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For decades, protein was promoted to be mostly for the sport enthusiast and athlete. Then, as more health concepts developed, evolved, and the baby-boomers became of age, protein became the topic of choice for those over age 65 because many were not eating a balanced healthy diet. Today, science and anti-aging specialists understand and validate the importance of a quality protein as the world’s MOST valued macronutrient.  That makes choosing quality protein easy, right? Not so quick! 

For those of us who pride ourselves in reading labels, we look for the contents of sodium, sugars, fats, carbohydrates and protein – but what number of protein should we be looking for and what does that number represent?    Click here to continue reading…

Deconstructing Protein…

Our digestive processes are responsible for deconstructing food sources of protein within the digestive processes into amino acids. When you hear that amino acids are the building blocks of life, that statement cannot be taken lightly. We as consumers need to understand the numbers (grams of protein), not simply concentrate on the overall nutrition package of ingredients.

The Body’s Tool Box…

Proteins are the major structural component of ALL cells in our body – they make all our body fluids as well as our vital organs. Proteins are the tools that build almost everything within the human body, not just muscles as formerly promoted. Twenty percent of the human body is proteins and, those amino acids they convert to, perform immeasurable other bodily functions. You wouldn’t build a custom structure without using quality materials for a strong foundation – likewise, why would you use inadequate or inferior proteins to build your body’s foundation of health?  After all, we ARE what we eat!

Protein and Aging… 

More important as we age, quality protein keeps us healthy, vital and strong – it affects and protects lean body mass. When muscle mass is weakened it leads to reduction of most body functions – affecting health and quality of life and when a severe deficiency exists can be life-threatening. Keep in mind that physiologically protein is ESSENTIAL to life.

How Much is Enough?…

        Statistics claim that…

  • men need 56 grams of protein daily;
  • women need 46 grams of protein daily.

In my opinion, where the above statistics fail is they don’t offer adjustments for age or weight. Therefore, I believe a better measurement is to determine protein based on body weight, that way the measurement is adjusted for individuality…

  • multiply your weight times 0.36 – providing you a clearer indicator of how many grams of protein your body needs under normal circumstances (without adjusting for extreme physical activity).

Use the following litmus test in considering animal protein including eggs, seafood, and vegetable plant proteins. We as consumers need to ask questions and be a food detective about our food supply beyond the shrink-wrapping and price.

Label Should Tell You…

  •     If the animal (protein source) is caged/farmed or free-range/wild;
  •     If the animal was fed growth-hormones and/or antibiotics;
  •     When it was processed/packaged and where.

Taking the above into consideration in food purchasing, consider that an animal’s feed and environment determines its total nutrient profile! We KNOW that fish caught in polluted waters, even if wild, present dangers far outweighing the protein they deliver in nutrition. Even now, it’s reported some vegetarian spirulina is grown with fertilizers that make this green plankton less desirable than the consumer realized.

I highly recommend you only purchase organic, free-ranged food when possible and buy from local farmers markets so you can ask questions of the farmer/producer. If totally organic is not available or feasible, at least purchase all animal products organic because chemicals fed to animals are mostly stored in fat tissue, therefore, you’re consuming a toxic soup of chemicals in a concentrated form that are reported to be endocrine and hormone disrupters – at the very least. Vegetables and fruit can be washed properly to remove most chemical residues and contaminants, animal products cannot.

These facts are not being presented to you to make you paranoid but to educate you so you can make informed choices, after all, Information is Power…Power Over Your Health in this case.

Because the world food chain is stretched very very thin and sorely regulated, I believe it’s important, now more than ever, to buy American and buy Local when possible. Our food chain is excellent, especially given the great demands of feeding a nation that’s growing exponentially. In today’s toxic world, the consumer must ALWAYS be asking questions. Yes, you DO have choices, exercise them! The more awareness we have in agricultural practices and animal husbandry the more quality food we can choose to purchase. The small additional cost of natural organic food far outweighs the cost of illness – in the long run it cost less to stay healthy than to get well – and you don’t have the health maladies that can erode at your quality of life.

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