Issue 9.25.15 – FREE Introductory Consultation ONLY for FIBROMYALGIA Patients – Your Health Detective

As most of you know, I have focused and dedicated a majority of my professional career on identifying Causes, Effects and Non-drug Solutions to Inflammatory Disorders, specifically Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia, what I coined the Invisible Illness

  • makes you feel as if you’ve been beaten but the bruises and pain are invisible yet with episodes of acute “flare-ups”;
  • fatigue keeps you from doing what would usually be a routine task;
  • you’ve developed new allergies to food and environmental factors;
  • your thyroid levels show “normal” yet when tested with natural health methods prove you are extremely deficient in the “master hormone” that controls most every function in your body, including inflammation and immune responses; 
  • your intestinal health is now manifesting symptoms never before experienced;
  • you develop “muscle knots” that no one can explain or offer a solution to;
  • your brain is in such a “fog” you can’t collect your thoughts; 
  • your sleep is completely disrupted and not at all rejuvenating, YET…
  • all conventional testing shows, “you’re within normal range”…Oh, Really?

And then the final medical “blow”…either “learn to live with it” OR “here’s a prescription for a little anti-depressant, which should help with your symptoms.” If these insensitive comments haven’t made you worse by adding insult to injury, then all the medications for symptom-care will!

If you’re ready to take control of your health, I can help, I’ve guided thousands to recovery in the two clinics I founded and ran for 21 years and via telephone and Skype with clients in 16 countries…AND… I’m a recovered victim so I know what works and what doesn’t.

In addition, because of my successes in working with these type of clients, I was honored to be elected to four terms as President of an Int’l Fibromyalgia Association and served on the board of directors for 14 years before I retired my position.

I’m offering any of you with Fibromyalgia or Myofascial Pain Syndrome to consult with me for a short 15-minute telephone call (I place the call in 16 countries) to see if we can work together and give you some “pearls of wisdom” in taking control of your health and working towards recovery…YES…recovery IS possible!

CLICK HERE, it takes you directly to the special calendar showing the appointment windows available. Select any open time and schedule your own appointment at your convenience. This opportunity is ONLY for those who have NOT CONSULTED PREVIOUSLY and is for a limited time. The available time slots fill fast – schedule yours today to help you deal with Health-care, NOT Symptom-care that becomes Drug-management.

Your Partner in Health

Dr. Gloria


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