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This Thanksgiving Holiday I recalled my many blessings…the following I was not expecting.

Those that follow my writing and work know of my affinity for goat-milk and products made from it. This miraculous healthy milk is more widely consumed around the globe than any other. Yet, most Americans have a predetermined opinion of how products from goat-milk taste, and they choose not to do so, until now. I find that most people, as well, equate goat-milk with developing countries and a wild flavor, and not for its health-enhancing benefits. Yet in other parts of the world, developed and not, they’ve known its multitude of health benefits for centuries and many, as in France and Italy, have perfected products made from goat-milk, elevating its flavor and texture to that of a delicacy. Click to continue reading…

Several years ago I wrote a book about the health benefits of goat-milk products. The book is now out-of-print but our office is constantly getting calls and emails wanting to know when the new edition will again be available.

This past summer, I began revising and updating my goat-milk book. I was having challenges knowing what food products to recommend made from goat-milk because most in my area, and the U.S., are not comparable to the quality and taste of what has delighted my gastronomical palette with while in France and Italy. So, I began the manuscript for the new book with simply generic information about the overall-health benefits of goat-milk products, especially for those individuals with multiple allergic responses whose immuno-compromised body and liver do not tolerate other animal proteins.

During my much written about odyssey from healer to victim in my book, I was Poisoned by my body, I provide great detail about goat-milk products facilitating my recovery when my body would not tolerate other animal proteins without experiencing anaphylactic reactions and extreme liver pain.

Goat-milk products are health-enhancing for many reasons, the foremost being, but definitely not limited to:

  • Goat-milk protein molecules are one-fifth the size of cow-milk products – making them easier to be processed by a compromised digestive system and liver.
  • Goat-milk products do not produce phlegm or mucous as do cow-milk products.
  • Goat-milk products create an alkaline environment – cow-milk products create a condition of acidity.
  • Goat-milk is the closest to human milk and is, therefore, much better tolerated by infants and those who have multiple allergies.
  • The goat is the healthiest animal on earth.

NOT Chance or Coincidence

I believe everything happens for a reason, even though at the time the situation may be challenging and may not appear so. I was so angry when I became ill with a life-threatening disorder called leaky gut, after a severe accident where I developed blood clots that went into pulmonary embolism – the drugs that saved my life almost took it! Now I understand why I was forced to walk in the same shoes as most of the individuals I consult with – assisting them in repairing their immune system and regaining quality of life. My illness and recovery has made me a better medical researcher and doctor, and that wasn’t chance or coincidence.

Just about the time I was frustrated with creating my new book regarding the health benefits of goat-milk products, I was gifted three assorted boxes from individual goat-milk manufacturers, all of them woman, respectfully known as “The Goat Girls.” I had only previously tried products from one of them, but that was several years ago while in California on a business trip and they weren’t readily available in north Idaho.

The first box I opened was a gift from Cypress Grove Chevre. I was totally impressed with the packaging and brochure about their exquisite goat-milk cheeses and how they’re made, but thought to myself, “I’m grateful for this generous gift but bet they can’t hold a candle to what I get in Europe.”

You see, being a gourmet cook myself, I’m VERY particular about flavor and texture. I’ve purchased dozens of cheeses from other vendors nationwide, even our local goat-dairy farmers, and most have that “wild” flavor that I just don’t appreciate – much like I don’t like the flavor of wild meat (elk, moose, deer, etc.) even though it is valued in areas as gourmet fare.

The names alone from Cypress Grove conger images of gastronomical delights. As I dug into the first cheese, Purple Haze, my taste buds began singing a delightful tune as I devoured this fresh chevre. It is the perfect taste mixture of lavender and fennel pollen – giving Purple Haze a sweet and addicting flavor. I crumbled some into my salad, tasted it on rice crackers with fig preserve, and even hand-blended with olive oil and champagne vinegar for a salad dressing. Was I dreaming? Had I somehow been transmitted to Europe?

Next I dug into their Midnight Moon – don’t you just love these names? It’s a pale firm cheese that is aged more than six months with a dense and smooth slight graininess of the finest long-aged cheese. The flavor is nutty and brown-buttery – “I am definitely hooked,” I kept thinking.

Then came the Truffle Tremor – where the classic flavor of truffle meets the velvety perfection of ripened goat-milk cheese. This is earthy, elegant, and sophisticated cheese at its best.

Because I don’t believe in chance and coincidence, I know I was gifted these exquisite products so that I could not only enjoy them without having to travel thousands of miles, but also to share my discovery of their dynamic flavor and health benefits with my readers.

With the holidays upon us, I urge you to not only try these addicting gastronomical delights, but also consider giving them as a gift for all those people with discriminating tastes who also care about what’s healthy, naturally.

You can order Cypress Grove Directly through their website at: www.cypressgrovechevre.com. Please email me your gastronomical experience at goatproducts@gloriagilbere.com once you’ve treated yourself to the best taste this side of the big pond – your comments may end up in my new book.

  The Way I See It…

When you can enhance your health and have your goat-cheese too, why wouldn’t you? It’s delivered right to your door, or that of the gift recipient like it was to me. Thank you for caring enough about natural health and healthy gourmet food and for reading this now! In subsequent articles, I’ll report on the other two goat-milk manufacturers that were in my gift boxes – I love being a healthy food critic!

My new book on the health benefits of goat-milk products titled Nature’s Prescription Milk is in process and will be available as an e-book from my website store as of February, 2010. If you pre-order NOW by clicking the “Buy Now” button below, your pre-release price is $8.95, regular price is $11.95. Your book will be emailed to you as soon as it’s released. Remember, there’s no shipping! It’s over 60 pages and literally a reference book for eating healthy in a toxic world, naturally.


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