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Being raised by my paternal grandmother, who was a natural healer and herbalist, gave me a unique foundation for how my professional life would eventually evolve. Grandma used baking soda almost daily for one reason or another from heartburn to stain removal…AND…so do I!

This cheap, effective ingredient is one of the most versatile and powerful natural remedies for many reasons. It can be used as a proactive approach to colds, headaches, cancer, skin disorders, and much more through its ability to quickly alkalize the body. We now know scientifically that when a body’s urine pH (first void of the morning upon arising) remains at an average of 7.5, no bacteria, virus, fungus or even cancer can survive. Additionally, it can be used as a product for oral hygiene and as a deodorant, etc..

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I hope none of you are planning to gift someone a product with a synthetic fragrance this Valentine’s Day or any day! I’m NOT speaking about organic essential oils, this is all about those toxic man-made fragrances. 

I’ve written and taught for years about the dangers of non-organic candles, synthetic fragrances and toxic wicks, yet, it seems a lot of my research has fallen on deaf ears because people continue to use them or ask me why they shouldn’t…you asked, here it is…CLICK to continue reading…

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I’m often asked if wine is good for our health and, if so, how much, how often and what kind. You Asked…here is the research…

  • A healthy serving for men = one to two drinks daily (4 oz. each), maximum;
  • A healthy serving for women = one daily (4 oz. each);

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Knowing and monitoring your urine pH (potential hydrogen) is vital to good health. A pH level that is below the healthy range means your body is not doing a good job of ridding your system of acid, therefore, creating the perfect breeding ground for health-depleting microorganisms to flourish like viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus’ and, yes, cancer cells.

The following are common symptoms that indicate your body is too acidic:

    • Inability to lose excess weight – regardless of dieting or exercise. This occurs because excess waste product in the form of acid stay stored within the body. It is not being eliminated because the organs of detoxification/elimination – colon, kidneys, lymphatics and skin – are not able to do their job of eliminating toxins. Many of my fibromyalgia clients don’t realize until we consult that the excess acid is being pushed back into the fat tissues and causes the “invisible” pain they experience. In addition, the acidic pH retards weight loss because the acidity acts like a magnet and keeps toxins in fat cells.
    • An acidic body will compensate by pulling minerals from your tissues and other organs. One of these minerals is calcium that is necessary for strength and bone health. A low urine pH causes weak bones as their supply of calcium is depleted; fractures occur easily, the reason patients with osteoporosis and osteopenia are asked to avoid acidic foods that deplete calcium (especially beef, caffeine and soft drinks).
    • Your bones store calcium, the same as your teeth. A study in the Int’l Journal of Chemical Engineering showed low pH in the mouth caused demineralization of tooth enamel and cause mouth bacteria to escalate production of lactic acid that results in cavities. Also, an acidic mouth may cause sensitivity to foods and drink temperatures as well as gum disorders/diseases like recession that leads to periodontitis and gingivitis.
  • An acid body allows hordes of microorganism to invade and multiply therefore triggering the immune responses and creating chronic fatigue – inhibiting your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients. Poor nutrient absorption affects the body’s abilities to produce hormones and enzymes that produce energy.
  • Your skin is the largest organ of absorption AND elimination AND one of the detoxifying organs. When the body is too acidic it becomes prone for bacteria and toxin overload. When this occurs it is usually a result of the liver not being able to eliminate the acidic toxic substances and the skin then compensates by flushing some of them out. When detoxification in this form occurs, it manifests as acne, clogged pores, allergies, rashes and eczema.
  • Excessive mucus production is the body’s natural defense mechanism against acid buildup – its attempting to flush the body through nasal passages. If you are a victim of frequent mucus build-up, your body is overloaded with acid. Chronic mucus buildup, and the irritation it creates, often results in excessive coughing, clearing of throat, wheezing, sinus infections, breathing problems, chest pain and sinus headaches.
  • An acidic body causes the muscles to constrict – further obstructing the oxygen-carrying blood capillaries running through the muscles and, therefore, causes strain and oxygen deprivation. In addition, it obstructs absorption of nutrients and vitamins from the blood that are necessary for proper function. When this occurs, the deprived muscles over-exert themselves to continue function, resulting in soreness and pain. If you experience muscle pain along with fatigue, without other natural causes like over-exertion, it’s a clear sign your body is overly acidic.
  • Inability to get restorative sleep can also result from a low urine pH. If your body is needing sleep yet you struggle to get to, or stay, asleep you should check your pH. If your body is acidic and leaching calcium from your bones to neutralize it, it can lead to sleeplessness or un-restorative sleep.

