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There is a disturbing nutritional trend that I see in those I counsel that I believe needs clarification; especially for those attempting to eliminate those extra pounds that have slowly crept up. That trend is to avoid, or severely limit, the amount of protein consumed; believing if they do the weight will come off easier. What we don’t often consider is the biological mechanism that is responsible for sending specific messages to the body’s fat-burning mechanisms to either dump fat or store it.

Through millions of years, our bodies developed a specialized survival mechanism to protect it against starvation and death. When protein intake is reduced, the body stores fat and literally holds onto it for dear life to help preserve it; you might now be asking, “why does it do that?”…click here to continue reading…

This biological response developed as the human race went through periods of feast and famine over thousands of generations. That said, today most of us are blessed to be surrounded by plenty of food yet our bodies still react as if they’re starving when not fed enough protein.

Additionally, when we consume all those low protein and processed foods, they trigger that “fear of starvation” signal within our body – the end result…your body stores fat. The remedy for that response is to eat more protein so the body chooses to “dump” fat instead of store it. If you’re not consuming sufficient animal protein per se, consider using a protein shake formulated as a functional food from grass-fed whey to get 15 grams of vegetable-based protein per serving. However, as an adult, you need that amount of protein at each meal (three times a day).

Avoid Gulping a Toxic Cocktail

Be careful of the protein you consume. Animal protein is one of those foods that should ALWAYS be free-ranged and free of growth hormones and antibiotics…as natural as possible. This is the kind of protein that assists the body to “dump” that fat.  

However, if the animal protein is conventional, you are gulping a concentrated cocktail of antibiotics, estrogen, pesticides, nitrates, and growth hormones. Keep in mind that toxins are stored in fat tissue, therefore, use caution and always buy natural unaltered butter, yogurt, cheese, milk and all animal products. Otherwise, you are getting a mega dose of toxic substances that will store in the fat tissues of your body.

The “Whey” To Health

The professional functional food I use and recommend is a whey protein that is nutritional support for a healthy body composition and is nutritionally fortified as a meal replacement…and…does not contain high fructose corn syrup. It does contain:

  • 15 grams of purity-certified whey protein. This whey protein blend—isolate and pre-digested hydrolysate—contains a complete amino acid profile that makes it an excellent protein source for protein-repletion diets.
  • All essential vitamins and minerals, including high potency B vitamins, for comprehensive foundational nutrition to support overall health.
  • 4 grams of fiber for gastrointestinal health.
  • An excellent source of calcium (60% RDA per serving) and other bone supportive nutrients. Calcium, along with regular exercise and a healthy diet, can play a significant role in reducing the rate of bone loss.

This functional food whey protein is only available through health professionals and the Health Matters Store, click here to order. Use two scoops in either water or a milk alternative (coconut-hazelnut-hemp or flax milk). You can add other powdered supplements as I do: green drink, amino acids, etc.

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