Your Health Detective: June 2020

Welcome to Summer and resuming my bi-monthly Blog in keeping with my commitment to inform you of the latest natural health news for Wholistic Rejuvenation.

As I write this, I proudly and thankfully just celebrated by 73rd birthday and feel better than at age 43…why?…I attribute it to literally living what I teach. As you subscribers know, I don’t usually post personal photos or updates but so many of you asked if I would post an update as they hadn’t seen one since I left for Ecuador to further research and teach.

I’ll begin by first answering a couple of questions asked by members and patients about whether I’m back in the U.S. after 3.5 years of my research and teaching programs in Ecuador. YES, I’m back to my home country. My time in Ecuador was an amazing lifetime experience blending into the local lifestyle and getting to know and love the Ecuadorian people and the country with SO much to offer.

In addition, I hosted two Int’l Wholistic Rejuvenation Summits, well- attended by physicians, health professionals and my graduate Rejuvenation Practitioners – I was humbled by those that follow my work to travel to Ecuador and besides our Int’l natural health speakers we had guided tours for attendees to savor the local attributes I grew to love.

My objective in Ecuador was to learn ancient methods of healing, farming and sustainability and to teach anti-inflammatory principles within my newly created Health Sciences / Research Center. I also taught anti-inflammatory cooking classes to the general public as well as to chefs at the Culinary Institute.

As Founder/Chief Executive Chef of Dr. Gloria’s Kitchen @ The Anti-Inflammation Cooking Institute my dream of expanding my teaching and specialty of achieving an anti-inflammation lifestyle as the basis for successful Wholistic Rejuvenation was achieved.  

When the world suddenly turned up-side down, it was the opportune time to return to the U.S. to continue my work while keeping my educational subsidiary in Ecuador – the country and small town that stole my heart and received me with such open arms.

Fast-forward to today in our uncertain times and some of the issues we all face in re-inventing our lives going forward to what we still don’t know will be our destination at the end of this long journey. One thing is sure, we each must stay informed in order to make good choices for our health and adjust how we view and create new lives…my aim is to be the catalyst to help you in your transformation, CLICK LINK to read the entire article… How Gut Health & Stress Affect Sleep


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