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Drug abuse isn’t what it was when I was a teen and in my 20s and 30s. In those days, marijuana, alcohol and diet pills were the most prevalent substances abused…no, I’m not old now, just more experienced and informed. In today’s fast-paced societies legal medications with legitimate uses can, and are, being abused. It’s not only the patient that the prescription is written for who’s abusing it; it’s also being taken by others of all ages with easy access – including seniors. The most abused prescription medications currently include anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and pain medications, stimulants and many over-the-counter drugs as well…Click to continue reading…

Many of you have emailed me asking what I use and recommend as safe alternatives to the most used prescription medications. The following list is what you asked for; thank you for your great comments about my investigative reports…it fuels my creative and investigative juices knowing my work is making a healthy difference.

I’ve used two key abbreviations to identify prescription medications; Rx  for prescribed medications, NRx for nutraceutical supplements. 

RxBenzodiazepines (Benzos): Valium, Xanax

Valium and Xanax are examples of benzodiazepines, another type of depressant. They may be prescribed to treat anxiety, acute stress reactions, panic attacks, convulsions, and sleep disorders (typically for short-term use). Like other depressants, they have reasonable uses but may be abused. Withdrawal from benzodiazepines “can be problematic” but is rarely life-threatening, notes the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). I have worked a great deal with patients who have used Benzos long-term. The side-effects and withdrawal symptoms are painful and challenging but can be successfully achieved with the guidance of a natural health professional – do not attempt to go off prescribed medications without professional guidance and support.

 NRx – The following nutraceuticals are available only through health professionals and are specifically formulated to assist with disorders where a prescription anti-depressant would be used for the symptoms mentioned above.

            StressX – comprehensive ingredients formulated to support increased respone of the parasympathetic nervous system and individuals who are overly stressed. Contains L-theanine, 5-HTP, and GABA.

            Eskaloft – a blend of nutrients, botanicals and amino acids to nutritionally support a healthy nervous system and promote emotional well-being. It supports healthy production of mood-regulating neurotransmitters and beneficial for those with low spirits or unstable altering moods and depression. It contains over ten ingredients proven to assist in balancing a healthy emotional state.

            BioFocus – a functional food designed to be taken like a protein shake to support healthy neurological and cognitive function with a complete multivitamin/mineral formula in a rice base. Additionally, it supports healthy intestinal function and detoxification by supplying phosphatides, ginkgo, and supportive amino acids.

RxBarbiturates – prescribed to ease anxiety or promote sleep; depressants slow the brain’s function, barbiturates are a type of depressant. Phenobarbital is a barbiturate; others are Mebaral, Seconal, and Nembutal. Though helpful when used as prescribed, barbiturates are highly addictive. If taken with certain drugs, including alcohol, the heart and breathing can slow, which can lead to death. Slang for barbiturates includes “barbs,” “reds,” and “red birds.”

NRx – The following nutraceuticals are available only from health professionals.

            StressX – see description above.

            Sleep Factors – contains amino acid precursors and melatonin to promote sleep-inducing biological activity with all non-habit-forming ingredients. Promotes healthy circadian rhythm, provides nutritional neuroendocrine support for normal sleep patterns, is a safe combination of nervine and sedative botanicals and contains essential minerals for muscle relaxation.

            FocusFizz – formulated to improve attention, focus and learning ability through beneficial neurotransmitter support. It includes adaptogenic support for enhanced stress tolerance along with select nutrients and botanicals for clear mental functions.     

RxSleep Medications – essentially sleep medications are depressants. The drugs most used include Ambien, Sonata, and Lunesta – considered non-benzodiazepines. They appear to have less potential for addiction than other depressants, however, still induce unacceptable side-effects and add to the body’s overall toxic load.  

NRx – The following nutraceuticals are available only from health professionals.

            Sleep Factors – see description above.

            BioAdaptogen Ultra – an Ayurvedic blend to relieve stress, help maintain mental acuity, promote healthy cortisol regulation and support healthy mental, emotional and physical stress responses. Support a healthy adrenal function while maintaining optimum energy levels and mood.

            Serenagen – a classic Traditional Chinese Botanical blend for stress management targeting individuals who are “stressed and wired”. This formula has been successfully used throughout China since the Yuan Dynasty )1279-1368 A.D.). It is formulated to assist those who live a demanding and hectic lifestyle and require a balanced mood, mental function, cognitive processes, a strong cardiovascular system and liver, and be able to tolerate change well.

Author’s Note:

Prescription medications are often necessary for acute conditions for short-term use until patient is stabilized and while nutraceuticals can be slowly introduced. Do not attempt to withdraw from prescribed medications without professional guidance from a nutritionally-aware physician or natural health professional. All recommended professional nutraceuticals are available on the Health Matters Store at www.gloriagilbere.com. If you don’t see it in our store, please call our toll-free number 888-352-8175 and Sharon will be happy to assist you in ordering or you can email for prices and information at healthmatterstore@frontier.net. Please do not ask us to give you specific individualized recommendations if you are not a client…we cannot legally or ethically do so without you becoming a client and evaluating your needs and health condition.

Stay-tuned for Part 2 of 3 next week. 

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