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It’s a new year….are those old extra pounds still taking up residence in your body?

If so, you’re not alone. What most dieters don’t realize is that their weight-loss attempts are more than likely being sabotaged by what is called Metabolic Modifiers; allow me to explain. Click here to continue reading…

Most people resolve to eliminate excess weight by simply modifying their diet measures such as less fat, more healthy protein, exercise, and stress-reduction techniques. That said, they are not addressing the role played by chemicals in the body’s innate ability to release excess fat and inches; the reason most modern diets fail, despite adherence. 

According to an expert in human metabolism, Pamela-Baillie-Hamilton, M.D., “Toxic chemicals damage virtually every aspect of the way our body handles, absorbs, and creates proteins, as well as to increase the rate at which they are lost from the body. Although we believe we are eating enough proteins, chemical damage means that our bodies fail to extract and use the protein they need to allow our natural Slimming System to work properly.”

Proteins are used in our natural slimming processes to:

  • Form structure of the most important slimming hormones
  • Speed-up metabolism (protein can lift metabolic rate to 30% above normal for 3-12 hours)
  • Build muscles so we burn body fat during exercise (doesn’t serve our slimming efforts if we exercise and we don’t burn the fat)

Defining the Body’s Natural Slimming System

This complex system is made up of the brain control center, slimming hormones, body structure, and a good hefty dose of other nutrients. This built-in slimming system is highly interdependent; changes in one area affecting all others. In a nutshell, willpower is NOT enough to eliminate excess weight. Weight-loss failure is often due to the body’s inability to deal with the toxic substances in your food and environment that store within the body; specifically fat cells and soft tissue.

Understanding the Role of Metabolic Modifiers

Our metabolism requires vast amounts of energy for everyday balanced functioning; even more for effective detoxification and reduction of overall body burden. Metabolic modifiers, chemicals un-natural to the body, equates to a slower metabolism as the body used its energy reserves in its attempt to rid itself of chemicals; the rate in which it burns carbohydrates directly converts to weight gain and stored toxins.

The most profound effect of chemical toxicity is lowering our ability to generate body heat and reduce hormone levels that are essential for the release of stored fat. In a fibromyalgia patient, for example, chemicals as well as toxins created in the intestinal tract get stored within the soft and connective  tissues. This occurs when effective detoxification of the large intestine (colon) and the lymphatic system (whose job it is to get rid of cellular waste), is not achieved. Adding insult to injury, the underlying inflammation inhibits release of toxins, holding onto them for dear life.

The most common metabolic modifiers include, but are definately not limited to, pesticides in food and growth-promoting drugs used to fatten animals; this validates suspicion that there is a very direct connection to the inability to eliminate excess weight that is now in epidemic proportions in developed countries.

We hear of using antibiotics in animals and we assume they’re used to kill bacteria that causes illnesses and lower animal weight; researchers found the exact opposite reaction. When low doses of antibiotics are given to animals, they actually promote weight gain by damaging the animal’s natural weight control hormones (their natural body-slimming systems).

The most fattening group of synthetics is the organochlorines. This group of chemicals has the ability to cause continual damage to our weight control systems. This category of chemicals is mostly found in DDT, lindane, and PCBs. Although most of these are now banned, they have accumulated within our body tissues and in soil, and can remain their for decades.

All of the scientific evidence regarding the metabolic modifiers and the damage they cause, provides even more profound reasoning for shopping with local organic farmers where you can ask questions about methods of farming.  When organic farmers markets are not available, there are plenty of good choices in most major grocery stores, which in the past were rare. As more consumers demand organic and animal products with no added growth-hormones or antibiotics, more retailers will be forced to fill the need….truly a case of Health thru Education that eventually creates the need that retailers must fill in order to stay competative.

The Most Contamined Foods (unless organic) from Concentrations of Chemicals include:

Butter,  Salmon,  Spinach (fresh or frozen),  Strawberries (fresh or frozen)

Raisins,    Cherries,   Cream Cheese,    Red apples (unpeeled)

Chicken/Turkey,   Collards (fresh or frozen),   Bacon, sausage, ham, hot dogs, deli meats

Summer Squash, Dill cucumber pickles, U.S. Processed cheeses

Remember that chemicals store in fat tissue…if you’re consuming non-organic food with fat, that’s where the highest concentration of toxins will set-up residence, in your fat cells. Implementing wholistic rejuvenation protocols, as practiced in my practice and taught to Wholistic Rejuvenists around the world, assists the body in reducing its overall toxic load (body burden) while also preventing the invisible illnesses that result when toxic chemicals accumulate within the body.

To receive a FREE pdf color flier of Metabolic Modifiers, send an email request by clicking on: In the subject line place these words, “Request for Pdf”. This email is not to ask health questions, it’s merely my offer to share information to continue my commitment of Health thru Educationtm, Naturally.

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