished quality of life if we don’t take responsibility for the health of our entire family. As baby-boomers, it isn’t enough to simply live longer if we sacrifice quality of life for those things we can control, such as what we consume.

The following are guidelines that should be followed in every aspect of your lives:
• DO NOT consume “no-fat” items – these foods actually cause weight gain because they change the way the body processes and burns fats.• Dairy products should NOT contain carrageenan – it is used as a thickening agent and studies show it increases inflammation (arthritis, fibromyalgia, breathing disorders like asthma, headaches, and sinus infections).• DO NOT consume foods containing hydrogenated oils or monodiglycerides, MSG (monosodium glutamate and its entire list of alias to hide it) and all artificial sweeteners (aspartame etc.) and food coloring.• Consume healthy oils including: olive oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, safflower oil, nut oils, and organic butter (contains no growth hormones, antibiotics or food coloring).

• Check to assure fruits are NOT coming from Mexico and So. America where they allow pesticides and herbicides BANNED in the U.S. Some of these farmers legally use human waste and sewage water as fertilizers.

The Life Extension Foundation warns “The American diet is full of fat. When the very tiny blood vessels nourishing our joints fill with fat from our food, oxygen exchange is hampered, and the body has difficulty removing waste products. As a result, body tissue may weaken or break down. For example, saturated or hydrogenated fats can enhance or harm regulation of hormonal substances called eicosanoids – important to patients in pain because they help to control inflammation and pain, especially in the joints.”

In future investigative articles I’ll continue to provide you with the latest research – enabling you and your family to live healthy in a toxic world, naturally.

Your Partner in Health,
Dr. Gloria

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