Chlorella Tablets: Why Should You Start Taking Them?

chlorella tablets

Article at a glance:

  • Chlorella tablets are rich in nutrients that may contribute to overall better health.
  • Consuming chlorella may include lowering your blood cholesterol, sugar, and pressure levels. They may also aid in better digestion.
  • Taking chlorella tablets is an easy, convenient way to care for your health.


Did you know that chlorella may be the best dietary supplement out there? It’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals that we can now easily consume. Chlorella tablets are one of the most popular forms of chlorella, and in this article, you’ll learn more about why you should take them and the right way to do so.


What Is Chlorella?


Chlorella algae


Chlorella is a green freshwater alga that is rich in nutritional value, high in chlorophyll, and offers plenty of health benefits.

It has long since been used as food from plant sources that contain high levels of macro- and micro-nutrients like vitamins and antioxidants that may contribute to overall better health. This plant food is the only source of the unique chlorella growth factor.

Chlorella supplements come from two major chlorella strains: chlorella pyrenoidosa and chlorella vulgaris. Your best bet is to get one that uses chlorella pyrenoidosa, which has a richer and more potent nutritional profile.


What Are Chlorella Tablets?


Chlorella tablets are simply a form of chlorella supplements. The other forms are powder, capsules, and liquid extract.

How is it made? Chlorella is dried and pulverized into powder to make a tablet. After that, the powder is pressed and compacted into tablets.

What are chlorella tablets good for? One of the benefits of taking them is they’re great to take anywhere with you. They’re not messy, nor will you need preparation to take them. Just pop a tablet, and you’re good to go.

Another great thing about them is you can monitor your daily intake better since tablets are formulated with a specific dosage.


Are Chlorella Tablets Effective?


Yes. If you’re asking yourself, “What do chlorella tablets do for you?” or “What is chlorella tablet used for?” You may be pleased to know that many studies have looked closely into the health benefits of this superfood. These benefits include:

  • High in nutritional content. Taking chlorella tablets helps supplement your diet with essential nutrients. Chlorella is rich in nutrients like vitamin B12, vitamin C, and vitamin D, minerals, proteins, omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, folate, beta-carotene, and iron, all vital to your overall health. It’s also a natural antioxidant.
  • May boost your immune system. The presence of chlorella growth factor or CGF in chlorella, along with nucleic acids, may aid in protecting your body from disease by stimulating the immune system.
  • May lower blood sugar levels. Chlorella may aid in blood sugar control by reducing fasting blood sugar levels. Chlorella also aids in clearing glucose from the blood in a more efficient manner.
  • May lower blood pressure. Adding chlorella to your daily diet may reduce high blood pressure if you have mild to moderate hypertension, as evidenced in patients who were given chlorella for several months.


What Are the Best Chlorella Tablets?


With so many chlorella products in the market, you may be concerned about which is best for you. Here are some of our suggestions when buying chlorella tablets:

  • Choose organic. Choosing raw, 100% organic tablets with no added preservatives or additives is always an excellent choice to ensure you’re not adding any other unnecessary chemicals to your body.
  • Go for the chlorella pyrenoidosa strain. Aside from the rich nutritional value of chlorella, chlorella pyrenoidosa also has higher protein content and vitamin B12 than chlorella vulgaris.
  • Pick only the best. Taiwan has been making premium-grade chlorella for almost 60 years now. They are the most technically advanced producer of chlorella. Taiwan also has the best quality control practices for chlorella production in the world.

That is why Sunlit Best Green Organic Chlorella Tablets is considered among the best in the market. These organic chlorella tablets are made from 100% chlorella pyrenoidosa and have absolutely no additives, fillers, preservatives, flavors, or colors in them. It’s also free from heavy metals and pesticides.

It’s a natural antioxidant rich in protein, amino acids, and chlorella growth factor that makes chlorella valuable to your health. You can also be sure that you’re getting natural, quality chlorella content as it’s sourced from the premier micro-algae manufacturer in Taiwan.

If you want to get the best of both superfood algae, Sunlit Best Green Organics also has chlorella with spirulina tablets.


Frequently Asked Questions


How to Take Chlorella Tablets?


Taking chlorella tablets is just like taking other oral supplements or medicines. You just drink it with a glass of water. Health experts recommend taking it before meals to aid in digestion.


How Many Chlorella Tablets Per Day Should You Take?


There is no clear-cut answer if you’re wondering how many chlorella tablets to take a day. This is because chlorella tablets are sold at different dosages.

The daily recommended chlorella dosage is 3 grams. So, if you are looking at a chlorella tablet with a dosage of 500mg each, you can take six tablets throughout the day.

However, taking smaller amounts for the first few weeks is generally recommended before gradually increasing the amount if you’re consuming chlorella tablets for the first time. Talk to your healthcare provider about the amount that’s right for you.


Is It Safe to Take Chlorella Every Day?


women taking chlorella tablet


As with most supplements, they are generally safe to take every day, especially if the recommended dosage is followed. It’s important to note that chlorella should also not replace any medicine.


Do Chlorella Tablets Have Side Effects?


Some adverse effects of chlorella intake may include gas, nausea, diarrhea, or cramping, as well as may increase the sensitivity of your skin to the sun. If you’re currently taking other medications, it’s best to consult your healthcare provider before using any chlorella supplement.


Where to Buy Chlorella Tablets?


You can buy chlorella tablets in physical stores or online. What’s more important to note here is how to choose the best and high-quality ones.


Boost Your Health With the Help of Chlorella Tablets


Taking care of your health through the use of supplements is easier now than ever. This is especially true if you decide to take only those that are safe, effective, and proven to have high nutritional value.

That’s why supplementing with chlorella tablets as a part of your diet is a great way to boost your health. It will be wise to enjoy its many impressive health benefits while you can. If you think about it, all you have to do is pop a couple of tablets a day in exchange for optimum health. Not a bad deal at all!




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