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At this time of year BEFORE the onslaught of flu, consider a safe and reliable proactive approach, a homeopathic Influenzium remedy taken PROACTIVELY. This approach is what I’ve used and recommended in my more than 30 years in practice in two clinics and continue to do so. My clients who are educators, health profesionals, those that travel alot and especially anyone serving the public, contracted the flu every year, in spite of getting annual conventional flu shots. 

After experiencing the health advantage and protection of their homeopathic remedy taken Proactively each year, they wouldn’t go without beginning it in August – and they haven’t had the flu since, except when they didn’t begin soon enough or forgot! Click to continue reading…

Thankfully, I haven’t had a conventional flu shot since 1978 (and I caught a violent case of flu) and haven’t had the flu since proactively using homeopathics in 1979. 

I protect myself with this homeopathic each year beginning the first part of August because once the virus begins to circulate we’re all susceptible AND I choose to stay well, NOT get well.

If you, like my clients and me, prefer to use natural remedies to protect yourself and your family, homeopathy is a preferred effective and safe choice. It’s important to keep in mind that homeopathic remedies are FDA regulated and approved through the formulating/compounding homeopathic pharmacist manufacturer, they are NOT a remedy anyone can simply mix and sell.

Historical Perspective…

Conventional medical professionals and historians, in their attempts to  invalidate non-drug natural  solutions, tend to overlook the full history of the 1918 influenza epidemic. In my Health Detective “digging” I discovered that records indicate death rates for those receiving homeopathic treatment were significantly lower than those using conventional therapy of the time (mostly aspirin). One report noted that there was a 1.05% mortality rate in 26,795 cases of serious influenza treated by homeopathic physicians compared to an average death rate of 30% for cases treated by regular doctors.

A correctly-chosen homeopathic remedy serves to reinforce the self-healing capacity of the body by boosting the immune system to fight specific assaults. Although we continue to face new strains of the flu with each season, the symptoms generated are relatively predictable patterns/virus’ strains and mutations that have been identified and documented by practitioners and physicians over generations. The same homeopathic remedies that were effective during the 1918 flu epidemic can be used to proactively protect and treat currently-invading versions of the flu, with slight additions to protect from newer strains, naturally.

Other Proactive Steps…

  • In terms of proactive flu intervention, there is evidence vitamin D may be of value. 
  • Avoiding over-exposure to weather extremes also helps maintain optimal resistance to viral illnesses.
  • Make sure bowel elimination is daily and complete so toxic matter doesn’t sit in the intestines and recirculate health-depleting substances that can sabotage immune defenses.
  • Hydrate sufficiently, at least half your body weight in ounces. AND, remember for every cup of a caffeinated beverage it “sucks” out two cups of water from the body!
  • Check urine pH, the first pee of the morning, and keep alkalized between 6.5 – 7.2, around 7 is best. Bacteria and viruses cannot thrive and multiply in an alkaline environment so this is a safe, easy and inexpensive way to help your immunity. Unless for other health reasons, only check urine pH once a week and try to do it around the same time and circumstances and make a note of it.

I Caught the Flu, Now What?

Once you catch the flu, a properly prescribed homeopathic remedy (s) goes a long way to reduce the severity of symptoms, prevent complications and help speed recovery. Consult with a trained homeopathic practitioner to do a proper symptom intake to recommend appropriate remedies and dose.

Common flu symptoms include:  fever, chills, sweats, aches, fatigue, headache, cough, sore throat, loss of appetite, and diarrhea, etc.

Since homeopathy focuses primarily with the unique way in which each individual manifests symptoms – NOT a one-size or one-remedy fits all – the trick for the homeopathic practitioner is determining what symptoms are most prominent, or characteristic for that individual. A careful study of the individualized symptom pattern allows the practitioner to choose a corresponding homeopathic remedy that closely matches their symptom pattern.

Uniquely Individual…

No two individuals may, for example, similarly complain of fever, chills and muscle aches. However, upon further investigation, the practitioner discovers that the first person emphasizes how cold he is and states he is, “cold to the bone.”  By contrast, the second person complains about how achy she is, so much so,  she doesn’t get up from the sofa unless absolutely necessary because, “everything hurts”, and she feels like she’s been beaten and every muscle is sore. These examples point out why it’s important the practitioner carefully observes and listens to the way in which the affected individual experiences and describes his/her individual symptoms – individuality is the basics and emphasis of homeopathy.

Please remember that it’s always ideal to consult a homeopathic professional when using homeopathy, especially after you’re already sick. If this is not possible, and if symptoms persist or continue to get worse, seek care of a medical professional as soon as possible – DO NOT attempt to “play” doctor.

Prepare NOW for Flu Season…

The homeopathic complex, a proprietary formula, to begin taking in August for maximum protection for the current predicted flu season, can be ordered directly from the distributor at 888.352.8175 or direct line 208.255.5252. Specific instructions are provided. If you need to consult with Dr. Gloria for extenuating circumstances or other health concerns they can assist in scheduling that appointment as well. You do not have to be a client to purchase this homeopathic for proactive protection.

NOTE: DO NOT take this remedy if you are getting a conventional flu shot for this year – this homeopathic is used in lieu of a conventional flu shot without the side-effects. If you have had a serious reaction to a flu immunization or you have a severely compromised immune system, are pregnant or currently under treatment for cancer,  seek advice of a qualified homeopath before taking any homeopathics, medications or other substances.


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