Chlorella Powder: What Is It And How To Take It?

chlorella powder

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  • Chlorella powder is chlorella that has undergone different processes to achieve fine powder form.
  • It is believed to be the most versatile chlorella form to use.
  • You can use chlorella powder in numerous ways, such as mixing it with food, smoothies, and juices.


What is chlorella powder? The superfood chlorella comes in different forms, such as tablets, capsules, liquid extracts, and powder. The most versatile of the three is undoubtedly the powder form. That’s primarily because you can use or take chlorella powder in several ways.


What Is Chlorella Powder?


Chlorella powder is one form of the popular superfood chlorella. It’s mainly used as a supplement to one’s diet.

Chlorella has become a well-studied nutritional supplement for many years thanks to its rich nutritional profile and impressive health benefits. If you’re looking for a chlorella supplement that’s easy to take and can mix with your meals, chlorella powder is the best choice.


Chlorella Pyrenoidosa vs. Chlorella Vulgaris


Chlorella Pyrenoidosa


A potent superfood, chlorella is a type of unicellular green algae that grows in freshwater bodies.

When making dietary supplements, including powders, two chlorella strains are usually used: Chlorella Vulgaris and Chlorella Pyrenoidosa. Some manufacturers use Chlorella Vulgaris because it has a decent nutrient index and a soft cell wall. Because of this, it’s easier for people to digest this strain than unprocessed Chlorella pyrenoidosa.

However, it’s essential to know that Chlorella Pyrenoidosa has a richer nutritional profile and is more potent than Vulgaris, making it the preferred choice of many who take chlorella as a supplement. Additionally, its thick cell walls are not hurdles anymore as there are now different methods to break these cell walls for easy absorption and digestion.


How Is Chlorella Powder Processed?


Before becoming a potent supplement, Chlorella Pyrenoidosa needs to be processed to break down its cell wall. Over the years,  manufacturers have utilized methods to crack or break down the cell wall when making chlorella supplements like chlorella powder.

Depending on the manufacturer, it is produced in several ways.


1. Fermentation


Some manufacturers opt to ferment the chlorella algae to soften the cell wall. This process uses heat and does not expose the algae to sunlight, resulting in little to no Chlorella Growth Factor content.

Those who use this process then spray dry or dehydrate their chlorella algae to produce a fine powder. The heat involved in this process reduces the nutrition carried by the chlorella, making it less potent.


2. Pulverization


Some manufacturers choose the heatless route and instead use a milling technique to remove the cell wall and produce a fine powder. The resulting product from this process is called pulverized chlorella.


3. Breaking or Cracking the Cell Wall


This method of processing chlorella also doesn’t involve heat. Instead of putting the chlorella through a mill, manufacturers use different mechanical techniques, either high pressure or sound vibrations, to penetrate the cell wall.

Breaking or cracking chlorella’s cell wall aids in the digestion and absorption of this superfood. This retains the nutritional content of chlorella along with the added fibers and extra nutritional compounds.

For the most potent chlorella powders and supplements, it’s best to look for the words “cracked” or “broken cell wall” on the labels.


What Is Chlorella Powder Used For?


Chlorella powder supplements your diet with this nutritious green algae superfood. Here are the most popular benefits of taking chlorella powder and other forms of chlorella supplements.



How to Take Chlorella Powder


Wondering about how to use chlorella powder or what’s the best way to take chlorella powder? There are numerous ways you can do so, including the following:


1. Drink It With Water


This is the simplest way to take chlorella powder. Mix the recommended dose with water, mix well, and drink. While this is pretty straightforward, many choose not to take chlorella powder this way since the taste of this supplement can be too strong and unpleasant if taken alone.


2. Add It to Juices or Smoothies


Chlorella drink smoothie


If you don’t like the taste of chlorella powder, you can mask this by adding it to fruit juices or smoothies. Add a spoonful of chlorella to your morning smoothie, or mix it with your green juices.


3. Add It to a Bliss Ball


Also called energy balls, bliss balls are healthy treats made by grinding and mixing nuts, dried fruits, and other nutritious and tasty ingredients. These are formed into a ball for easy consumption. Adding spirulina to this healthy and tasty mix is a great way to incorporate the superfood into your diet.


4. Add It to Your Food


Another way to take chlorella is by adding it to your dishes. You can add some of it to salad dressings, mix it into your pasta sauces, or even sprinkle a bit of it into some stir fry.


5. Add It to Your Baked Goods


Yes, you can also take chlorella powder by adding it to the dough or batter of your favorite bread and pastries. The sweetness of baked goods is good in masking the earthy flavor of the powder.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is It Safe to Take Chlorella Every Day?


Yes, it is safe to take chlorella every day. This highly nutritious superfood doesn’t pose a health risk to most people. Only those with a serious disease or health condition, allergies, and medications that can be affected by chlorella are discouraged from using it.


How Much Chlorella Powder Can I Take Per Day?


The daily recommended intake of chlorella powder is 2 to 3 grams. The way you take it is really up to you. Do make sure to measure the powder accurately so you won’t take more than the recommended amount.


Where to Buy Chlorella Powder?


Since it has become a popular superfood, chlorella is an accessible supplement. You can find organic chlorella powder in both physical stores and online retailers.

When buying this supplement, note that the different brands and products you will come across are not made the same. As such, make some considerations and meticulously read the label to find out if you’re getting the best-quality chlorella powder that you can find.


What to Look for in a Chlorella Supplement?


non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan


In case you need help, here are some characteristics that you should look for in buying any chlorella supplement:

Country of Origin: This type of single-celled algae is mainly grown and harvested in Taiwan, Japan, China, and the U.S. Many consider Taiwan the best source of chlorella.

Strain: Chlorella pyrenoidosa is the more nutrient-dense strain of this superfood. It gives your body a higher concentration of the naturally healthy compounds it carries.

Processing: When you’re shopping for this supplement, make sure to opt for broken cell wall chlorella. The products processed using this method provide optimal absorption while retaining their nutritional value and the added benefits of the cell wall.

Testing and Certification: Ensure the product is tested by a third-party lab and certified organic, raw, and free from impurities. It should also preferably be non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan.


When Should I Drink Chlorella Powder?


You can take chlorella throughout the day. You have the option to take the daily recommended dose all at once. Alternatively, you may incorporate it into your meals and take chlorella with your meals throughout the day.


Chlorella Powder: A Versatile Supplement


Chlorella is a superfood with many nutrients we can benefit from daily, and chlorella powder is just one form that makes taking it convenient and easy. From drinking it with smoothies to adding it to healthy treats, you will indeed find ways to incorporate it into your diet. No excuses now!





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