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Anytime, but especially in winter months, painful earaches affect millions of children/students AND adults. That said, succumbing to antibiotics each time only serves to destroy all the health-enhancing bacteria in our intestinal system (where most of our immune defenses are housed), leaving us even more vulnerable for another infection – usually six to eight weeks after the course of antibiotics are completed!…CLICK to continue reading…

Two conditions are generally responsible for ear aches:

  • Water is trapped in the ear canal from wax buildup, also called swimmer’s ear. This condition is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and thrive (warm, moist and dark).
  • A middle ear infection that is triggered from allergies (from seasonal airborne particulates, food and other irritants).

Ear infections can be viral OR bacterial – viral much more prevalent, which is why antibiotics are typically ineffective and serve to sabotage our body’s natural immune defenses.


The following ear ache formula is one I use and have recommended for over 20 years and my clients always have a small bottle of it in their “Rescue Remedy Kit” – a safe, inexpensive and effective natural alternative to antibiotics…

1.     Purchase a bottle of garlic oil and one of mullein tincture at your local health store. Mix equal amount of each oil into a clean glass bottle. For example: In a one-ounce bottle, fill 1/3 full with each oil and shake vigorously to blend well. Then add professional Argentyn 23 silver hydrosol (potency available only from health professionals) to fill the bottle and shake vigorously again. Place 2 drops in each ear 2-3 times a day – make sure head is tilted to allow for maximum absorption deep into the ear canal.

    a.     Garlic is a time-tested effective remedy due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

    b.     Mullein acts as an anti-inflammatory but also as a magnet to assist the body in “dissolving” wax that holds in bacteria.

    c.    Argentyn 23, a form of homeopathic silver hydrosol (not typical colloidal silver), has been effectively used for hundreds of years and validated in both clinical and research studies for its effectiveness as nature’s antibiotic and as an anti-inflammatory.

Identify the Cause…

Rather than run for a quick solution to a chronic problem (antibiotics or antihistamines), be your own best health detective and investigate what could be the cause if you or your child are victims of chronic ear infections.

The most common cause are food sensitivities that are not identified because they may not have acute responses like a serious food allergy to peanuts for example.

The following are common allergy-triggers:

  • Wheat/gluten
  • Lactose or casein in dairy products
  • Nuts
  • Citrus
  • Food additives/coloring

The “secret” to uncovering the causes is to simply “listen to your body”, Body-talk NEVER Lies, and if you get congested, bloated, unusual sneezing, loose stools or alternating with constipation, itching or changes in mood…you most likely are responding to a specific food group. Eliminate the suspected food group for one-month and watch for symptoms or lack of them. If symptoms do not improve/resolve, go to the next food group…you are a far better health detective than any physician because no one knows your body like you do.

Dr. Gloria – Your Health Detective


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