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ALA – ALPHA LIPOIC ACID (Also known as LIPOIC ACID or THIOCTIC ACID) – the most important ingredient in oral chelation – chelates both intracellular and extracellular mercury – in the brain and in the body. ALA crosses the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) and is thus able to clear mercury from the brain. Many people have successfully detoxed with ALA alone (mostly because they couldn’t tolerate the other common chelating agent, DMSA, for other reasons). ALA has a half-life of 3 hours and is essential to detox, while DMSA is not. Pulling mercury out of the blood and soft tissues is relatively easy, but pulling it out of the inside of cells is much harder. ALA is a disulfide – it is water and fat soluble, making it able to pass the BBB…click to continue reading…

ALA will also chelate arsenic – begin ALA at low doses of 12.5mg to ensure few or no adverse effects, and add only after many rounds of DMSA. ALA can really increase side effects in a mercury toxic person and you may need to reduce the dose to 6.25mg. The maximum dose of ALA per day is about 1200mg (that is very high and can cause bad or intolerable side effects in some, so work up SLOWLY. It can take you years to get to this point)…better and safer is to consult with a natural health professional to guide you. Starting low and working up is the safest way to proceed to avoid exacerbating symptoms. The higher dosage seems to make a more dramatic difference ultimately, but it takes a long time to get there safely. ALA is not usually as ‘easy’ as DMSA, as you are mobilizing mercury from the brain and inside the cells. So it is difficult to ‘expect’ a symptom-free round with it, and especially the day after the round has finished. Usually side-effects are worse when coming off of an ALA-round when the mercury is redistributing. If the side effects are too harsh lower the dosage before proceeding.

Vitamin D — A study by Dr. Zine Kechrid and colleagues showed that vitamin D supplementation in rats dramatically increased the amount of glutathione in the liver. The Vitamin D supplemented rats tripled the amount of liver glutathione over the vitamin D deficient rats.

We know the liver is the major site of detoxification and antioxidant activity, so certainly these findings portend well for vitamin D sufficient patients with liver disease. We also know that vitamin D increases glutathione in the brain, where it functions as listed above, signifying a significant benefit for those with brain disorders.

In addition, the Kechrid study showed the importance of taking zinc together with vitamin D, as zinc deficient rats given vitamin D did not make as much glutathione as zinc sufficient rats. The incidence of low zinc intake in the world and its importance to the human body is enormous.

CoQ10 — According to a recent survey by Consumer Lab, Coenzyme Q10 is taken by 53% of the population. It is currently the fifth most popular supplement in the United States…AND…for good reason.

It may not sound very natural, but CoQ10 is in fact an essential natural nutrient – produced by the body and used for everyday functions of life including cellular energy. It is a fat-soluble antioxidant that transports electrons around the body.

It is an essential element for daily functions and required by every single cell in the body. To make energy, tiny organelles, called mitochondria, take fat and other nutrients and makes useable energy within each cell. This conversion process needs CoQ10 – an essential element to daily life and wellness.

Although the body has the ability to make CoQ10, also called ubiquinone, production naturally declines as we age – this decline is now very apparent in those over the age of 40, particularly in those taking statin drugs. Statins are known to reduce an enzyme in the liver, which not only reduces the production of cholesterol, but also lowers the natural production of CoQ10.

CoQ10 is not only necessary for producing cellular energy, but also for defending the cells from damage by harmful free-radicals. Tests show that taking a CoQ10 supplement resulted in up to 95% less damage to cell membranes, thanks to the antioxidant protection of this valuable nutrient. As a powerful antioxidant, it protects the body from damaging oxidative stress and further recycles vitamin C and vitamin E – maximizing the antioxidants that are already at work in the body.

A supplement of CoQ10 is therefore essential to restore natural levels to their optimum and to counter the effects of statin drugs.

CoQ10 is used in natural medicine as part of a protocol for suffering from Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s and it plays an important role in fighting premature aging.

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