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•        Living Wholistically healthier (mind, mind & spirit); 

•        Acknowledging that while chronological aging is inevitable, showing, acting and feeling our age is part of life to which we can decide not to fully succumb;

•        Preserving and rejuvenating mental capacities – the skin and mind need similar nourishment;

•        Understanding the implications of inflammation on aging and disease;

•        A philosophy that recognizes the healing power of nature – incorporating diet, exercise, pure water, rest, sunlight, clean air and food, and generally toxic-free living;

•        A discipline that focuses the client’s attention on attaining, fine-tuning, and maximizing his/her own metabolic equilibrium;

•        Designed to educate and empower the client to enable them to consciously choose a healthier lifestyle for themselves, their families and the planet;

•        An educational coaching approach rather than a diagnostic one;

•        Supportive of complimentary therapeutic health modalities that incorporates conventional medicine and wholistic pluralistic methodologies for the benefit of the individual, while never losing sight of the health professionals pledge to “first do no harm”;

•        Based upon a pluralistic approach that encompasses nutrition, detoxification, environmental modifications for non-toxic living, and life style choices to achieve wellness and enhance quality of life;

•        Remembering that you don’t stop laughing because you age – you age because you stop laughing!

          Wholistic Body Rejuvenation is not a novel new concept; your body is continually on “auto-pilot” cleansing and rejuvenating itself without conscious effort. This entire bio-mechanical process was automatically activated while you were still in your mother’s womb and has continued around the clock since.

          Unfortunately, because the process is “invisible,” many individuals go about the process of daily living without giving any thought to the accumulated toxins that are being stored within the body. The processes of “dumping” toxins into the organs of detoxification faster than their ability to be neutralized, eventually reveals a disorder or disease as unexplained, undiagnosed, misdiagnosed and over-medicated and are conventionally treated for symptom-care that are actually disorders manifesting from organs of detoxification that can no longer do their job effectively.

Our Body’s Advanced Detoxification System…

It’s important to remember that your body comes equipped with a very advanced detoxification system – its standard equipment designed by its creator to neutralize toxic compounds into safe byproducts that can be eliminated through sweat, urine, and stool. That said, as our toxic exposure continues to grow simply by living in a toxic world, the burden on these typically effective body processes becomes overwhelming. Toxins are being added faster than the capacity of the organs of detoxification to neutralize and protect health – especially in the liver.

          While you have limited control over your overall environment, you DO have a great deal of control over your own body and how you choose to treat it. By understanding the causes, effects and natural safe methods of reducing your overall body burden, you help your body achieve wholistic rejuvenation – the essence of anti-aging to maximize energy-stamina-quality of life presently, while building a strong foundation for aging without looking or feeling old.

What is Body Burden & Why is it Important?

          That’s a question I’m asked regularly and it’s time to provide clients and readers as simple an explanation as possible.

          Because these questions are asked in so many ways, I will answer as many of those questions as possible in a simple format for a complex issue.

Q.      What kind of toxins makeup our “Toxic Body Burden”?

A.      Toxins come in many forms…what’s important to remember is they are both naturally-occurring AND man-made. They can be ingested, inhaled and absorbed via the skin – remember…what goes ON the skin goes IN the body!

Q. What IS the meaning of “Body Burden”?

A.      This term refers to the total number of chemicals present in the body at any time. Some chemicals, known as breakdown products or metabolites, lodge in our bodies for only a short time before being excreted. Other chemicals create a constant body burden because of continuous exposure and also are not readily excreted and can remain for years in our blood, adipose (fat) tissue, semen, muscle, bone, brain tissue, or other organs.  

Q. What chemicals are most readily stored in the body for many many years?

A. Chlorinated pesticides, such as DDT, are known to remain in the body for 50+ years.  Whether chemicals are quickly passing through or stored long-term in our bodies, specialized body burden testing can reveal an individual’s unique chemical load and can highlight the kinds of chemicals we are exposed to. Of the approximately 100,000 chemicals used in the United States, we do not know how many can become a part of our chemical body burden. What WE DO KNOW scientifically is that approximately 25,000 of these chemicals have been measured in people’s bodies worldwide AND are known to be hazardous to human health.

