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How Common Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is extremely common; it is estimated 13% of Americans experience it – affecting all ages, including teens and children. The following statistics are staggering to me and they should be to you:

  • 19 million Americans are affected with some form of an anxiety disorder.
  • The cost to cover anxiety disorders in the U.S. reached $46.6 billion in 1990; it has significantly increased to over $100 billion in 2005 is estimated to have reached over $200 billion by the end of 2008.
  • One-third of the nation’s current total mental health bill is for anxiety disorders and estimated to have already reached $200 billion.

Many people with anxiety disorders also experience feelings of intense stress, worry, fear, and panic. The important thing is to understand that anxiety can be treated, and living with constant anxiety is not necessary.

Anxiety and Panic Disorders have many causes, the following being at the forefront:

· Caffeine (causing a rush of adrenaline)

· Nutrient depletion (including deficiencies of minerals and electrolytes)

· Digestive disorders (deficient nutrition, mal-absorption, leaky gut syndrome)

· Drug side effects & drug withdrawal (esp. Benzodiazepine drugs)

· Lack of restorative sleep

· Poor diet (high in sugar, preservatives, additives, and refined carbohydrates, and low in fiber)

· Artificial sweeteners (any and all man-made; does not include plant or vegetable varieties such as Lakanto™, the one I prefer, made from an ancient Asian gourd containing no calories or glycemic value, which measures just like sugar for baking and cooking).

· Nutritional deficiencies (lack of magnesium)

· Toxic intestinal ecology (intestines, liver, lymph system)

Don’t Judge, Become Informed


v Anxiety, to the observer, appears to be a behavior or feeling that you can “just stop” at will.

v Anxiety will never change unless the energy expended to hold onto it is diverted into finding proven non-drug solutions, regardless of what others believe. Many victims of invisible or chronic disorders and allergies develop anxiety because their conditions are not validated by society in general unless a clinical cause validated by double-blind studies can be diagnosed. Victims are made to feel like they all have a Prozac® deficiency…they do not!

v Anxiety changes not only the life of its victims, but also of those that interact with them.

v Anxiety, and the recovery from it, requires understanding that you didn’t get this way overnight; therefore, your recovery is a process in motion, not a quick-fix.

v Anxiety, and the management and reversal of it, shall not bend its victim out of shape if the consciousness remains flexible to non-drug options and wholistic protocols.

v Anxiety, in a strange way, is a blessing – a blessing because when the fog lifts, the sun will shine again; next time it’s foggy, the anticipation of the warm sunshine will sustain us until it again appears. Soon, the brightness of even the fog sustains and nourishes your spirit.

v Anxiety is a generalized feeling of internal discomfort from worry.

v Anxiety disorders are not just the “normal” butterflies in the stomach that occur before you ask someone out on a date, before you speak in front of a crowd for the first time, or when you’re about to sign the final papers for that big deal – a panic disorder is a legitimate biological disorder.

v Anxiety, panic and worry are manifestations of how humans experience fear – of something real or imagined (although real to the person experiencing it). Their physical and emotional symptoms should never be doubted or dismissed.


Panic vs Phobia

v Panic is an attack of sheer terror as in the “flight or fight” reaction.

v Phobia is an irrational fear.

Stay-tuned for Part 3 in my next Blog post.

The Way I See It…

Compassion goes a long way in dealing with victims of panic disorders. Yes, it’s challenging for everyone they interact with; however, how would you like to be treated if you walked in their shoes?

I find that most victims of panic disorders are also VERY deficient in cell salts; the electrical sparks that ignite all our biological functions. Using a homeopathic complex is safe, easy, cost-effective and has the capacity of being absorbed quickly into the cells, where it begins to correct the mis-signals that are short-circuiting. Usually all that’s required is six tiny pellets dissolved under the tongue three times daily; this especially becomes important when a detoxification program is initiated.

Supplementing with Homeopathic Cell Salts is the first step in a holistic protocol to begin again to enjoy even the brightness of the fog. We must, however, never lose sight of the fact that most of our immune responses are based in our gut, therefore, we must also make sure to reduce the overall toxic load of the intestines with professionally formulated vegetable fiber blend tablets in order to benefit from body-wide system detoxifying, naturally.

Your Health Detective:

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