Are Your Infant & Children Being Poisoned? FREE TeleSeminar – Your Health Detective

Back by popular demand, I am offering a one-hour FREE TeleSeminar for expectant mothers, mothers, grandmothers, and all those who care enough about children’s health.

It takes staying on top of the latest natural health information in order to know what products, foods, and environmental toxins we must avoid; many hidden under legal aliases. I’ve dedicated my life to uncovering hidden clues to health challenges and to further my commitment of Health thru Education. In that vein, we’re beginning a TeleSeminar series on various topics that are no charge to you other than the phone call.

For instance, did you know studies reveal what scientists now believe is the major cause of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), otherwise known as crib death? Understanding the causes and the easy solutions puts the parents back in control. Everything your child consumes or is exposed to is a potential toxin. There ARE safe non-toxic options for everything in this day and age.

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Learn the latest regulations, or lack thereof, of ingredients in baby food and formulas.

What to watch out for during pregnancy to avoid causing potential biological damage to the fetus.

There are thousands of new research studies published annually, it’s a full-time job just sorting through all the information…I do that for you, join me on Tuesday, February 23rd at 4: pm Pacific Time (7: pm Eastern Time) for an informative, informal presentation on what you can do to stay healthy in a toxic world, naturally. I will be offering several FREE TeleSeminars in 2010, so stay-tuned through my blogs for dates, times, and subject matter.

Invite your friends, family, co-workers, church or special-interest groups to join in the session.

TO REGISTER: Send an email to: along with your full name and location. You can register as many individuals as you’d like, simply provide specific information referred to previously for each participant. Our office will send each registrant an email with the phone number and access code. Each participant MUST register individually, you may not forward your invitation and access codes.

Mark your calendar now, the informatin presented will assist you to better health.

The Way I See It…

We, as parents, need to take back control of everything we eat or exposure ourselves and our families to. This is not our parents or grandparents generation; health is not possible without reliable natural health information…awareness is the key to good health.

Your Health Detective:

Uncovering Clues to Add LIFE to Your Years…NOT Merely Years to Your Life, Naturally

Dr. Gloria Gilbère (aka Dr. G), N.D., D.A.Hom., Ph.D.,  D.S.C.,

EcoErgonomist, Wholistic Rejuvenist

Dr. Gilbère is renowned worldwide for her work in identifying and finding natural solutions to chemically-induced and inflammatory disorders, multiple chemical sensitivities, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Gulf War Syndrome, and digestive disorders that defy conventional diagnosis and treatment. She consults worldwide via telephone and at her Institute in north Idaho. Visit her website at for details about consulting with her.

Creator of certificated courses to become a Wholistic Rejuvenist™ (CWR) and for post-graduate education for health and spa professionals. Go to and click on Wholistic Skin & Body Rejuvenation (WSBR™) for course outline. Available on-site at worldwide locations, and via distance-learning at your convenience globally.

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