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HVP is a potential source for legally hiding monosodium glutamate (MSG) – a KNOWN potentially dangerous neurotoxin used to flavour countless processed food products. MSG and its aliases have been exposed by renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, who has written extensively about the damaging effects on human neurology from MSG.

Dr. Blaylock, also uncovered the fact that MSG promotes eating addictions, obesity, brain cancer, endocrine system disorders, infertility, and many serious neurological disorders – the reason it is hidden in so many natural-sounding ingredients. He also warns about consuming ANY products that contain the words “hydrolyzed” or “autolyzed” anything. Additionally, you should avoid “textured vegetable protein (TVP) because it is also known to be a hiding place for MSG. As if these hidden sources aren’t enough, there’s still one more common source of hidden MSG – a sneaky little ingredient found in HUGE amounts in so-called “natural” foods – yeast extract.

BEWARE of “Vegetarian” Foods

Experts in the field of natural health leave no stone unturned in order to “uncover” what they believe to be one of the biggest misconceptions in natural foods – Veggie Burgers.

They believe larger corporate food companies are selling little more than chemical additives and unhealthy fillers and calling them “vegetarian” foods – avoid any vegetarian “meat” alternatives. There ARE a few exceptions, so you must become proficient at reading labels and make sure they do not contain HVP, TVP or yeast extract.

LEGAL Truth Twisting

The FDA only considers HVP dangerous when it’s possibly contaminated with salmonella – when it’s sterile, the FDA considers it “safe”….oh really? As researchers like Dr. Blaylock and others point out, the FDA is so ignorant about the safety of food additive chemicals that it actually believes aspartame and MSG are safe for human consumption – and…they’re suppose to protect us? Tens of millions of Americans are poisoning their brains with diet sodas, and the FDA goes nuts over a virtually miniscule risk of salmonella contamination in TVP – an ingredient that’s usually cooked anyway, which destroys salmonella.

I ask you, why then isn’t the FDA worried about MSG, aspartame, sodium nitrite (unequivocally known to cause cancer), or yeast extract? Because most of the health professionals and researchers, including yours truly, believe it boils down to the following FDA’s philosophy of food safety:

  • Dead foods are safer than living foods, so KILL IT!
  • Chemicals are safe – bacteria are dangerous

This outrageous philosophy explains how the FDA ends up trying to outlaw raw milk while allowing MSG and aspartame to remain on the GRAS list (Generally Recognized as Safe). They say raw milk is dangerous because there might be some thing living within – you know, some thing like natural probiotics sort of thing. SO, I’ve come to the conclusion, as many before me, that the FDA prefers to have everything we consume as DEAD as possible!

Chew on This!

The FDA describes instant, ready-to-eat food mixes as substances that have not gone through a “validated kill process”….oh really? So, apparently, once the foods are dead, they’re presumed safe even if loaded with neurotoxic chemicals and cancer-causing substances. Allow me to elaborate. A hot dog, slice of bacon, or some processed lunch meat laced with sodium nitrate is considered perfectly safe as long as the hot dog is dead! There’s something wrong with that picture my friends!

The FDA is also very much concerned about the public threat posed by raw almonds…you read correctly…raw almonds. Therefore, in order to “protect” the public, they now require that ALL raw almonds be chemically fumigated or irradiated in the USA.

Got the Picture?

The message to the food companies from the FDA is clear: You can stuff practically any hazardous, cancer-causing, brain-damaging chemical you want into processed food products as long as the whole mixture is cooked until its dead! Once that occurs, you can now sell it for human consumption, even if it is known to cause cancer and other serious disorders.

Protect Yourself NOW!

1. READ all food ingredients labels.

2. AVOID foods made with any of the following ingredients:

• Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP)• Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)• Yeast Extract• Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)• Aspartame• Sodium nitrite

3. PROTECT your nervous system with superfoods and nutritional supplements that support healthy brain function: Omega-3 oils, antioxidants, trace minerals and of course astaxanthin.

4. SHARE this story with family and friends who need to know the truth about what’s really in the processed foods they eat. Most consumers have no idea what’s found in food they’re consuming. Most people don’t read food labels, and as a result they end up eating all kinds of chemical ingredients that would shock them if they learned the truth, as I have.

5. LEARN more by reading investigate reports on my blog at

www.yourhealthdetective.com. Once you sign up for this FREE weekly report, it will be delivered automatically each week to your email.

6. HEALTH thru EDUCATION is, and will continue to be, my life’s work. Everyone has been asking for one place to find out about hidden food ingredients and everything they should know to shop and prepare healthy food. I just completed my new book, “Chemical Cuisine – Do you REALLY know what You’re Eating?” It’s jam-packed with four sections that you won’t want to miss: 1) Dangerous Food Additives, 2) Sweet Deceptions, 3) Metabolic Modifiers, 4) Chemicals du jour.

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Uncovering Clues to Add LIFE to Your Years…NOT Merely Years to Your Life, Naturally

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