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For over twenty five years I’ve focused most of my research and client consulting on identifying causes, effects and non-drug solutions to the invisible illness syndromes known as Fibromyalgia and the related disorders. I’m proud to announce that I am serving my third term as President of the Fibromyalgia Coalition Int’ (FCI), a non-profit organization , just turned fourteen, dedicated to supporting those affected by this disorder that has many underlying causes.

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Soon you will be seeing some of the exciting changes to this ground-breaking organization. Our founder, Yvonne Keeny, is retiring after more than fourteen years of her dedication to finding solutions and support for fibro-affected individuals. In that transition, she is staying on as a respected advisor for special projects and has handed the reins over to me as Editor-in-chief of the first of its kind magazine, Fibromyalgia Solutions. The magazine has been a mainstay of information by top health professionals and will now transition into an ever more comprehensive publication. How can you subscribe? Become a member of FCI and support our ongoing research, education and outreach. The annual tax-deductible donation of $39. is for one year or $69. for two years for four issues of the eZine worldwide – for those that prefer paper versions worldwide see prices that include mailing at the FCI website: www.fibrocoalition.org – click link to become a member, subscribe, donate, and for information.

Join us for our upcoming Conference Retreat at the Historical Elms Hotel & Spa in Excelsior Springs, MO, November 14 -15, hurry there are still a few openings for attendance and special hotel pricing. The Elms is a beautiful short drive from the Kansas City airport (MCI) and shuttles are easily arranged.

The focus of Fibromyalgia Solutions magazine includes:

  • New and little-known or re-emerging therapies dealing with underlying causes;
  • Remedies and non-drug solutions to break the cycle of  pain;
  • The latest nutraceuticals to assist your healing journey; 
  • Proven dietary modifications for FM/CFS;
  • Guidance on rebuilding your immune system; 
  • Proven detoxification strategies;
  • Holistic perspectives to facilitate healing;
  • Encouragement and inspiration from recovered victims;
  • Applied holistic wellness principles – mind, body and spirit.

NOTE: For those of you who provide goods and/or services to the Fibromyalgia community, consider advertising, it’s a cost-effective way to zero-in on your audience – those we specifically serve. Mention this blog for an advertisers special.

Annual Membership Privileges Include:

  • A list of physicians and health professionals in your state who are experienced in treating FM/CFS;
  • 20% discount on educational books and CDs;
  • FREE TeleSeminars by health professionals focusing on causes, effects and natural solutions;
  • Reduced rate to attend any of our educational events, conferences and retreats.

FCI Research Team 

Headed by renowned health professionals with a combined health experience of over 80 years, Gloria Gilbѐre, Clara Powell and Mark Buse – FCI research team – report on new, re-emerging and holistic treatments to evaluate their validity and effectiveness for our members. If you know of a therapy or modality that has been effective for you or a loved one, email me at editor@fibrocoalition.org – please provide as much specific information and/or case history as possible – this address is not meant to ask for medical or clinical advice but rather to share information and experiences.

To take a peek at our magazine, Fibromyalgia Solutions and the list of speakers at our November Conference Retreat, CLICK HERE.

With an estimated 28 Million Victims of Fibromyalgia and the related Syndromes, support our cause for solutions, Wholistically.


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