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If you’re like most, you’re confused about trans-fats and hydrogenated oils, which foods have them, which don’t, and which are the worst – and the best.

The following “top-ten list’ reflects research of Cindy Moore, MS, RD, director of nutrition therapy at Cleveland Clinic Foundation and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Top ten worst foods for trans-fats:

  1. SPREADS. Margarine is a twisted sister – loaded with trans- and saturated-fats, both can lead to heart disease. Other non-butter spreads and shortening also contain large amounts of these fats. TIP: Use REAL organic butter or coconut oil.
  • PACKAGED FOODS. Cake and biscuit mixes, and others, all have several grams of trans-fat per serving. TIP: Add a flour alternative and baking powder to your grocery list; do-it-yourself baking is about your only healthy option.
  • SOUPS. Ramen noodle blends and soup cups contain very high levels of trans-fat, msg and additives. TIP: Get out the slow-cooker and my new “Anti-Inflammation Advantage” recipe book.
  • FAST FOOD. Fries, chicken, and other foods are deep-fried in partially-hydrogenated oil. Even if the chains use liquid oil, fries are sometimes partially fried in trans-fat before they’re shipped to the restaurant. Pancakes and grilled sandwiches also have some trans-fat from margarine slathered on the grill. TIP: If you must eat fast food, order your meat broiled or baked. Skip the fries and substitute a salad or veggies.
  • FROZEN FOODS. Those frozen pies, waffles, pizzas, and breaded fish sticks contain trans-fat. Even if the label says low-fat, it still has trans-fat. TIP: Use my new “Anti-Inflammation Advantage” recipe book to make your favorite foods in a large batch and freeze ready to re-heat.
  • BAKED GOODS. More trans-fats used in commercially-baked products than any other foods. Doughnuts contain shortening in the dough and are cooked in trans-fat. TIP: Get back to old-fashioned home cooking again. If you bake, use real butter, coconut oil or a combination.
  • CHIPS AND CRACKERS. Shortening provides crispy texture. Anything fried (potato and corn chips) or buttery crackers have trans-fat. TIP: Think no carb flat bread or Parmesan crisps as featured in the “Anti-Inflammation Advantage” cookbook.
  • BREAKFAST FOODS. Cereal and energy bars are quick-fixes—highly processed that contain trans-fats, even most that claim to be “healthy.” TIP: No-carb muffins or quinoa cereal ready-to-go are healthy fast choices, try the delicious recipes I’ve created for you.
  • COOKIES & CANDY. Read labels; some have higher fat content than others. A cookie is likely to be loaded with trans-fats. TIP: If you must have chocolate, get dark organic chocolate or un-sweetened cocoa – studies show it has redeeming heart-healthy and blood-sugar virtues.
  • TOPPINGS & DIPS. Non-dairy creamers, flavored coffees, whipped toppings, bean dips, gravy mixes, and salad dressings contain an abundance of trans-fat. TIP: Use organic full-fat powdered milk or real cream. For salad dressings, choose organic with no nightshades or make home-made dressings – tried and true as included in my recipe book.
  • Natural oils such as olive, macadamia nut, avocado and coconut oil DON’T contain trans-fat.

    Can you eliminate trans-fats entirely from your diet? Probably not. A better, and more realistic goal is to take your lead from pages in my cookbook and plan ahead to avoid last-minute stress and binge-eating. Healthy eating really can be easy, fun, health-enhancing and very rewarding!

    Yes, I’m Your Health Detective and Creator/Executive Chef of “Dr. Gloria’s Kitchen”. 

    I created the cookbook and instructional videos because so many of my patients were un-inspired, un-motivated or downright intimidated in their kitchen when it came to finding tasty, easy recipes for their health maladies, particularly the underlying inflammation. More and more each day I was asked how I can travel and eat out, cook and eat gourmet food yet not induce inflammation and all the disorders that ensue as a result like fibromyalgia, arthritis, gout, diabetes, gluten-intolerance, candida, etc…CLICK on BOOK COVER to ENLARGE.

    My motivation was seeing the positive results in myself and my patients when specific dietary modifications are made. I knew it was time to get my Cooking Institute in full gear and we began to work on the project that I’d personally began more than fifteen years ago…putting my well-researched time-tested proven anti-inflammatory recipes in print and video. I live what I teach, and all my cooking has paid off because I’m free of inflammation and happily have a more satisfying and healthy quality of life than I’ve ever had…food IS my medicine, and it CAN be yours as well!

    Update on My Global Patient Consulting: Many have asked if I continue to consult with patients worldwide via telephone and email, the answer is definitely, YES. I also continue to write and publish (this is my 29th book) …AND…I’m determined in my 72nd year not to slow down – I figure that way old-age never catches me!

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