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For those of you who have either been clients or have used the proprietary homeopathic blend (Pollen & Weeds) for seasonal allergies, this is A REMINDER to begin taking your homeopathic spring complex NOW as directed.

For those of you that are not familiar with the complex, we’ve used it for over 25 years in the practice and our loyal clients worldwide wouldn’t think of beginning spring without it.

It’s a liquid homeopathic that you use sublingually (under the tongue) before the pollen season is upon us as well as during the season. It contains a variety of pollens from around the country, and some from around the world, that act as a nature’s immune response balancer to avoid the watery sore eyes, sore throat that often becomes a secondary infection, and the sinus headaches that accompany the irritation caused by pollens of weeds, grasses and tree pollens…click here to continue reading…

I recommend you begin in early March each year by taking 6 drops sublingually 1-2 times daily before pollen begins to be airborne. Continue that amount unless, or until, you begin to experience ANY symptoms related to environmental seasonal allergens. At the first sign of symptoms take 6 drops
4-6 x day as needed.

My Reflections…

When I first relocated to the Pacific Northwest, more than 20 years ago, I was besieged by spring allergies that included an acute sinus infection, violent sinus headaches, bronchial congestion with loss of voice, and red itchy eyes that were relentless. This complex was created out of thatneed, which includes every spring allergen that was available and it was formulated specifically for our Institute by an FDA approved homeopathic pharmacy – it is not available elsewhere. Even when traveling to foreign countries and I’m not sure about what may be “floating” around in the air, I

take at least 6 drops daily to avoid “triggers” and the miserable symptoms that ensue.

The complex is called “Pollen & Weed” and covers a broad range of spring pollutants. I use the complex for children, including my grandchildren, at 3 drop dosages if under the age of 12, under the age of 6 usually 1 drop is usually sufficient.

To order Pollen & Weed Homeopathic Complex, click here.

NOTE: Remember that homeopathics have NO self-life as long as they are stored in a cool, dry,
dark environment so they can be used year after year – NOT in a cupboard in the bathroom where dampness is an issue. The benefit in using homeopathics like this is that it helps your body to adapt to the pollutants so that year after year you need less and less unless it is an usually heavy pollen year. I now only use 6 drops once a day but use to have to take it 4-6 times daily the first couple of years from about March 1st to June 1st in the U.S. SO….don’t leave the bottle in your car or on a window sill, the potency will become diluted and render it ineffective. Simply keep in a briefcase or handbag that is with you, not sitting in the sun. I store mine in a cupboard at home and I’m very cautious to keep it in my briefcase with me at all times during the spring.


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