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Obviously, the statement was meant to discourage consumers from purchasing organic bovine products not supplemented with these chemicals. The milk produced with growth-hormones is less expensive, so why wouldn’t you purchase it? Allow me to provide you with just a few reasons in this brief context.

v Milk produced by cows injected with growth-hormones experience an increase in an insulin-like hormone in their milk, which can cause serious health consequences to consumers, especially infants, children and the frail.

v These artificial growth hormones are frequently referred to as “crack for cows”…oh great, now we have our cows being systemically addicted! It “revs” their system and forces them to produce more milk – at the expense of their health and ours. Even the FDA admits cows injected with rBGH suffer from increased; udder infections (mastitis), severe reproductive problems, digestive disorders, foot and leg ailments, and persistent sores and lacerations…gee…sounds like the same ailments us humans are getting!

v rBGH is banned in Europe and Canada and is boycotted by 95 percent of US dairy farmers. What do our northern neighbors know what we aren’t being told in the U.S.?

v Due to industry pressure and great lobby efforts, genetically engineered foods are NOT required to carry identifying labels, at least in most states.

v rBGH makes cows sick. Monsanto has been forced to admit to about 20 veterinary health risks on its Posilac label, including mastitis and udder inflammation. 

v rBGH milk is contaminated by pus from mastitis induced by rBGH, and antibiotics used to treat the mastitis.

v rBGH milk is contaminated by the GE hormone which can be absorbed through the gut and can induce immunological effects.

v rBGH milk is chemically and nutritionally very different from natural milk.

v rBGH factory farms pose a major threat to the viability of small dairy farms.

I’ve written and taught extensively about the dangers of Metabolic Modifiers – those manmade chemicals added to our food that concentrate especially in the fat of animals and end-up completely modifying (disrupting) the way our body’s biological functions are regulated.

If you are truly concerned about your long-term health and that of your loved ones, you’d never purchase anything except organic bovine products (meat, cheese, milk, yogurt, etc.). For more specific information regarding the dangers of Metabolic Modifiers refer to my blog by the same name at www.yourhealthdetective.com.

The Case for ONLY Consuming Organic Bovine Products

Cows given growth hormones and/or antibiotics form fat-soluble carcinogens. The fat and milk of cattle are already contaminated with a wide range of carcinogens including pesticides, and Xenobiotics. According to renowned physician, Dr. Samuel Epstein, “The lipolytic effect of hormonal treatment is likely to mobilize carcinogens from body fat and increase their milk levels – a matter of particular concern to young infants. For these reasons, levels of fat soluble carcinogens in hormonal milk should be determined.”

This foremost physician and advocate for chemical-free food and products, Dr. Epstein, is professor emeritus of environmental medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Publish Health, and Chairman of the international Cancer Prevention Coalition.

The following are direct quotes from Epstein’s research and work.

    Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) is a genetically engineered, potent variant of the natural growth hormone produced by cows. Manufactured by Monsanto, it is sold to diary farmers under the trade name POSILAC. Injection of this hormone forces cows to increase their milk production by about 10% and makes them very sick.

    The facts show that consumers and their children, especially those in the Public School Lunch Programs, are at increased risk of cancer. Ignoring this, Monsanto and the FDA nevertheless insist that rBGH milk is safe and indistinguishable from natural organic milk. This is blatantly false.

    rBGH Milk is:

  • Unnatural, contaminated by pus and antibiotics;
  • Super-charged with excess levels of a growth stimulant readily absorbed from milk;
  • Dangerous because high levels of the growth stimulant increase risks of breast, colon, and prostate cancers, and;
  • Profitable to Monsanto while posing dangers, with no benefits, to consumers.

Kansas was the latest battleground state in the fight over “rBST-free” labels on dairy products to demand consumers KNOW what they’re buying. Similar disputes have arisen in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Missouri and Montana. Consumer advocates and dairy processors defend rBST-free labels as critical to consumers’ right to know how their food is produced. Dairy farmers who use the synthetic hormone to boost milk production have lobbied against it, naturally.

The Way I See It…

Why would you even consider purchasing or consuming bovine products with genetically-engineered (GE) chemicals that have proven disastrous to the health of the cow and humans? This investigation is another great reason to not only commit to dietary life-style changes but to also commit to a detox protocol designed specifically for your body by implementation of Wholistic Rejuvenation principles. I consult with patients around the world via telephone, are you ready to add life to your years instead of allowing yourself to acquire the “Ostrich Syndrome” (Stick your head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t affect you)? Visit my website for full information on consulting with me no matter what part of the globe you’re in…although, it’s always nice to meet face-to-face here in beautiful North Idaho, where the water meets the Rockies.

Your Health Detective:

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Dr. Gloria Gilbère (aka Dr. G), N.D., D.A.Hom., Ph.D.,  D.S.C.,

EcoErgonomist, Wholistic Rejuvenist

Dr. Gilbère is renowned worldwide for her work in identifying and finding natural solutions to chemically-induced and inflammatory disorders, multiple chemical sensitivities, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Gulf War Syndrome, and digestive disorders that defy conventional diagnosis and treatment. She consults worldwide via telephone and at her Institute in north Idaho. Visit her website at www.gloriagilbere.com for details about consulting with her.

Creator of certificated courses to become a Wholistic Rejuvenist™ (CWR) and for post-graduate education for health and spa professionals. Go to www.gloriagilbere.com and click on Wholistic Skin & Body Rejuvenation (WSBR™) for course outline. Available on-site at worldwide locations, and via distance-learning at your convenience globally.

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