Getting Your Body Alkaline…

  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate – important to keep acids and all fluids moving and aid in their elimination via the digestive tract. Any efforts to achieve wellness or overcome an illness will fail if your body is not receiving adequate hydration. The rule of thumb is to drink half your weight in ounces (minimum daily). Therefore, if you weigh 150 lbs. you need a minimum of 75 ounces. Any drink that does not have forms of sugar or caffeine counts as water (Stevia and Lakanto can be used unlimited). I get tired of plain water so I make herbal teas (hot and iced) as well as fruit-infused waters.
  • Begin your day with Dr. Gloria’s Hot Lemonade – Yes, lemon is an acidic fruit but the difference is it’s only acidic outside the body; when inside it transforms to alkaline and raises your urine pH level. For an educational flier on the health benefits of Hot Lemonade first thing in the morning, Download Nature’s Lemonade
  • Limit caffeine consumption – organic coffee is actually healthy but limit it to no more than two cups daily. If you love coffee, like I do, use organic water-processed decaf to satisfy that craving…and…it won’t disturb your sleep or cause that caffeine rush. For a brochure on conditions related to an acidic body Download TooAcidicRemedies.
  • AVOID – alcohol, soft drinks, processed meats, processed foods and artificial sugars.
  • Supplement your diet with calcium and magnesium – low pH starves your body of these minerals by leaching them out of your bones and tissues – see list of green leafy vegetables below, they are rich in calcium and magnesium as are organic dairy products. Mackerel and salmon are rich sources of calcium and magnesium, just watch the source for a healthy terrain in which they reside and AVOID any farm-raised fish.
  • Consume plenty of green leafy vegetables and avoid the nightshades known to accelerate inflammation. The following are the most alkaline: Kale, broccoli, cucumber, spinach, arugula, collards, chard, lettuce, zucchini, celery and green asparagus (white asparagus is acid-producing). Better yet, juice the alkalizing veggies of your choice into a healthy, green juice and drink it with breakfast.
  • Be sure to eat organic – genetically-modified food typically contains chemicals and other health-depleting additives.

NOTE: Be sure to buy those little pH urine testing strips and check your urine once a week first void of the morning and make a note of it for reference. The goal should be to have a consistent pH of about 7.3 – 7.5.

As a Doctor of Natural Health, Health Detective and Investigative Health Journalist, I’ve reported on some devastating findings in that which we eat, are exposed to environmentally and everything in-between…this report is one of the most disturbing – we each need to stay informed, these findings are what “feeds” my passion and commitment of Health thru Education© – now more than ever!

I’ve reported on China producing PLASTIC RICE, you read that right, PLASTIC RICE! Ingesting even small amounts is dangerous. In addition, the BPA chemical in plastics mimic estrogen – skyrocketing in the body every time its ingested. If you ingest plastic rice, you’re basically signing a death sentence to die young of diseases like breast cancer.

I’ve always stayed away from products made in China as much as possible, especially food. Making cheap, fake food that looks and tastes like “real food” in order to add to their bottom line without any consciousness of consequences to me is criminal.

The following is a brief summary of my latest research on Chinese food you should completely avoid, in my professional opinion:

  • Tilapia Fish: Commonly farm-raised, these fish are the worse, most toxic and unhealthy fish you can consume. This fish will eat anything – comparable to bottom-feeder varieties of other fish. They’re farmed in small pools of waste water. It’s common that Chinese fish farmers won’t even allow their own children to eat the seafood they farm – that tells us A LOT! Keep in mind that over 80% of all Tilapia in America comes from China.
  • Cod Fish: Another farm-raised fish is cod – its not healthy and literally lives in its own waste. Beware, over 50% of American cod comes from China. I only eat cod from the deep cold waters of Alaska, it’s not negotiable for me. When I’m out of the U.S. I ask a lot of questions when ordering fish so I can be as sure as possible the source and then make an informed decision.
  • Apple Juice: Okay, this one is literally hard to swallow. Approximately 50% of apple juice sold in the U.S. comes from China. While “digesting” that, consider that China is the world’s largest pesticide-producing country. I recommend avoiding apple juice unless you know the source, period. I buy organic apples and have them juiced locally. By the way, having lived for several years in WA state (a huge apple producer), I know that a great majority of apples grown here are exported to China, wonder if they return in juice laden with chemicals?
  • Processed Mushrooms: When Chinese mushrooms were tested by US inspectors, they found they were tainted. CAUTION: some manufacturers in China actually label these processed mushrooms “organic” just to increase profits. If you do your research, like I do, you’ll find that there are a variety of “mystery mushrooms” from China, they are completely fake, that’s right, not mushrooms at all. In the U.S., over 34% of processed mushrooms are from China. Don’t risk it, buy local organic and know your source.
  • Garlic: Garlic from China was also found to be tainted when U.S. Inspectors tested it. Chinese garlic is laden with chemicals more so than other and you can tell because it leaves a bitter aftertaste of the chemical concoction. Over 31% of garlic sold in the U.S. is from China. I make sure my garlic is from the U.S. and, when possible, buy local organic from my farmers’ markets.
  • Chicken: Believe it or not, since 2013 the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture approved the sale of Chinese chicken in the U.S. There is wide-spread concern about this practice since avian influenza and other food-borne illnesses are so common in China. AND, because China produces and uses more pesticides than any other country, the contamination in their mass production and industry techniques are of great concern. To avoid this, buy organic and local.
  • Rice: As I referenced earlier in this report, fake plastic rice is widely being produced in China. It is believed by researchers to be made from potatoes and a synthetic resin. This particular rice doesn’t react like normal rice, beware…when boiled this rice stays hard. Scientists believe the long-term effects of this food is most likely cancerous…dah!
  • Black Pepper: Here’s another hard to believe fact. Black pepper in China was actually mud, you read correctly, mud! In addition, some manufacturers admitted to coloring flour and selling it as white pepper…OMG. There isn’t much, if any, due diligence in the Chinese food and safety regulations, know the source of your pepper.
  • Salt: I’ve written extensively about the health benefits of salt, the right kind, that is.
  • That said, some Chinese manufacturers have been selling industrial salt as table salt and industrial salt is NOT fit for human consumption, period. It can cause both mental and physical diseases and disorders, especially hypothyroid and reproductive system disorders. I love salt and rotate between various natural organic varieties like Pink Himalayan, Israeli Dead Sea, Hawaiian Lava and others from natural sea beds around the world – each regional salt imparts a completely different flavor.
  • Green Peas: China is the worst offender of fake peas. These “wanna-be” peas are created with snow peas, soy beans, green dye and sodium metabisulfite (a chemical used as bleach and as preservative). This dye is banned on produce because it was identified to cause cancer, as well as inhibit the body’s natural ability to absorb calcium. These “wanna-be” green peas also don’t soften when boiled and the water turns an unnatural green. Avoid peas from China.

