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SOoooo many of you have asked for a simple, to-the-point small book on only ONE subject – the most requested is a book on Thyroid. Even clients who consult with me and hear the explanation of the importance of thyroid testing the way most of the world does it at home, always have more questions. That said, This is the first in a series of new books to be released this year, all on ONE specific health condition.  

This new releases focuses on why “Your symptoms are NOT in your head, hips or expanding waistline, They’re probably in YOUR THYROID. It also provides specific guidelines for testing your own thyroid health at home for about $5 (and that one bottle will last about 2 years). I learned this technique while studying in abroad many years ago and I have incorporated the protocols for health professionals around the world that take my courses for Wholistic Rejuvenation. The book goes into detail about Causes, Effects and NON-DRUG Solutions. It’s in full color and includes a chart to keep track of your testing and supplementation. It also describes why supplementing with a fully-absorbable biological iodine complex is the best for thyroid health because as a homeopathic that is supplemented under the tongue, it DOES NOT require your body to convert to useable energy…it is immediately transported where it needs to be.

For those of you that are Premium Subscribers, you will receive a separate email providing the PASSWORD for you to download the eBook. All other subscribers can purchase the eBook by CLICKING HERE, the cost is $9.95. The book is also available in paper full-color version for the same price, CLICK HERE  to purchase paper copy.

The most important aspect of this book is that it provides a guide for how to supplement with the homeopathic complex depending on the results of your home test. This makes it convenient for those who do not consult with me, yet want to perform the test and know what the results mean. Keep in mind that it’s always best to consult a nutritionally-aware health professional before supplementation.

It also provides specifics of what symptoms are generally related to hypothyroidism, even though conventional testing shows, “within normal range.”

Keep in mind that if you’re supplementing with another form of thyroid or iodine, your body MUST convert it into useable energy – not easy for someone who is stressed or with a compromised immune system. With a homeopathic complex that conversion is not necessary. SO, when conventional testing shows your current supplement shows “normal” on blood test – of course it is – it’s floating around in your blood but that doesn’t mean it’s being converted as useable fuel for the thyroid and all of its vital functions.

All eBooks are able to be downloaded immediately once you register with your name and a password. They are, however, NOT able to be forwarded as the embedded programming will destort or destroy the contents. The contents are copyrighted and for use as such by the purchaser.

The next eBook to be released next month is about another health issue that has reached epidemic porportions, particularly in baby-boomers – eye disease. The title of the next book is Don’t be BLIND to Degenerative Eye Diseases. All Premium Subscribers will receive all eBooks at no charge as a benefit of their membership.

Thank you all for your continued support of my Health Detective Blog…I look forward to providing you with abundant natural health information, furthering my commitment of Health thru Education.

Your Partner in Health,

Dr. Gloria


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