Your Health Detective: December 2016


I wish you all healthy, happy and memorable holidays AND a new year that “gifts” each of you the knowledge to change your life by taking control of your health…because…without health, everything else is irrelevant.

I gifted myself the most important and profound gift this past summer and I pray each and every one of you find your true gift, as I did.

As I enter my 70th year, I was determined to make a major lifestyle change to not only a healthier environment but into a community where the true meaning of community is practiced, and has been for centuries.

Com-mu-ni-ty – a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, consciousness, interest, and goals.

This past summer I relocated my Health Sciences / Publishing & Research Center – a division of my Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation in Idaho – to a village (about 9,000 inhabitants) high in the Andes mountains (at almost 8,000 ft.) of Ecuador – NOT a third-world country, but rather a country that has evolved and developed to be self-sustainable, all-the-while maintaining centuries old traditions for health and quality of life it treasures. What I expected to find, and what I found, were vastly different. Not only the expats living here, but also the local indigenous people, welcomed me as if a family who waited a long time for me to finally “come home.” I chose this location because people here practice a way of life that has sustained them for centuries, without the contamination of the modern chemical, or of the competitive consciousness of keeping up with their neighbors’. They still impart the “gift” of caring for their fellow beings and embrace individuals for who they are, not what they believe they should be or with expectations other than mutual respect and humility.

My new found community in Cotacachi has filled a gaping hole in my personal and professional life few will ever experience because major changes like I’ve made is too scary for most. A friend of mine here shared a quote by Alan Alda that says it better than I can: You have to leave the city, and often the country, of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition – what you’ll discover will be wonderful – Yourself!

My Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation continues in Idaho under the careful, caring eye of my longtime friend and colleague, Sharon. My global practice is the same as it has been counseling clients in over 14 countries. My online Post Graduate courses and TeleSeminars are busier than ever with more and more people asking how they can take charge of their own health. Healthy living in a toxic world is challenging, which is why I continue my commitment of “Health thru Education™” via various methods of learning and sharing the latest research and newly rediscovered centuries old healing modalities through my local work with Indigenous healers. With more and more focus on drugs for symptom-care, it was time for me to “think out of the box” and learn and teach from those who have so successfully practiced how to benefit from what nature provides.

In 2017, look for more TeleSeminars, Videos, Post-graduate courses and our 1st Int’l Wholistic Rejuvenation Retreat Summit held here in October 2017, open to everyone, not only graduate students. The event will be an all-inclusive land package (lodging, meals, airport transportation, lectures by health professionals of many specialties, demonstrations by local Shamans and healers, and much more). For those of you that choose to make it a truly adventurous journey, we will have optional sightseeing and shopping packages available. The event in this location will surely transform you, as it has me, as we share our latest re-discoveries from the valley of the sun between two volcanos in a fertile land where spring temperatures are eternal – yes, average temperature is 72 degrees all year even though sun at this altitude is intense and you must use a hefty all-natural sun block, without exception.

The following are photos of my new “village” to tempt each of you to join us in October 2017…AND…consider extending your trip before or after to include the amazing historical capital city of Quito:

The two photos shown are of the pristine fertile valleys between two dormant volcanos in Cotacachi, Ecuador:

 The following photos are of Cotacachi, these are actual photos — no, they are not scene’s from a movie studio, they’re the city streets of an enchanting village that stole my heart.

We will publish the flier and details for the Summit by February 1st…register early as space is limited because of lodging and transportation that has to be arranged….stay tuned.

The Summit will be 4 days with educational side trips included as well as plenty of free time to explore the village of Cotacachi (known as the Leather Capital of South America) and it’s neighbor (15 min. away) Otavalo with the largest outdoor market in all of South America – an experience not to miss. A huge variety of scenes to explore like the huge waterfalls, the volcanic lake with it’s island, indigenous villages all with their centuries old traditions and specialty products and a diverse menu like no other!

I respectfully and humbly thank you all for your continued support through so many years and the more than 200,000 readers worldwide as I continue my commitment of Health thru Education to help you take control of your health and age without feeling or looking old…Dr. Gloria…

P.S. For those of you asking, YES, my first language is Spanish and I’m proud to finally be able to use it!


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