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I don’t get outrageously angry very often, but when I do, watch out! This is one of the times my blood pressure was elevated and the Health Detective in me, as a doctor, researcher and investigative journalist, went on a mission to further my commitment to my readers of “Health thru Education.”

Free-range eggs and organic milk…simply NOT enough!

Many of you may not know that McDonalds’ restaurants in the United Kingdom “Blow their own horn” about the fact they serve free-range eggs and organic milk AND about their wholesome suppliers and ethically sourced foods…oh really! They’re even boasting on their website that they care about animal welfare, sustainability and, “nutrition and well-being.”

Just for a moment, picture this scene: Tens of thousands of chickens are crushed together – each confined to a tiny space They will live for just 40 days before hitting the genetically-engineered slaughter weight – if they don’t die before then!

McDonald’s has tried to relaunch itself as a chain that cares about the provenance of its food and its relationship with farmers – but, according to reports from The Daily Mail, the majority of their chickens come frozen from Brazil or Thailand.

The Daily Mail reports:

“… having assumed the moral high ground, [McDonald’s] customers will no doubt be all the more surprised to learn that when it comes to its ever-growing range of chicken products there has been no such transformation. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is something McDonald’s largely glosses over.”

And…Now for the Truth

In spite of McDonalds marketing campaign and sales pitches, their chicken is NOT good for your health or the planet’s…and here’s why according to facts uncovered by The Daily Mail:

  • The chicken used at UK McDonalds’ is NOT raised with concern for animal welfare or sustainability, or consumers’ nutrition and well-being;
  • The chicken is largely imported from Brazil or Thailand – were they are raised in cramped, deplorable conditions; “One of tens of thousands, each bird is allowed the floor space equivalent to a sheet of A4 paper and will live for just 40 days before it hits its genetically-engineered slaughter weight – if it doesn’t perish along the way. Five percent or so will be unable to cope with the conditions and will die even before then. Those that survive will be plucked and butchered in an industrial process the likes of which this planet has never before seen.”

 Toxins in Every Bite

According to a best-selling book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan, McNuggets contain 38 ingredients, along with the tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) – a petroleum-derived chemical sprayed onto the “food” or inside the box to preserve freshness.

High doses of TBHQ have caused precursors to stomach tumors and DNA damage in laboratory animals. A number of studies have also shown that TBHQ can be carcinogenic with prolonged exposure.

Other McNugget ingredients include a synthetic mix of chemicals including:

· Sodium acid pyrophosphate

· Sodium aluminum phosphate

· Monocalcium phosphate

· Calcium lactate

· Hydrogenated vegetable oils (trans fats)

· Modified food starch (often an aliases for MSG)

· Dimethylpolysiloxane

It’s ALL Fast-Food, NOT just McDonalds

Mostly all fast-food restaurants are just as guilty of including dangerous chemicals in their food or preparation methods. The following are significant risks of eating fast-foods:

  • Exponentially increases risk of obesity and diabetes;
  • Is loaded with dangerous chemicals additives like trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup and MSG, to mention a few;
  • Contains genetically modified ingredients;
  • Lacks nutrients your body needs to thrive, let alone maintain itself;

It’s Your Health

Everything about your body and quality of life improves when you AVOID fast- or processed-food. The significant beneficial changes you will experience is increased energy, healthier appearance, stable moods, and long-range healthy anti-aging and immune responses. I encourage you to return to a diet of locally grown (when available), fresh whole foods, the way our body was designed to flourish, naturally.

Your Health Detective:

Uncovering Clues to Add LIFE to Your Years…NOT Merely Years to Your Life, Naturally

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The Daily Mail, (5-15-10)


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