Can Chlorella Help You Lose Weight?

can chlorella help you lose weight

Article at a glance:

  • Chlorella is not a fat-burning pill but can help with weight loss.
  • Chlorella has a high protein percentage that helps boost metabolism.
  • Chlorella can also help control the appetite.


Chlorella is already associated with a wide range of health benefits, but does chlorella help you lose weight too?

Those who take chlorella supplements regularly have noticed that they have been shedding pounds naturally. Numerous studies also support this by highlighting chlorella’s beneficial effect on metabolism and body fat percentage. As such, chlorella supplements may be worth considering for those interested in healthy weight management.


Does Chlorella Make You Lose Weight?


Chlorella is not specifically formulated for weight loss, but many studies show that supplementing with this blue-green algae may help you lose weight.

So, how does chlorella help with weight loss?

This may be due to chlorella’s very high nutrient content. For instance, chlorella has about 50-60% protein content. This extra protein can help boost your metabolism and promote satiety, which then helps reduce food cravings in the long term.

In one study, participants who ate a protein-rich breakfast were found to have lower blood sugar levels and improved appetite control compared to those who consumed less protein. In addition, chlorella is also rich in dietary fiber – another essential nutrient for lowering blood glucose levels and weight management.

Considering that there are only 15 calories per 3 grams of chlorella powder, you can incorporate this nutrient-dense blue-green alga in your breakfast smoothies or bowls.


Benefits of Chlorella for Weight Loss


Benefits of Chlorella for Weight Loss


According to the nutrition journal articles, chlorella may help with weight loss through the following mechanisms:


1. Chlorella Helps Support Human Nutrition


Nutrient deficiencies may lead to weight gain. If you do not have enough key nutrients like B vitamins, vitamin D, and iron, the hypothalamus — the brain’s appetite center — may overcompensate, leading to increased food cravings.

Thankfully, chlorella is rich in B complex vitamins, vitamin D, and iron. Chlorella also contains gamma-linolenic acid, which helps lower blood sugar levels. These essential nutrients can reduce hunger pangs and food cravings, making you less likely to binge on sugar and junk food. As you consume fewer calories, you may also see noticeable reductions in weight.


2. Chlorella Helps Boost Metabolism


Does chlorella speed up metabolism? Yes, studies have shown that chlorella intake helps boost metabolism.

Chlorella benefits include improved blood circulation, which promotes heart health, and improved circulation also helps boost metabolism. Chlorella also helps balance hormones that are responsible for appetite and metabolism.

This may be attributed to many of chlorella’s nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids. Studies show that omega-3 fatty acids can help increase resting metabolic rate, improve energy expenditure during exercise, and promote oxidation of fat cells.

As chlorella helps boost your metabolism, you may also notice improved energy levels.


3. Chlorella May Help Shrink Fat Cells


How does chlorella burn fat? According to a Korean study, chlorella supplementation helps improve lipid metabolism.

This then reduces total circulating cholesterol levels in the body. Those in the 5% and 10% chlorella groups saw lower cholesterol levels and higher cholesterol excretions than the 0% chlorella group.

In addition, taking chlorella may address lipid imbalances that can lead to higher body fat percentages. Modulating lipid metabolism may also help reduce the accumulation of body fat cells. These beneficial effects were from the nutrients in chlorella, including antioxidant-rich beta carotene.


4. Chlorella Aids Other Weight Loss Strategies


Studies have found that chlorella may improve the effects of your exercise regimen. This is important as exercise is another crucial component of weight loss.

In one study, overweight women were given 900 mg of chlorella supplements for eight weeks. They also engaged in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) thrice weekly.

Results show that chlorella supplementation with HIIT helped produce reductions in waist circumference. They were noted to have significantly lower visceral adiposity index — which is a measure of visceral fat in the body.

In addition, the chlorella + HIIT group also saw improved insulin resistance compared to the control group. Chlorella’s ability to improve insulin sensitivity is notable for weight loss and can reduce one’s risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases.


Which Is Better for Weight Loss Spirulina or Chlorella?


Spirulina or Chlorella for weight loss


As popular freshwater algae supplements, spirulina and chlorella are generally associated with the same health benefits. However, they have slight differences in their nutritional content. This may help inform which one you prefer to take for your weight loss efforts.

First, spirulina may contain up to 10% more protein than chlorella. It also has less fat content, which means that spirulina is also lower in calories.

However, remember that chlorella contains healthy fats essential for boosting metabolism and burning fat. It is also already very low in calories — having only 15 calories per 3 grams of chlorella.

What makes chlorella stand out is that it contains more beneficial nutrients compared to spirulina. This includes essential amino acids, vitamin C, and nucleic acids. So apart from aiding weight loss, this blue-green algae can also help boost your overall health.

Significant health benefits of chlorella include increasing immune cells for a stronger immune system and detoxifying heavy metals. Moreover, chlorella promotes beneficial intestinal microflora production for a healthier digestive system. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with asthma, allergies, and respiratory diseases.


How to Take Chlorella for Weight Loss


The chlorella dosage for weight loss is generally the same as the recommended daily dosage. However, if you have specific health needs, you may choose to increase your daily dosage — as per the advice of your healthcare provider.

Compared to other weight loss regimens, though, chlorella is very flexible. You have the freedom to incorporate this amazing superfood into your weight-loss diet.

You can take chlorella tablets for weight loss. This is the most convenient option as you take it with a full glass of water. However, you can add some variety by using lime juice or coconut water

You can also experiment with organic chlorella powder. Chlorella mixes very well with most green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and other healthy ingredients — allowing you to create a wide variety of tasty chlorella recipes. (hyperlink)

Just make sure that you’re choosing a high-quality chlorella supplement. How chlorella is cultivated, harvested, and processed can impact its effectiveness as a nutritional supplement. For instance, Taiwan-sourced chlorella generally has better quality control than those that are sourced from other countries.

Taking this extra step helps ensure your safety. Not only that, but it also helps you maximize weight loss and the other health benefits of chlorella.


Maximizing Your Weight Loss Efforts With Chlorella


Simply taking chlorella doesn’t automatically result in weight loss. It also doesn’t protect you from future weight gain. Eating a healthy diet and incorporating healthy habits like regular exercise and adequate sleep are still important.

However, chlorella can help maximize your current weight loss efforts. Incorporating chlorella supplements may also lead to greater gains in your health goals. This is by nourishing your body so that it functions optimally. By fine-tuning your metabolism, your body has enough energy to engage in physical activities. A healthy body can also burn more fat rather than retain it in the body.


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