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This Weeks Focus on Health…

It’s that time of year when we’re preparing for the changing seasons into a cooler fall and winter. It will soon be time to set our clocks back, change batteries in our smoke-detectors AND support our immune system for the upcoming flu season. The reason I’m writing this investigative report now, instead of in October, is because your immune system needs protecting BEFORE the onslaught of viruses that arise after school starts in the fall.

Key Points…

  • After more than thirty years in natural health, I find that flu shots do absolutely nothing to address the underlying problems of reduced immunity;
  • Flu vaccines deteriorate your immune system even further, and their side effects can be potentially lethal;
  • There are natural methods of boosting your immune system and protecting against viruses;
  • Vitamin D deficiency, which hinders your immune system from working properly, must be at optimum levels, especially at the time of changing seasons.

Historical Perspective…

Conventional Flu Immunizations

A video campaign launched last year features Lyn Redwood, executive director of SafeMinds – warning that many flu vaccines do, in fact, contain mercury (Thimerosal) – a potential toxin linked to neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism. Redwood emphatically says in the video, “Don’t take the risk, Demand mercury-free flu shots.”

A lot of confusion exists about Thimerosal, the mercury-containing preservative used in flu vaccines. According to chairman of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Dr. William Schaffner, multi-dose vials of flu vaccines contain about ten flu shots in one vial. Thimerosal, a compound that contains mercury, is used to preserve the multi-dose vaccine vial.

However, vials that contain only a single does of the flu shot, along with nasal spray vaccines, are manufactured without Thimerosal. Yes, the cost of a single dose vaccine may be a few dollars more, and you may have to special order them from your physician. If you’re intent on getting a conventional flu shot, at least be informed and demand the single dose variety. According to Redwood, single shot immunization is a minimal cost, especially when protecting pregnant woman and their unborn babies. “We want healthy babies, healthy mothers, and we don’t want infectious disease either,” said Redwood. Redwoods campaign is not about diminishing the importance of flu protection, it’s about Health thru Education and taking responsibility for what we put into our bodies. If you’re going to get a flu shot, at least know which kind is healthier and insist on it.

Osteopathic doctor Sherri Tenpenny, author of Vaccines—The Risks, the Benefits, the Choices: A Resource Guide for Parents, cautions that only small populations and short-term information is used to measure safety. Adverse-events reporting, for instance, is done for only 2 to 14 days after an injection—and it’s voluntary.

Some researchers aren’t comfortable with any of the safety data. For example, Tom Jefferson, MD, coordinator of the Vaccines Field for the Cochrane Collaborative, an international group of researchers, reported last year in the British Medical Journal that he had found only six limited studies on safety after reviewing 206 studies on the flu vaccine. That, he says, is a surprisingly small number considering the widespread use of the vaccine and its mixed bag of ingredients.

I don’t know about you, but most people I know – especially those over age 50 – who get the flu shot still get the flu…is the risk worth it?

Protection, Naturally

For over twenty years, I have used and recommended a homeopathic liquid complex to assist the immune system and help protect from viruses at this time of year. I, for one, cannot tolerate the conventional flu shot, nor would I…Thimerosal or not. The influenza homeopathic complex I use for protection should be taken prior to the flu season for maximum immune-system protection, not once symptoms manifest. For those individuals who are highly susceptible (teachers, flight crews, medical personnel, etc.) it’s best to begin as early in the fall as possible, in September at the latest, first part of August is optimal. The homeopathic drops are easy to take under the tongue. If you’re interested in the homeopathic complex, call (208) 255-5252 (Mon. – Thurs. 8: – 2: Pacific Time), it is not available online.

Vitamin D3 – Ammunition for your Immunity

I’ve frequently written about the importance of maintaining a robust immune system to ward off both minor and major disease – understanding the role vitamin D plays in allowing your immune system to activate could make a radical difference in your health.

Another published study found that school children who received supplemental vitamin D had far fewer incidents of both flu and asthma attacks, especially when supplementation began about four weeks before school opened in the fall.

How Much is Enough?

It’s also important to realize that even though the recommended daily allowances (RDA’s) for some age groups have recently been increased, they’re still woefully inadequate for most.

For example, at the end of 2008, the American Academy of Pediatrics doubled its recommended dose of vitamin D for infants, children and adolescents – raising it from 200 to 400 units per day. However, recent research reveals that children need ten times that amount in order to receive the health benefits that optimal vitamin D levels offer.

Based on the latest research, many experts now agree you need about 35 IU’s of vitamin D per pound of body weight. This recommendation also includes children, the elderly and pregnant women.

However, keep in mind that vitamin D requirements are highly individual – your vitamin D status is dependent on numerous factors, such as the color of your skin, your geographical location, and how much sunshine you’re exposed to on a regular basis. So, although these recommendations may put you closer to the ballpark of what most people likely need, it is simply impossible to make a blanket recommendation that will cover everyone’s needs without consulting a health care professional.

The only way to determine your optimal dose is to get your blood tested by your physician. Ideally, you’ll want to maintain a vitamin D level of 50-65 ng/ml year-round.

I find that the best absorbed and utilized vitamin D is IsoD3, available only from health professionals. IsoD3 is unique because regular D must be converted into an active form of dihydroxyvitamin D in order to deliver the health benefits associated with vitamin D. IsoD3 is designed and formulated to support optimal metabolism of vitamin D in its active form, naturally.

Your Health Detective:

Uncovering Clues to Add LIFE to Your Years…NOT Merely Years to Your Life, Naturally

Dr. Gloria Gilbère (aka Dr. G) DA Hom., PhD.,  DSC., EcoErgonomist,

Wholistic Rejuvenist, Medical Journalist, Best-selling Author and Health Detective.

            Dr. Gilbère is renowned worldwide for her work in nutrition-based medicine and identifying and finding natural solutions to chemically-induced and inflammatory disorders, multiple chemical sensitivities, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Gulf War Syndrome, and digestive disorders that defy conventional diagnosis and treatment.

            She consults worldwide via telephone, at the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation in Sandpoint, Idaho and the new fully integrative medical Clinic for Wholistic Rejuvenation in Gig Harbor, Washington. Visit her website at for details about consulting with her at either location or by phone. To schedule a consultation or for more information, call (208) 255-5252 (Mon. – Thurs. 8: to 2: Pacific Time). She is the acclaimed talk-show host of “Dr. Gloria – Health Detective”, and author of 11 books, 6 courses and over 1,400 health articles.  

She created certificated courses and post-graduate education for health and spa professionals to become a Wholistic Rejuvenist™ (CWR). Go to and click on Wholistic Skin & Body Rejuvenation (WSBR™) for course outline. Available on-site at worldwide locations, and via distance-learning at your convenience globally.

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