Your Health Detective: March 2018

No one who responds to seasonal allergens looks forward to spring, especially when the tree pollen’s and dust begin flying. That said, you can minimize or eliminate – as I did – allergic responses to airborne triggers by taking simple steps you may not have considered. In addition, using a proprietary homeopathic remedy to not only rid yourself of symptoms but to take proactively before the season is well on its way, is your best “insurance”. AND, March is the time to begin that therapy.

More than thirty years ago I relocated from Southern California to Northern Idaho to open two natural health clinics. I never had seasonal allergies in California and I lived in both the southern and northern parts of the state. I didn’t give any thought to protecting myself from, or that I’d even respond to, airborne pollutants – was I in for a surprise!

The first spring, around mid-March I found myself with nagging frontal headaches, itchy swollen eyes, post-nasal drip and then by the first of April I developed a full-blown sinus infection with a headache that felt like a sledge hammer landed on my head. I hadn’t had a sinus infection in more than twenty years and after trying everything non-drug I finally ended up in the emergency room. The physician that saw me asked if I had a history of sinus infections. After taking a complete history, he commented, “Oh, if you just relocated here you’ll always have symptoms and/or infections this time of year with the burning of farm fields at the end of summer, and in the early spring all the pine pollen’s and dust flying around, just get used to it the rest of the year is beautiful here.” I couldn’t believe my ears…just get used to it! The only thing he could offer was an antibiotic for the sinus infection and an injection of a steroid (Kenalog) to help with the acute inflammation. Being a doctor of natural health, I KNEW what side-effects could ensue but I was in SO much pain I felt I could do anything once surely without terrible side-effects, right? WRONG…Click to continue reading…


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