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Smoke Gets in More than Your Eyes!

Two renowned pediatric immunologists, Dr. Stuart Abramson (Texas Children’s Hospital), and Dr. Angela Stotts (Professor of family medicine, Houston University Texas Health Science Center), explain that being in a room where others have smoked exposes everyone to a high dose of toxic contaminants. They go on to explain that particles embed on objects such as furniture, drapes, clothing, hair, etc. of a smoker. Anyone in contact with the smoker or their belongings, receive exposure to the toxic chemicals and carcinogen residue long after the smoke has dissipated.

Those that still smoke believe if they smoke outdoors, it poses no health-depleting effects to others. What they fail to understand is that the toxic smoke residues are still on their person in mega doses. Most often, it’s the children who are affected to these harzardous chemicals because they live in homes of smokers, ride in their cars, crawl on the carpeting, and ingest particulates left by smoking…even if the room is aired out. Additionally, there is a real danger to an infant or child when a smoker holds or is in close proximity because the child makes direct contact with chemical residues.

Health Threat to Others Besides Children

Everyone is exposed when a smoker has been in an environment. The general public experiences third-hand smoke when they get into an elevator occupied by a smoker who just stepped out for a cigarette or when a colleague they work with in the same room/office takes a cigarette break. According to Dr. Jonathan P. Winickoff, assistant professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, cigarette smoke is SO TOXIC that the odor others notice clinging to the smoker is a message: “Your brain is telling you: ‘Get away.'”

What You Can Do to Avoid Toxic Air

  • Cars should NEVER be used for smoking – toxic residues cling to everything in the interior.
  • Fill the home or office with green plants like spider plants to freshen and filter airborne particulates.
  • Only use low or no-VOC paint on walls in rooms where smoking has occurred – a healthy practice whether a smoker is present or not. If you purchase a home or office that is already painted, repaint with no-VOC paint and use a no-VOC sealer prior to painting.
  • Cleaning furnishings that have been in a smoker’s environment will not guarantee removal of all toxic substances. It is best to either replace furnishings or have them recovered and make sure all the interior support (foam, cotton batting, etc.) is all replaced.
  • Do not use air fresheners of any type to “cover” odor, even if it’s essential oils it may smell fresher but it’s not.
  • Be especially diligent when in public places that once allowed smoking (aircraft, restaurants, bars, trains, etc.) because everything you handle has the potential to still have toxic cigarette smoke residue.

The Way I See It!

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are helpful but can also pose a threat with their antibacterial ingredients that can sabotage overall immune defenses.

What I use and recommend is a homeopathic natural silver gel for all hand sanitizing needs, only available from health professionals. It is odorless, colorless and non-sticky and known to kill as much or more germs and residues as other hand sanitizers, without sabotaging our immune responses. It is safe even for infants. I carry a one-ounce bottle with me in all my travels because it’s unavoidable to come in contact with all sorts of toxic surfaces.

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