The Way I See It…

China is one of the most polluted regions in the entire world – 70% of its rivers are heavily polluted, the air is so toxic I had to wear a mask all the time on my last trip there a couple of years ago when I was invited to teach, the air is a “toxic soup” of pollutants and chemicals that breathing it in large cities like Beijing and Shanghai does as much damage to your lungs as smoking 40 cigarettes’ a day, according to studies conducted in 2015. I love the Chinese people and their culture but I won’t be returning, it’s not worth the toxic exposure! I have made dozens of trips to various parts of China since the early 1980’s, it sad to me that a country so rich in history has succumb to being the leader in toxic products – all in the name of “progress.”

Since one of my specialties is counseling clients regarding intestinal disorders, specifically colon health, an interesting subject arose recently that set me to wondering how many of us really know the history of toilet paper…so…the health detective in me went to work and here it is, your chuckle for the day…

Yes, as hard to believe as it may be for those of you that know me personally, I did camp as a kid with my parents and grandparents. Anyone who’s done so knows that necessity is the mother of invention and things like dry leaves, twigs and rags come in handy when toilet paper (T.P.) is not readily available or when the “urge” hits and you’re in the wilderness.

The global choices and customs of cleaning, well, you know where, may surprise you.

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I know what you’re thinking, I couldn’t believe it either when I read the research but I must admit it IS compelling and so I tried it. I don’t recommend, within reason, what I don’t first do myself and it was easy and no taste when I placed into my green smoothie protein shake along with my natural sweetener, Stevia.

I love avocados, I was raised in So. California on a large property that had over a dozen mature trees. As kids we’d walk home from school and pick one off the tree, peel and eat like you’d eat a banana. Today, I still consume an avocado a day for its superior protein, healthy oils and health benefits too numerous to list for this article. That said, most of us do not know that the actual large seed (pit) provides an impressive array of highly health-enhancing properties…Click to continue reading…

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There are many factors that may affect your brain health. Optimal brain health and memory can be affected by lack of sleep or a number of other reasons including genetics, level of physical activity, and lifestyle and environmental factors. Studies are now showing how nutrition is playing a key role in brain health. As the year’s progress, cell damage in the brain can occur due to oxygen molecules called free-radicals. For those affected, it can lead to memory loss and slower cognitive processing times leading to a diagnosis of disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia. (Click on image to enlarge)

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In my previous investigative report I shared the vital importance of our lymphatic system and its life-saving role. Expanding on that, I share a situation you must become aware of because of the barrage of antibiotic-resistant bacteria becoming all too familiar worldwide. I became a victim recently after what was supposed to be a “routine” biopsy and subsequent removal of a small growth on my arm (diagnosed as Basel cell carcinoma) no larger than the size of an eraser on a pencil. What followed is what the following information is based upon along with my detective work and healthcare experience that allowed me to take control of my own health; otherwise, I shudder to think what could have happened. I hope with this information at hand it will spare all of you the trauma I was forced to undergo…click to continue reading…

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We are familiar with many parts of our body and how they relate to our health, however, when it comes to our lymphatic system, we just don’t “Know our Nodes.” Many of you hear about lymph nodes and know they are somewhere in the body but, beyond that; details about their function remain a mystery to most – unless all of a sudden faced with a disease like lymphoma.

Here are important lymph facts and functions you should know:

  • A lymph node is a small, kidney bean-shaped organ about the size of a jellybean – they expand when more power is needed to do their job fighting bacteria and viruses. Anytime your nodes are swollen and/or tender they are doing their job of fighting an infection.
  • In a global survey about lymph nodes, only 39% surveyed knew some about their function. Lymph nodes are actually the filters of the lymphatic system – cleaning lymph fluid and lymphocytes, removing bacteria, viruses, and other foreign health-depleting substances. The nodes are also responsible for manufacturing and storage of infection-fighting cells called lymphocytes….click to continue reading…

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