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This investigative report came about because of many requests to explain the health benefits of this amazing nutrient derived from microalgae.

Astaxanthin, pronounced “Asta-ZAN-thin“, is an amazing lipid-soluble antioxidant and free radical scavenger and considered a carotenoid. It is the substance that gives salmon its pink color; it’s also what colors a flamingo.  

  The following are its specific benefits:

        Free-radical scavenging…

  •    65 times more powerful than vitamin C
  •    54 times stronger than beta-carotene

        A cartenoid that quenches singlet oxygen…

  •     800 times stronger than CoQ10
  •     6000 times stronger than vitamin C
  •     550 times more powerful than the     catechins in green tea
  •     11 times stronger than beta-carotene
  •     2.75 stronger than lutein

Readers Asked…

What specific benefits does Astaxanthin deliver? It is able to cross the blood-brain barrier, unlike beta-carotene.

Does Astaxanthin protect the nervous system? Yes, it protects your nervous system as well as your brain from oxidative stresses.

Is all Astaxanthin the same? No, it is NOT. The synthetic form is often found in animal feeds, therefore, simply eating salmon, for instance, is not a guarantee you’re getting enough. That said, I’m not personally aware of the synthetic form being used in supplements for human consumption.

What’s wrong with synthetic astaxanthin? The majority of synthetic Astaxanthin is produced fromhighly-processed petrochemicals – you’re consuming forms of synthetic chemicalsif you eat salmon that is farm-raised. Fish farmers use Astaxanthin to colorthe salmon so they look fresh and attractive with that tempting

pinkish-orange-red color.

What type of salmon is the healthiest? Assure the salmon is Alaskan or Pacific wild salmon becauseit contains natural Astaxanthin. Doing so ensures the salmon is at least 400%higher in quality than farm-raised varieties. Wild salmon also contains about

20 times more Astaxanthin than the farmed variety.

What is the most cost-effective and healthy way to get my Astaxanthin? The best way is to consume salmon that is wild caught in deep cold clean Alaskan waters and make an effort to eat about 4 ounces three times weekly. The best source I’ve found and use is for wild cold water salmon, and other seafood, from an exceptional company here in my own backyard in the Pacific Northwest – it is superior in quality because the company has decades of fishing experience in Alaska, they are first-hand sourcing and their MSC certifications assure the identity and purity of all their seafood. It is certified for its purity and contains NO artificial additives. It is shipped directly to your home to ensure the freshest, healthiest and tastiest fish you’ve ever had. We have made arrangements for you to order directly from them, to order click here.

Do I need to also use a supplement if I eat salmon a couple times per week?

Yes you do. But before you run out a purchase Astaxanthin be sure of the following:

  • Research now confirms that the average adult needs between 4-8 mg daily. If you purchase it in at least 6 mg per serving, you can simply take one two or three times daily for maximum health benefits, especially those of us over age 60. For those under age 60, two a day is usually sufficient.
  • Make sure the manufacturer does not use chemical solvents or preservatives; if the label doesn’t specifically identify the source, dig deeper by calling the manufacturer for specifics.
  • Make sure you take a supplement of Astaxanthin with a fatty meal because that ensures
    maximum absorption. Additionally, look at the formula for some variety of an oil or fatty acid.
  • Ensure the formula is created from marine microalgae; NOT some form of fungus.

What other health benefits have researchers found from Astaxanthin?

  • It lowers your C-reactive protein (CRP) – the marker for inflammation. Inflammation occurs when blood vessels are damaged because they lack nutrients to repair. Inflammation is the underlying real cause of heart attacks,  strokes, and most degenerative diseases…especially in baby boomers whose number of inflammatory diseases are now in epedemic porportions.
  • In a study five years ago, volunteers took 4 mg of Astaxanthin three times daily. After 120 days, their CRP dropped almost 21 percent while the control group’s level continued to creep up and up.
  • Astaxanthin supports your DNA – your genetic makeup blueprint that determines whether you stay healthy or get sick and whether you age without looking old or if you prematurely age. Your DNA is damaged by free-radical molecules – formed by conditions such as pollution,
    smoke, radiation and processed food.
  • In a new study, volunteers took either a placebo or 4 mg of Astaxanthin three times daily. After 12 weeks, the marker that determines DNA damage dropped by one-third in the group taking 2 mg three times daily, while the group taking 4 mg three times daily dropped their DNA damage by a whopping 43 percent!

    The Way I See It…

Because we all choose to age without looking or feeling old,
taking a professional supplement blend that includes 6 mg of Astaxanthin in one
soft gel, for broad range antioxidant protection and cell membrane integrity,just makes sense. If, however, that same supplement also contains nutrientssuch as Lutein known to protect our eyes and is essential in preventing eyediseases such as cataracts, retinitis pigmentosa and macular generation, thenwhy would you supplement separately? Lutein is also credited in helping to

prevent heart attack and stroke and prevents oxidative stress to cholesterol and the cardiovascular system to prevent clogged arteries and carotid artery thickness. If then, the same supplement also contained Zeaxanthin, shown in studies to protect the risk of chronic eye diseases, why would you take anything else?

The formula I use and recommended contains all three carotenoids as well as 6 mg. of Astaxanthin in one soft-gel. If you, like me, has challenges with eye disorders, I recommend taking one soft gel with each meal, click here to purchase.

As a special offer ONLY to my Health Detective Subscribers, you can purchase this professional product at 20% discount – simply register your name andpassword one time on the Health Matter Store at, selectthe product in your cart and at checkout insert this COUPON CODE: GB20…your

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Your Partner in Health,

Dr. Gloria

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