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If you, like me, shutter at just the thought of a spider, its not enough to scream at the sight of them…you need to know which ones are dangerous, toxic or low risk.  

This report will assist you in not only identifying different species, but also the recommended protocols to use if you should become a victim.

The following charts illustrate varieties of spiders, their effects and natural protocols if bitten…click to continue reading…

Deadly & Dangerous: Brown Recluse, Black Widow and Hobo


First Aid:

  • Immediately apply the Homeopathic Complex for Spider Bites available from the Health Matters Store by calling 888.352.8175. This complex is not available on line and you must call. I have used this complex for over 30 years for these dangerous spider bites for myself and my clients. The complex must be applied to the bite site several times a day as well as taken orally (6 drops under tongue 6x day until all inflammation and effects are resolved).
  • Use a natural anti-inflammatory for pain relief such as Pain X or White Willow Plus that contains natural aspirin and herbs for inflammation – take as directed on bottle (available only
    through health professionals).
  • Ice the area affected to reduce swelling, do not apply heat! Using a strong infusion of plain black tea also helps reduce swelling because of the high tannic acid content. I have made a strong tea infusion and frozen in ice cube trays then applied to the affected area, it works wonders.
  • At the first sign of a fever, contact your health care professional.
  • Use a detox medical food protein shake for at least one month after bite at one-scoop in ashake. If any residues of symptoms are still evident then continue shake for anadditional two months, for a total of 90 days. This assists the body in riddingitself of toxins from the liver and kidneys. The recommended medical food is

    Clear & Rejuvenate, click here to purchase.

Toxic (Poisonous) – Painful Bite:
Mouse Spiders (male & female), Black House Spider, Wolf Spider

First Aid:

  • Exactly the same as the above described protocols for Deadly & Dangerous Spiders.

Low Risk Spiders: Trap Door Spiders (male & female), Garden ORB Weaving, Saint Andrew’s Cross, Huntsman

First Aid:

  • Cleansethe area immediately with hydrogen peroxide and apply homeopathic spider bitecomplex. Take homeopathic complex orally the same as in previous spider biteprotocol until all symptoms of bite are resolved. Be aware that those withimmune system disorders may react acutely to these type of bites more so than

    other individuals with strong immunity responses. 

  • Use the same natural supplement for pain and/or inflammation as indicated above. 

A spider bite is nothing to take lightly, the best is to use non-toxic devices like those you plug in, and spider trap boxes to avoid them in the first place. If any of you have non-toxic solutions to ward-off spiders that really work, please email to: so I
can share with our entire blog subscription list, after all, Health thru Education is what these
investigative reports are all about!


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