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Because minerals are part of every cell and body fluid, they are the neurotransmitters that signal every action within the body, literally acting as the body’s electrical system. In addition, minerals are vital to the overall digestive processes and play a major role in maintaining alkalinity within the body – enabling the blood to carry the correct amount of oxygen to all the cells, while stimulating and regulating the heart muscle and enabling nerve tissue and glands to properly function.

Many cases of anxiety are a matter of mineral deficiencies that create an imbalanced internal environment, causing a chain reaction that manifests as anxiety, panic or depression as the body attempts to maintain balance but doesn’t have the tools (minerals/electrolytes) necessary.

Because minerals are water-soluble, they are easily forced out of the body by internal and external stresses including exercise, emotions, menstruation, diarrhea and, of course, many prescription medications. Additionally, our body loses its ability to completely replenish nutrient levels as we age, accounting for rising levels in these disorders especially among the current 74 million within the baby-boomer generation (another boomer turns 50 every 8 seconds in the U.S. alone).

It is imperative that a mineral/electrolyte supplement be both in a complex homeopathic cell salt form as well as a whole food, like a specialty-grown organic kosher wheatgrass juice, in order for the body to better utilize and absorb it.

Causes of Mineral Deficiencies:

  1. Mineral depletion of the earth’s soil and ocean
  2. Depletion of minerals from use of aluminum and copper cookware
  3. Copper water pipes
  4. Mineral destruction from food refining
  5. Disruption of food mineral contents as a result of fertilizers
  6. Drug-induced depletion: antibiotics, anti-histamines, blood pressure medications, anti-depressants, drugs for sleep disorders, weight-loss drugs, heart medications, and many pain medications

Magnesium is the first mineral to be depleted when the body is under internal or external stress; it is also the first mineral needed to help recovery from mineral imbalances, stress, anxiety and panic disorders.

The Way I See It…


Homeopathic cell salts are extremely important for victims of anxiety/panic disorders as well as anyone with any chronic disorder or performing a detox protocol. A professional complex is easy to take and cost-effective – 6 pellets dissolved under the tongue three times daily for a minimum of 90 days will usually prove to improve symptoms as the body again begins to balance.   

(2) Not all wheatgrass juice powders are created equal; look for one that’s grown in hydroponically-controlled green houses (to avoid mold), watered with mineral-enriched spring water, freeze-dried, organic and kosher. I’ve seen the powerful benefits of the product I use and recommend under high-power blood microscopy; the results are more than impressive. One teaspoon in one ounce of water dissolves instantly and provides the same nutritional value as 1 ½ pounds of raw vegetables. Additionally, it creates an alkaline environment, which is exactly what panic/anxiety and chronic disorders desperately need.

Your Health Detective:

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