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I’ve discussed significant information about various new research and nutrients that have proven effective in our constant thirst to slow the aging processes. Vitamin C is, again, one of those nutrients that, until now, has not received the credit its due.

According to research conducted by Marcus Cooke (co-author) at the University of Leicester, UK, their team is encouraged because Vitamin C shows the definate ability of the DNA to repair itself after being damaged; as well as being protective through its strong antioxidant properties. Click to continue reading…

Scientists also concluded that although the activation of specific signaling pathways remains to be elucidated, the results show that Vitamin C in skin cells is absolutely required for efficient wound healing and for the repair of potentialy mutagenic by-products of DNA oxidation.

Additionally, the study highlighted the results achieved when Vitamin C was added in its ability to stimulate fibroblasts out of their dormant state so they can help the skin heal as well as affecting the cells’ ability to move to the wounded area.

Keeping in mind that Vitamin C supplementation is so effective for so many biological functions and their ability to accelerate healing, why would you not use it daily? Yes, it does assist with boosting the immune defenses, thus protecting us from colds, flu, etc. However, with new research validating its anti-aging effects be sure you add it to your daily routine in a formula that is easily absorbed and utilized either in powder or tablets, naturally.

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