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Having recently returned from lecturing and teaching in Asia, I can attest to the delicious flavor of green tea. I was gifted, and purchased, some extraordinary blends both in Shanghai and Taiwan; an exquisite taste that I have yet to find in the U.S. That said, in light of new research, I may have to consider white tea – while still opting for my gourmet Asian green tea favorites. Click to continue reading…

Researchers from Kingston University, London, were absolutely flabbergasted by results that illustrated white tea’s ability to inhibit enzymes that attack collagen and elastase; while mimicking the action of one of the body’s own antioxidant enzymes. 

The study was published in the BioMed Central Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The research team tested 23 extracts from 21 tea plants – white tea was the “star” amongst those tested. The extracts were tested for their anti-collagenase and anti-elastase activities – two enzymes that contribute to aging of the skin by breaking-down collagen and elastin.

White tea showed the highest inhibitory activity against collagenase at 87 per cent, compared to green tea (47.17 per cent) and rose tincture (40.96 per cent). Similarly, the extract’s anti-elastase effect was over 89 per cent, the highest of all those tested. Furthermore, according to one of the scientists on the project, Professor Naughton, the concentrations used in these experiments were significantly lower than those you would find in a single cup of tea.

Although from the same plant, green, black and white teas appear to have very different health-promoting properties.

White tea comes from the newest buds of the plant; so called because the new leaf buds are often covered in fine white hairs, whereas black tea is picked later and some of the components will have oxidized, decreasing its health giving properties, explained Naughton.

I don’t know about you, but in light of this latest research, I’m having a cup of white tea at least twice daily – I’m in favor of anything that can enhance my health AND delay the effects of biological aging, naturally.

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Tamsyn SA Thring, Pauline Hili, Declan P Naughton


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