Q.      Are there toxic chemicals that the body CAN get rid of quickly?

A. Yes, Arsenic, for example, is mostly excreted within 72 hours of exposure – assuming the body’s detoxification organs aren’t already over-burdened and can no longer neutralize chemicals as they can when at their maximum capacity.

Q. I don’t live near chemical factories or farming; how would I inhale so many chemicals?

A. Scientists estimate that everyone alive today carries within his or her body at least 700 contaminants – most of which have not been well studied. This is true whether we live in a rural or isolated area, in the middle of a large city, or near an industrialized region. Because many chemicals have the ability to attach to dust particles and/or catch air and water currents and travel far from where they are produced or used, the globe is bathed in a chemical soup. Our bodies have no alternative but to absorb these chemicals and sometimes store them for long periods of time. Whether we live in Africa, Australia, Austin, or Antarctica, our bodies are receptacles for a multitude of industrial chemicals. Wherever we live, we all live in a chemically contaminated global neighborhood.

Q. How Did We Get Into This Mess?

A. Humans are exposed to chemicals through…

•        anything we ingest (food, supplements, meds, etc.);

•        our skin (the largest organ of absorption AND elimination);

•        air we breathe, and;

•        water we drink and bathe in.

Chemicals often coat the surface of dust particles, which we handle or inhale. Contaminated dust is an especially important means of exposure for children and animals that commonly put their hands/paws into their nose and mouths.

We are also exposed to hundreds of chemicals in everyday products we use like…

•        Paints and varnishes;

•        Gasoline/petrochemicals;

•        Glues/adhesives;

•        Personal care products;

•        Dry-cleaning solvents;

•        Toxic plastic food containers;

•        Home and garden products and pesticides;

•        Toxic cooking utensils/cookware;

•        Synthetic fragrances;

•        Toxic upholstery, dyes, stain-resistant and flame-retardant chemicals, etc.

Our Chemical Landscape…

The chemical landscape created as a result of intensive and continuing chemical use during the 20th century has been internalized.  As accurately stated by a body-burden researcher…chemicals found within our bodies are not labeled with return addresses – therefore, it’s difficult to identify their origin.

A Plateful of What?…

Almost all of the dioxin found inside your body got there from eating contaminated food. However, it may have originated in a local medical waste incinerator or it may have been created by a distant, chlorine-based paper manufacturing plant located thousands of miles from your home. Whatever its source, somewhere it entered the food chain and made its way into the food you consumed.

Likewise, a pesticide found inside your body may have come from pesticide spraying done at a local school, in your garden or kitchen, a nearby golf course, or it may have arrived on foodstuffs grown with pesticides in the U.S. or abroad.

Q.  Is Body Burden a New Discovery?

A. For centuries scientists and researchers have known that chemicals enter the body and cause deleterious health effects. Since the middle of the 20th century, scientists began to detect and measure chemicals in wildlife and humans and were able to link chemicals to health-depleting consequences. For example, in 1944 researchers found residues of DDT in human fat, and, in the early 50s, naturalists rightly concluded that DDT was directly responsible for thinning eggshells and declining populations of bald eagles and other birds.  In fact, at about the same time, DDT was detected in Antarctic penguins living an extremely long distance from where DDT was being used – demonstrating the far-reaching global effects of chemicals.

Since then, analytic techniques have improved and many other chemicals have been detected in human and wildlife tissues. For decades, tests for some substances that make up the total chemical body burden have been conducted by government agencies around the world. These hundreds of studies include analyses of adipose (fat) tissue, breast milk, semen, blood, and urine for chemical content – documenting the amount and kinds of chemicals found. 

