The love for my family.

Simply put that’s why I’ve gone down the health journey of research and creating health brands.

My journey began when my doctor told me that my testosterone levels were low. So I spent hundreds of hours researching what causes low testosterone, and implementing drastic lifestyle changes, such as working out, yoga, supplementation and eating as many fresh, whole foods as possible. My passion for health became more than just a hobby, but a full-time obsession!

I realized how important various aspects of our life can have on our health. And there isn’t a one-size-fits-all cure for everything. All parts of the body are sums of the whole. Healing is a process, and sometimes taking out things in your life is equally as important as adding new things in.

When members of my family became seriously ill, I felt helpless while watching my grandmother suffer from dementia, my father and grandfather experience heart disease, and my mother’s frightening bout with breast cancer. I witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of brain disease as my grandmother slowly and literally lost her mind. It was one of the most painful experiences of my life. But it was also a wake-up call.

While creating several brands I’ve come to realize how many half truths there are, marketing gimmicks and cheap products.  Consuming thirty plus supplements a day, it wasn’t until into my late 30’s when I developed my first supplement, and I realized you could make a product with NO FILLERS.  What?

Take a look at the list of “Other ingredients” in the #1 testosterone seller on Amazon

How about a top selling gut health product:

Then there’s a question of where things are sourced.  I started incorporating Chlorella and Spirulina into my daily routine and loved them.  I ended up researching and months later started a brand.  Why?  Because you could either get cheap Chinese grown product, where you’re unsure what’s inside or spend a fortune on quality Chlorella and Spirulina.  Why isn’t there a more affordable version of the pure stuff?  That’s what I set out to find out.

I hope you enjoy our research as we share findings with you and bring better health to our community.

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