Chlorella Powder vs Tablets: Which One Is Better?

chlorella powder vs tablets

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  • Chlorella is a well-known superfood with plenty of potential health benefits to offer.
  • It comes in the form of tablets, dissolvable powder, capsules, and liquid extracts.
  • There may be differences between its use in powder form and tablet form, but the best way to take Chlorella depends on what makes the most sense for your needs and lifestyle routine.


If you’ve ever thought of adding chlorella to your diet but were internally debating which form of chlorella supplements you should pick, you’re not alone. In this article, we will discuss the differences between chlorella powder and chlorella tablets to help you decide which is better for you.


What Is Chlorella?


Chlorella is a unicellular freshwater alga native to Japan and Taiwan. This blue-green seaweed contains a rich blend of nutritional content that can be hard to find in significant amounts in other food sources.

To be honest, more research is necessary to confirm the full nutritional benefits of chlorella. However, current studies suggest that it has the potential to help you manage your blood sugar, reduce high blood pressure, and support your immune system against infections. Moreover, there are claims that its possible overall health benefits include lowering the risk of heart disease and lessening high cholesterol levels.

Its impressive nutritional profile may also help increase aerobic endurance and eliminate heavy metals and harmful toxins in your body. There have even been reports of using it as a face mask, but there’s insufficient reliable information on the topic as of this writing. Because of these many health benefits, a lot of people consider organic chlorella to be a superfood that has the potential to change your life for the better.

As an interested consumer, you may find chlorella available as a dietary supplement in several forms:

  • Tablets,
  • Dissolvable powder,
  • Capsules, and
  • Liquid extracts.


What’s the Difference Between Chlorella Powder and Tablets?



One thing you should know is that both forms of the chlorella supplement offer the same potential health benefits for humans. The primary difference simply lies in the consumable form it takes. Let us explain our point further below:


Chlorella Tablets Are More Portable Than Chlorella Powder


To be specific, organic chlorella tablets are designed to be swallowed whole. This method of consumption makes the tablet form advisable for cases where you need something to take with you when you’re on the move. And you don’t need to do any measuring or preparation from your end. The almost nonexistent hassle it provides is exactly what you need when taking chlorella products while you’re out and about.

In contrast, chlorella powder requires preparing it before consuming it. This process can be messy and take too much time, especially considering its powdered nature. Given this, taking chlorella powder home may be a better choice.


Tablets Make It Easier to Keep Track of Your Daily Intake of Chlorella


In relation to what we said above, chlorella tablets make it more convenient for you to avoid an overdose or underdose. This is because the dosage in Chlorella supplements’ tablet form remains consistent, which is 3g to 10g.

This scenario differs from what you can expect with chlorella powder, where you must still ensure you stick to the amount your body needs.


Chlorella Powder Is More Convenient and Versatile for Dietary Purposes



On the other hand, chlorella powder may be preferable if your healthcare provider requires you to take large doses of this nutritional supplement. Unlike chlorella tablets, you can easily add chlorella powder to your food, smoothies, and other beverages, thus putting a healthy yet delicious twist to your diet.

Note, though, that your food and drinks may have a slight odor and flavor coming from the powdered dietary supplement form.


Chlorella Powder Can Be More Potent and Absorbable


Despite everything we said above, there’s an important distinction between taking chlorella powder vs tablets. We’d like you to remember that how chlorella supplements are processed may affect their potency and absorbability.

Simply put, chlorella powder is easy to digest as a dietary supplement, meaning your body can absorb its vitamins and nutrients immediately. Meanwhile, chlorella tablets take slightly longer to digest.

The table below summarizes the main differences between chlorella powder vs. tablets:

Chlorella PowderChlorella Tablets
PortabilityIt’s much more convenient to take it at home due to the preparation.No preparations are necessary, so you can take it with you anywhere you go.
DosageYou still need to measure your daily dose.The dosage is consistent and controlled.
Dietary VersatilityYou can sprinkle it on your food and drinks for a healthy and delicious twist to your diet.You can take it with drinks.
AbsorptionIt offers more surface area, and your body can more easily digest its nutrients.Nutrients may take a longer time for your body to absorb.


Is Chlorella Better in Powder or Tablet?


If you’re still wondering how chlorella is best taken despite our illustrations above, let us be clear on this point. The only significant difference between chlorella powder and tablets is how they are processed. Because of this, the “best form” of taking chlorella is the form that is more convenient for you.

Whether that’s a chlorella tablet or powder, the ultimate choice depends on what you plan to use the supplement for. So, the next time you find yourself staring at displays of different forms of chlorella and overwhelmed about the options, ask yourself:

  • Where will you usually be when taking chlorella for your overall health?
  • What’s the dosage your healthcare provider requires you to take?
  • How often do you need the health benefits of chlorella?
  • Do you like mixing it with food and drinks, or do you prefer to take it with plain water?
  • How sensitive is your sense of smell? What about your sense of taste?

We asked John Riedl, a superfood researcher and co-cofounder of Sunlit Best Green Organics, what he thought:

“I prefer powder because it offers more surface area and better absorption. However, I’m not always making a shake or smoothie to drink, so most of the time, I’m consuming tablets or capsules throughout my day. I do it to enjoy the health benefits all day long.”

Dr. Steve of Superhuman and Kaizen Wellness Center in Scottdale also said:

“I consume both forms regularly. When I do make my smoothies, I add in Chlorella and Spirulina. However, since I take both throughout the day, it’s just not convenient to do so with my busy work and family life. So, I’ll pop a few capsules or tablets while I’m driving to or from work and before I head off to bed. I also suggest the same to all my patients. I don’t care how you consume it, as long as you do. It’s not something to do once in a while, but a lifelong superfood to consume that helps fill in the nutritional gaps in our busy lifestyles.”


Frequently Asked Questions


Are Chlorella Tablets Effective?


Yes, they are. Although they’re slower to digest for the human body, Chlorella tablets are as effective and have the same benefits as chlorella powder.


How Is Chlorella Best Taken?


You can use chlorella powder in a few ways. Simply mix it with water or add it raw to your favorite food or drinks. You can also use it as a cooking or baking ingredient. Start with a small serving size and slowly increase it over time to reduce the risk of any potential discomfort.


How Much Chlorella Powder Per Day Is Advisable?


Many adults orally take between 3-10 grams of Chlorella every day. However, we still suggest you speak with your physician to find the best dose for you.


Chlorella Powder vs Tablets: Which One Wins?


Ultimately, the answer to the debate between chlorella powder vs. tablets depends on your unique need and lifestyle practices. Whichever chlorella supplement form you opt for, just see to it that it will provide you with a convenient way to optimize your overall health. Pick one that will also help you become more committed to taking this supplement religiously.




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