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This month is heart month and I’m gifting all of you with a gift directly from my heart. For over 15 years my patients, post-graduate students and followers have been asking for a cookbook that expands on all the teachings of Wholistic Rejuvenation…AND…that it’s easy, healthy and tasty – you asked, it’s here! My production team at my new Cooking Institute have been busy for over a year working with me creating and testing recipes that have no ingredients that induce inflammation or sabotage our health. Since we know inflammation is at the foundation of most disorders, and it’s my specialty, the cookbook had to be unique in its ingredients yet so tasty you wouldn’t miss the “unhealthy” ingredients…mission accomplished!

We’ve all been there – you’re going along in life like you’ve always done and suddenly you realize what you’re doing just isn’t working for you anymore…OR…like me, you’re plunged into a completely new dietary protocol as a result of a life-threatening accident and suddenly you’re allergic to everything because you developed an intestinal disorder and liver damage caused by drugs used to save your life.

As a doctor of natural health and running two successful clinics (for 21-years) working with patients EXACTLY with the same symptoms I was now experiencing was very humbling. I was forced to make the dietary changes I counseled my thousands of patients to make…AND…I recovered…all along keeping in mind that achieving and maintaining health is a journey, not a destination…

Our bodies usually tell us when something is wrong – Body Talk Never Lies! – although the symptoms may be subtle at first; you may be tired all the time, or you notice you’re developing more allergies to food and environmental substances. You detect the symptoms of excessive yeast (Candida) and, to make matters worse, now your usually under control blood sugar is spiking…yikes!

You may even be diagnosed with a medical condition like I was, first with leaky gut, then fibromyalgia and Candida – the, “I hurt all-over syndromes.” And to make things worse, when Candida takes its strong-hold, you experience real brain-fog, lethargy, mood-swings and often bladder and kidney disorders. It’s these subtle hints (actually NOT quite so subtle) that clue you it’s time to make a change in your life…but where do you begin if you’re not a nutritionally-aware doctor or an accomplished cook? Thank God I am, that said, I had to relearn everything I knew about cooking!

If you’re reading this, you’ve already made a conscious decision to improve your overall health by understanding that “we are what we eat” and in order to achieve long-lasting health and quality of life, dietary changes are a MUST. However, I bet your next thought is something like, “But I’m so busy, life is so demanding, cooking healthy is time-consuming and difficult, and my family probably won’t like it.” I’m here to tell you it’s not difficult…AND…I’m going to guide you all the way with the recipes I’ve created along with my test kitchen team. My message to you is…you’re NOT alone in this journey…we’ll make it simple, tasty, and healthy.

There is a huge community of folks just like you. AND…my advice and guidance is not solely from text book learning; it’s been a long journey both personally and professionally after my accident when I was plunged from doctor to patient. That event changed my life forever and opened my eyes to foods and ingredients that sabotage our health to say the least! I’ve consulted with tens of thousands of patients worldwide who for one reason or another have had to modify their diet…and…every one of them was hesitant and over-whelmed at first. Now they tell me the dietary modifications they made following my protocols for detoxification and rejuvenation were the best they’ve done for their health and quality of life. In addition, they comment that my “Health thru Education™” programs were what helped them not only transition to wellness but make the life-long commitment to their newfound health and lifestyle – adding life to their years, not simply years to their lives!

My recipes are: No or Low-carb, No Sugar, No Gluten, No High Carb Grains, No Nightshades, No food additives or preservatives and No ingredients known to “ignite” inflammation. I’ve even included “Grab-n-Go” recipes which are my versions of healthy “fast food” and dishes that can be made ahead of time. When my health required major dietary changes, I knew it was a life-long commitment and its paid off in spades.

As this book goes to press, I’m on my way to my 72nd birthday and I feel and look better than when I was in my 40’s…why?…because I pride myself in living what I teach which provides me health and The Anti-Inflammation Advantage in order to age without looking or feeling old!

AND NOW…as promised…a special offer for subscribers of Your Health Detective…IF you’re ready to learn about simple recipes that can give you what I call The Anti-Inflammation Advantage…read carefully. After many months in the making and as an added value to my subscribers, you can now Download your FREE 40+ page cookbook, The Anti-Inflammation Recipe Sampler at:

ADDITIONALLY…mark your calendar for our launch of the cooking videos April 2019 when I’ll be able to literally take you by the hand into Dr. Gloria’s Kitchen and lead you step-by-step through an entire library of anti-inflammatory meals that are easy to prepare and absolutely delicious!  In addition, the educational information included will help you understand the why’s and how’s of specific foods, nutrients and ingredients known to “ignite inflammation” …that’s where my commitment of “Health thru Education™” comes in…it gives YOU the ADVANTAGE to take control of your health, Naturally…Stay tuned…

Your Partner in Health, 

Dr. Gloria – The Doctor Who Cooks 

Founder/Executive Chef: “Dr. Gloria’s Kitchen: The Cooking Institute (Division of The Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation)


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