Q. What are the health effects of body burden?

A. Chemicals can have different effects in people and wildlife, depending on the amount, timing, duration, and pattern of exposure as well as the properties of the specific chemical.  Chemicals can have toxic effects through a variety of mechanisms. 

As examples…

•        some chemicals attack and damage or kill cells or tissues in the body;

•        some chemicals attack the genetic material in the nucleus of a cell – causing damage directly to the DNA – often creating an inheritable defect that is passed on to the next generation. These DNA traits can lead to gene mutations, which can set in motion a sequence of events leading to cancer, birth defects, diabetes, developmental or reproductive disorders.

Understanding the Jargon…

•        Chemicals that cause cancer are called carcinogens.

•        Chemicals that cause birth defects are called teratogens. 

•        Chemicals that damage the normal development of the fetus, infant, or child, or damage our reproductive tissues are called developmental/reproductive toxicants.  

•        Chemicals that cause damage through their ability to interfere with normal hormone function are called endocrine disrupters.

Consequences of Toxins & Body Burden…

Through these various mechanisms, toxic chemicals can cause a long list of health disorders. They include, for example, direct damage to the lungs, liver, kidney, bones, blood, brain and other nerves, and the reproductive systems. There are hundreds of adverse health effects that can arise from exposures to chemicals and/or metals.

The following by no means represents all the disorders from chemicals/metals but it does provide the most profound known today:

•        Cancer;

•        Autism;

•        High blood pressure;

•        Asthma/COPD;

•        ADD/ADHD;

•        Cognitive disorders (memory, learning disability, decreased/under-developed I.Q., Parkinson’s-like disorders; dementia, and Alzheimer’s);

•        Infertility;

•        Shortened lactation;

•        Endometriosis;

•        Genital malformation;

•        Peripheral nerve damage;

•        Immune system disorders;

•        Inflammatory disorders (fibromyalgia, arthritis and arthritis-like disorders, Lupus, Scleroderma, lymphatic disorders).

For example:

•        Dioxin is a carcinogen – fetal exposures to dioxin interfere with normal development, including the maturity of the immune system.

•        Fetal exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) is related to behavioral and cognition problems.

•        DDT exposure has been related to women’s inability to produce sufficient breast milk.

•        The immune systems of children in some areas of the far north are unable to produce enough antibodies to even make vaccinations effective. Since these children and their mothers carry large chemical body burdens, a chemical link to this problem is likely.

•        Fetal exposure to mercury causes attention, memory, and learning problems later in life. Brain development is also impaired in fetuses and infants exposed to lead.

NOTE: For details on how mercury and other oral health disorders are at the foundation of many overall health disorders, particularly infant health, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, read my book, “I was POISONED by my Teeth – Connecting Oral Health & Overall Health.

How to Reduce Your Overall Body Burden…

That’s not a simple “one-size-fits-all” answer but I’ve outlined it as easily as I can in the new eBook titled, “Rejuvenation DETOX – Age Without Looking or Feeling Old, Wholistically.” The information and protocols in this book were previously only available to my clients. Because of all the mail I receive for guidance, I published this eBook so all of you can take advantage of the information and exact detox protocols using proprietary medical food protein shakes and a modified diet than you can choose to do for anywhere from 14 to 90 days. The overall detox benefits are best achieved in a 90-day protocol, especially for those with inflammation and allergies.

The time is NOW, take charge of your health before the holidays and the barrage of temptations presented. Then, once you’re an “old hat” at performing your detox protocols you can use the guidance for maintenance or when your health again shows symptoms that you have exceeded your overall body burden and the organs of detoxification can no longer protect you as they should.

The Way I See It…

Rejuvenation DETOX is easy, safe and a healthy way to lose those extra pounds that have crept up as well as those nasty symptoms you keep taking medications for symptom-care without reducing the toxic burden so that some of those causes can be eliminated or significantly reduced.

Click Here to purchase and download the eBook, “Rejuvenation DETOX”


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