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By Gloria Gilbère, CDP., DAHom., PhD., DSC., EcoErgonomist, Wholistic Rejuvenist

Detoxification is a primary bodily function, not some new fandangle process – our body does it consistently to neutralize, transform, and eliminate toxins. Detox is doing something to improve and optimize functions of our organs of detoxification and elimination.

When we reduce the body’s overall toxic burden we literally assist the body by providing “tools” necessary to support and rejuvenate currently overburdened systems attempting to deal with the toxic load; especially after those high fat, high sugar, calorie-rich foods consumed during the holidays…click to continue reading…

The time couldn’t be better to begin new habits by purging the old and thenimplementing a healthy daily maintenance routine, after all, the only side effects

of effective detoxification are aging without looking or feeling old, Naturally.

As a culture, we are diligent about external cleanliness. Yet, many individuals don’t give the same importance to cleansing of toxins through their colon, the main elimination channel. For example, our modern, fast-food, soil-depleted food production does not provide the amount or quality of fiber
necessary to literally “brush” toxic plaque from the walls of the colon.

Balance Your Gut – Heal Your Body…

The gut is connected to all body systems – immune, nervous and circulatory. Science validates that over 70 percent of the body’s immune system is located within our gut – known as the gut-associated lymphoid tissues (GALT).  Additionally, many individuals and conventional health providers don’t make the vital connection between liver health and gut health. The colon is connected through a large portal vein; toxicity in the colon translates into toxicity in the liver. When toxins from the colon are being dumped into the liver faster than the liver’s ability to neutralize, disease, disorders and premature aging develop.

Chemical Processing Plant…Internally that is!

Yes, we all have a chemical processing plant within our body and we need one for life – our liver. It’s
often challenging to know how well our liver, the main organ of detoxification, is working. Its job is a complex one – filtering the blood of bacteria and toxins, chemically neutralizing toxins and converting them to substances that can be eliminated through the kidneys, and synthesizing and secreting bile.

Unfortunately, most conventional medical models ignore the detoxification processes as the underlying foundation for our body to function, repair and rejuvenate at optimum levels. The bulk of the detoxification mechanisms are performed by the liver and intestinal tract (intestines). Additionally, the kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system and skin are all intricately involved in these complex detoxification processes as well.

Health Begins in the Colon…

What to Look for in Intestinal Rejuvenation Supplements…

  • “assertive” NOT  “aggressive” 
    ingredients – safe for inflammatory bowel disorders;
  • natural non habit-forming harsh laxative
    ingredients  (NOT cascara sagrada, senna);
  • can be used daily for healthy intestinalintegrity  at lower doses – at higher

    doses to remove built-up colonic plague and deep cleansing;

  • a blend of botanicals, essential oils, enzymes,
    probiotics, natural vegetable fiber and alkalizing minerals;
  • ingredients for cleansing & detoxification;
  • magnesium & other alkalizing minerals –
    supporting proper pH & colon hydration;
  • herbs with chlorophyll – known for blood
  • formulated to facilitate full, complete bowel
    evacuation – a kind of intestinal brushing

Dr. Gloria Approved Products…

ColonSweep ©– a whole food fiber cleansing all natural complex  gentle enough for daily use and strong enough at higher doses for deep cleansing. Formulated to assist in reducing the body’s overall toxic burden beginning with facilitating removal of colonic plague. ColonSweep contains all the ingredients and benefits listed above.

EliminAid© – all natural herbal stool softener with no habit-forming ingredients. Use as needed with ColonSweep when elimination is sluggish to facilitate complete
evacuation. Does not contain any habit-forming ingredients.

Both products available through the Health Matters Store – exclusive distributor of Dr. Gloria approved products. Click here to order.


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