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Your fragrance is most likely poisoning you – not just individuals with chemical sensitivities. AND…it affects everyone, men and woman, young and old! 

A whopping 90% or more of the chemicals in synthetic fragrance are derived from PETROCHEMICALS. Yes, petrochemicals, and that’s just the beginning!

The chemicals in your fragrance can actually cause another person to go into anaphylactic shock, trigger a painful migraine, cause sinus pain and trigger an infection, set off an asthma or allergy attack, cause brain-fog, and even trigger inflammation, to mention a few of the symptoms. By the time you realize that repeated exposure (decreasing tolerance) to the low levels of chemicals contained in fragrance are triggering symptoms for you too, it’s a bit late to turn back the clock. The overwhelming majority of these chemicals have not been tested for safety…click to continue reading…

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics created by The Environmental Working Group is working to protectyour health by eliminating the use of chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and other health problems.

Here’s one point that stands out for me and the sensitized clients I work with  according to the EU’s Scientific Committee on Cosmetic Products and Non-food Products:

“Sensitizers: One in every 50 people may suffer immune system damage from fragrance and become sensitized. Once sensitized to an ingredient, a person can remain so for a lifetime, enduring allergic reactions with every subsequent exposure.”

Several years ago I created a brochure for my clients when I became a victim of fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivities after the drugs prescribed following a life-threatening accident and subsequent damage to my liver. This educational piece has been used around the globe and is now experiencing a renewed interest as more and more people are becoming victims. People now, more than ever, want to educate themselves on the dangers of these synthetic fragrances that can, and are, marketed freely without regulation. Now, for the first time, I am making the brochure available to all my blog subscribers. To download the full-color brochure, Download 8.5x14_Fragrance.

What’s in a Label?

Since companies can get away with incomplete labeling, follow these guidelines to ensure healthy choices.

• Choose products that list all ingredients, NOT generalized ones.

• Examine the list of ingredients to check that the word fragrance does NOT appear. Essential oils should be listed separately.

• Be prudent because even if the label advertises “un-scented,” most manufacturers use masking agents that block our ability to perceive odors; so not only is the fragrance still in the product, but even more chemicals are present to mask other chemicals.

• Avoid phthalates and parabens (often listed as methylparabens), they disrupt reproductive and thyroid function.

• Inspect labels each time you purchase because formulas change.

• Since no legal definitions exist for natural, non-toxic, and hypo­allergenic, those words don’t signify a healthier product unless every ingredient is identified.

If you’re still using synthetic fragrances, it’s important that you not only learn what to avoid to preserve your own health, but also to understand that your perfume is can be another person’s poison and can be lethal for some highly sensitive individuals.

If you, on the other hand, are ready to make healthy lifestyle choices and additionally choose to reduce your overall body’s toxic load, consider using a medical food protein shake daily for 90 days. A specialized medical food shake Clear & Rejuvenate is formulated to assist in maximizing both Phase I and Phase II of the liver pathways as well as Phase III, which are the kidneys. Two scoops a day with a milk alternative is all you need to begin a healthy, natural detox protocol. If, however, you are already chemically-sensitive or know your toxic burden is high, begin with approximately 1/4 scoop for several days to slowly detoxify instead of triggering a healing crisis. You then can slowly increase the amount every 5-7 days until the recommended therapeudic dose is achieved.

I personally use and recommend a medical food protein shake daily and rotate between the one for detoxification and Wholistic Medical Food for Inflammation if I feel any symptoms manifesting – I believe in spending the money and effort to stay well rather than to get well, naturally. This proprietary medical food is only available from the Health Matters Store. Yes, it’s not inexpensive but when you break down the cost, it equates to approximately $4.70 per serving, which is a meal replacement – you can’t buy a healthy meal or meal replacement for that amount….your health….your choice.

If you would like professional guidance for a specialized detox rejuvenation protocol along with support for ninety days, go to my website at and click how to consult with me via telephone (I place the call in over 16 countries) as well as via Skype.

Dr. G’s Medical Food Protein Shake

2 scoops medical food (for Rejuvenation OR for Inflammation: NOTE: if you know your body is acutely toxic, begin with 1/4  – 1/2 scoop of the medical food for detox and rejuvenation so as to not cause a healing crisis)

4 oz. milk alternative (almond, hemp, hazelnut or flax) NOTE: Rice or Goat Milk is too high in naturally-occurring sugar so stay away from it for this rejuvenation protocol.

2 oz. coconut milk (makes it thick and creamy and is a natural anti-inflammatory along with dozens of other health benefits)

1 oz. coconut water (great source of natural minerals & electrolytes)

Stevia (natural sweetener to taste)

1 TB green drink powder (if desired)

2 TB flax seeds (great fiber, can be omitted if taking a natural fiber supplement)

 I wish you and your family a Healthy, Happy and Memorable Holiday Season!


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