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I hope none of you are planning to gift someone a product with a synthetic fragrance this Valentine’s Day or any day! I’m NOT speaking about organic essential oils, this is all about those toxic man-made fragrances. 

I’ve written and taught for years about the dangers of non-organic candles, synthetic fragrances and toxic wicks, yet, it seems a lot of my research has fallen on deaf ears because people continue to use them or ask me why they shouldn’t…you asked, here it is…CLICK to continue reading…

FACTS to DIGEST…The candle industry generates more than $2 Billion in sales annually.A new study revealed the high cost of scented candles with their sabotage on our health and that of our pets.Those beloved scented candles could be releasing cancer-causing chemicals into the air. A cooperative effort of a professor at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science and the BBC measured levels of “volatile organic chemicals (VOCs)” and how their chemicals made their way through six homes for five days.

  • Researchers asked each resident to write down any scented candles, cleaning products and air fresheners they used and how often, and then tested the air in each home. When they analyzed the results, a disturbing conclusion was made.
  • The chemical they found the most of was limonene, a substance used to give products that iconic citrus smell. The homes that used the most scented candles and cleaning products also had the highest levels of the potentially dangerous chemical. NOTE: Although limonene itself isn’t particularly dangerous, it becomes life-threatening when it’s released into the air and creates formaldehyde when it reacts with the ozone – YES, the same formaldehyde used in embalming! This is especially concerning due to the National Cancer Institute’s report that formaldehyde is associated with several types of cancers.

Several years ago, when I was on two advisory boards of organizations for “chemical sensitivities” and “chemically-induced immune system disorders,” I created a flier to help everyone understand how serious the dangers are of synthetic fragrances and what to look for.

Because interest has newly re-emerged about the health hazards of synthetic fragrances, I updated the flier and I’m offering it to you FREE of charge. Please remember that Your Perfume is POISON…if it’s not organic!

CLICK the link to download the eBook:  Download 1.17 IWR-Fragrance

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