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I’ve been teaching Wholistic Rejuvenation DETOX online programs for several years now. This year our format will be a bit different. I’m offering you my best-selling book (value $16.95) at NO CHARGE. It details the protocols for initial 90-day detoxification program, recipes and a maintenance schedule as well.  

The basics of this new program include:


  • eBook, full-color 73 pages along with recipes, “Rejuvenation DETOX” – Age without Feeling our Looking Old, Wholistically;
  • ONE initial email to provide you with individualized support to begin the program. I will reply ONLY when this code is in the subject line: Guidance 08017. This is only for initial support for the detox program to gather what you need for specific health conditions or questions about the products used in the protocol…it is not in place of a client consultation. If you have specific health disorders and choose to become a patient, use this U.S. phone number (208.265.8555) to ask for a phone consultation worldwide (I place the call) and to schedule your appointment.
  • ONE final email if you’re following the DETOX protocol at no charge to assist you in proceeding to your individualized maintenance program. The program is 90-days so this email would be 90-120 days AFTER you begin. Place this code in the subject line: Final 08017.

Additional Guidance…

  • 15-Minute Non-Client/Patient Telephone Consultation (I call you in 19 countries)…$35. Includes questions and guidance to continue Rejuvenation Protocols after your initial Detox program. If you then decide to have me further guide you as a new client for 90-days including 3 follow-up emails or phone consultation, to identify the underlying causes of your disorder (s) rather than continue to deal with symptom-care, the fee for this mini-consult will be deducted from the new client fee of $240. Which now includes the laboratory Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (value $149.) that I will interpret during our first new client/patient consult of one-hour. You need to complete all the new client forms from my website and submit online then call the Institute at (888) 352.8175 to schedule a time and make financial arrangements. Appointment phone line available Mon. – Thursday 8: to 2: PACIFIC TIME. 

This offer valid through September 2017 ONLY.

Download BodyBurden_R3_2017_ebook to download your FREE copy of “Rejuvenation DETOX”.


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