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For over 30 years I’ve been consulting with clients from around the globe, now in 19 countries, who have been the entire conventional health gambit and their providers are not resolving their health maladies and, often, are adding to their symptoms and lessened quality of life simply by the prescription medications for symptom-care that eventually becomes drug-management.

When I began consulting in two clinics I founded and ran for over 20 years, I never dreamed that virtual consulting was even an option. Years later with the integration of the internet and long-distance worldwide phone lines readily available, I was asked by more and more victims of what I call “invisible illnesses” to assist them virtually. I finally transitioned my entire practice to a virtual practice a couple of years ago and it continues to expand as people become better informed and realize there must be something better than just taking drugs for symptoms.

SO, why have I been successful in counseling clients to wellness? Because they are ready to get well and regain their quality of life. AND, they’re ready to make the life-style changes necessary to not only get well but to stay well, Naturally.

If you’re hesitant to consult with me virtually just think about the following:

Most doctor visits are barely 7-10 minutes – no time for anything other than, “what are your symptoms?”, “here’s the prescription, see me in a month if your symptoms aren’t better,” or “let’s order yet another test”.

When you consult with me the initial consult is 90 minutes and it includes 3 short follow-up calls or emails within your personalized 90-day protocol for wellness. For some clients that are extremely ill and/or experience challenges with either electromagnetic fields (computer and phone) we split the initial consultation into shorter intervals to allow them to minimize the time of exposure but also to begin working on issues slowly so they don’t become overwhelmed…physically and emotionally.

  • Many large medical centers and hospitals now offer virtual consultations because it cuts down on cost and is more convenient for patient and physician – I’ve been using this effective method since the advent of Skype on the internet and worldwide telephone consultations for twenty years. If you’re not computer savvy then a call from me is just as effective. Some insurance companies and Medicare is paying for conventional consults, however, they are not paying for non-medical consultations. In most cases, however, natural health expenses are tax deductible, check with your tax professional. If you have a health savings plan, the expenses incurred for consultations and/or supplements through a health professional are covered.
  • When you consult with me we require a recent close-up photo for your files, whether you’re consulting on Skype or via the telephone – natural health professionals are trained to “see” a lot from a photo so it helps me to identify some of the issues we need to include in our consultation and coaching session. We also require it because it is required in some states if we do not consult in person.
  • Yes, you are paying the direct cost of a consultation but symptom-care isn’t working and it’s simply adding to your overall body burden – it cost less to get well, and to learn what changes to make to maintain that wellness, than to get well after your quality of life has diminished.
  • Most countries around the world, with the exception of the U.S., integrate natural preventive health into their health systems and even poor countries are often healthier than we in the developed nation of drugs, fast-food and chemicals everywhere. Some clients in other countries I work with are encouraged to use wellness protocols and are actually either reimbursed by their employer/health plan or they have a match program for expenses. These companies understand that it is more cost-effective to keep their employees well rather than get them well.
  • I guide you with specific dietary modifications and protocols to reduce your overall toxic body burden for your particular health issues because we “ARE WHAT WE CONSUME and WHAT WE’RE EXPOSED TO”. For instance…
  •     fibromyalgia clients need to make different dietary and lifestyle changes to learn what foods and ingredients “ignite” inflammation;
  •     a child with ADD/ADHD and digestive issues;
  •     an elder that has no soft tissue pain but can’t sleep, is anxious and constipated;
  •     someone who gets severe responses when around excessive electromagnetic energy fields (cell towers & phones, computers, electric cars,     etc.)
  •     an individual who is chronically tired, is losing their hair, experiences cold extremities and is on a thyroid supplement yet not feeling any     improvements;
  •     or someone who’s been exposed to toxic mold and their immune system can no longer protect them, and;
  •     those who have acute panic/anxiety disorders and no one is looking to causes, only more drugs for symptom-care.

The Voice of Dr. Gloria’s Office…

When you call my office at the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation you don’t get a person who is not versed in natural health and rejuvenation and simply asks where to direct your call – you hear the friendly voice of a mature woman (veteran school administrator) who’s been part of the Institute for 22 years, Sharon. She is the client advocate there to answer questions about consulting with me, ordering supplements after your consultation, and she’s there to “hold your hand virtually” when you’re in a crisis – she has tried to retire at least three times and my clients rebel so she’s still with us, Thank God!

Sharon has witnessed my most hypersensitive clients in the midst of their allergic responses and not only helps them through their fear but is also the link for them to connect with me. She’s a master educator of more than 40 years whose middle-school aged students taught her the patience, endurance, compassion, humor and creativity she so generously provides my clients …you guess her age, I’m not telling! If you’re curious to see Sharon’s photo, go to my website and scroll down until you see the box with information about Sharon – The Voice of Dr. G’s Office.

Yes, the main focus of my practice includes, but is definitely not limited to:

  • chemically-induced immune system disorders;
  • inflammation (fibromyalgia, leaky gut, gout, multiple allergic response syndromes, digestive disorders and allergies from all sources);
  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • overgrowth of yeast (Candida) and the accompanying disorders that present;
  • connecting oral health and overall health;
  • using my Health Detective skills to uncover the underlying cause of dis-order and offering safe, natural alternatives to toxic drugs, when appropriate;
  • teaching clients how to take control of their health care – not simply accepting the status quo.

That said, the 18 books I’ve authored all came about because of either and/or personal challenges overcome, case histories and my commitment to share information in my life’s work through my institute for Health thru Education©.

With that said, if you have NOT consulted with me previously, take advantage of my FREE 15-minute telephone consultation that you schedule yourself. Let’s talk about your health issues and how I can help you achieve wellness – CLICK HERE to go directly to my calendar. You are NOT ELIGIBLE if you’ve ever used this FREE consultation before or if you’ve consulted with me.

If you decide to resolve CAUSES and become a full new client, Here’s what to do:

    1. Go to my website at;
    2. Look down the homepage on the left side “To Consult with Dr. Gloria” and CLICK;
    3. To complete the new client forms, go to the center of that page “CLICK HERE FOR NEW CLIENT FORM”;
    4. Complete the entire form, yes it asks a lot of questions you have never been asked before, and when you’re finished, print a copy just in case it gets lost in cyber-space and then CLICK SUBMIT. The form goes directly to The Institute.
  • Now call Sharon at the Institute and schedule your consultation – specify for me to call you in 19 countries or consult via Skype. Customer service hours are Monday – Thursday 8:am to 2:pm Pacific Time.

NOTE: Spring/Summer is a great time to take care of those nasty allergies with safe natural pro-active remedies, to prepare before/during/after traveling, as well as know what to do to prepare for the early fall/winter allergies and viruses – be proactive instead of reactive!

Your Partner in Health,

Dr. Gloria


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