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The Way I See It…

Okay, it’s the middle of January and you’re still struggling with those unwanted pounds and sluggishness after the holiday delicacies…AND…you didn’t register for my 4-week Detox TeleSeminar…

If you’re trying to lose weight, you probably think of fat as the enemy. The fat you’re fighting, however, is white fat – different from the brown fat in your body. Brown fat burns calories at a super-charged rate, and active brown fat can burn the white fat stored in your body – possibly helping you to lose weight and lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Research is now focused on methods of increasing brown fat…CLICK to continue reading

2nd Reminder: We didn’t offer a DETOX TeleSeminar last year and many of you are asking for one PRE- and POST the Holidays because you’re experiencing that sluggishness that is a tell-tale sign your body needs to reduce it’s overall body burden, especially before all that Holiday Gastronomic Indulgence of high fat-sugar-carbs and libations.

Gift yourself the gift that keeps giving via life style modifications that “add more LIFE to your Years rather than dealing with symptom-care that simply adds years to your life without quality of life”.

I’ll teach you the techniques I teach my post-graduate students for Wholistic Body Rejuvenation that enables you to “Age Without Looking or Feeling Old, Naturally.” In addition, I’ll send you handouts, eBooks and guides to help you make healthy and easy life-style transitions.

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Being raised by my paternal grandmother, who was a natural healer and herbalist, gave me a unique foundation for how my professional life would eventually evolve. Grandma used baking soda almost daily for one reason or another from heartburn to stain removal…AND…so do I!

This cheap, effective ingredient is one of the most versatile and powerful natural remedies for many reasons. It can be used as a proactive approach to colds, headaches, cancer, skin disorders, and much more through its ability to quickly alkalize the body. We now know scientifically that when a body’s urine pH (first void of the morning upon arising) remains at an average of 7.5, no bacteria, virus, fungus or even cancer can survive. Additionally, it can be used as a product for oral hygiene and as a deodorant, etc..

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This month is heart month and I’m gifting all of you with a gift directly from my heart. For over 15 years my patients, post-graduate students and followers have been asking for a cookbook that expands on all the teachings of Wholistic Rejuvenation…AND…that it’s easy, healthy and tasty – you asked, it’s here! My production team at my new Cooking Institute have been busy for over a year working with me creating and testing recipes that have no ingredients that induce inflammation or sabotage our health. Since we know inflammation is at the foundation of most disorders, and it’s my specialty, the cookbook had to be unique in its ingredients yet so tasty you wouldn’t miss the “unhealthy” ingredients…mission accomplished!

We’ve all been there – you’re going along in life like you’ve always done and suddenly you realize what you’re doing just isn’t working for you anymore…OR…like me, you’re plunged into a completely new dietary protocol as a result of a life-threatening accident and suddenly you’re allergic to everything because you developed an intestinal disorder and liver damage caused by drugs used to save your life.

As a doctor of natural health and running two successful clinics (for 21-years) working with patients EXACTLY with the same symptoms I was now experiencing was very humbling. I was forced to make the dietary changes I counseled my thousands of patients to make…AND…I recovered…all along keeping in mind that achieving and maintaining health is a journey, not a destination…

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FACT: Gout plagues more and more people daily – it’s a type of arthritis which leads to joint inflammation. It can cause slight swelling and stiffness or, in some cases, leads to severe pain and intense swelling that develops and manifests in just a few hours. The major reason for the occurrence of gout is a uric acid overload, which causes hard crystals to form in your joints.

The uric acid formed is through a process called decomposing prunes – chemicals that our bodies naturally process and can be found in different varieties of foods. If a person’s diet contains a high number of purines it will then raise the amount of uric levels in the body and can develop gout.

Therefore, if you have gout and you want to improve or be proactive you MUST lower the level of uric acid inside your body. The best way to start is to make some changes in your lifestyle and diet as briefly outlined in this report. CLICK this LINK to read the full article.

If your get-up-and-go got up and went….consider the effects of bad oils! 

The list of disorders linked to overconsumption of omega-6 fatty acids continues to grow.

Latest studies link cheap, omega-6-laden vegetable oils to behaviors such as TV-watching and diseases such as diabetes!

Digest These Facts:

  • Americans consume vastly greater amounts of omega-6 fats than they did 30 years ago.
  • Combined with low intake of omega-3 fats, that excess creates “silent”, chronic inflammation…AND…
  • worrying evidence linking chronic inflammation to fatigue and inactivity has begun to emerge in recent clinical studies.
  • Five years ago, researchers from the National Cancer Institute found that breast cancer patients with comparatively high omega-3 levels — and low omega-6 blood levels — showed substantially less inflammation and fatigue…AND…

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The liver is a vital organ of detoxification which requires proper care to maintain its health-enhancing functions. Liver damage and disorder is in epidemic proportions mostly because of an unhealthy diet, being overweight, excessive alcohol consummation and most medications.

The tamarind fruit is very effective in preventing and treating liver disorders. Consumed at least five out of seven days it will improve your liver health and protect it from damages.

This fruit detoxifies our body, eliminates toxins from our organism, boosts metabolism and digestion, and improves cardiovascular and digestive functions…

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The following is a summary of the findings reported at the annual meeting of the Society of Neuroscience: 

  • Gut bacteria are possibly working at more than keeping our bodies healthy – they may be actually changing our minds.
  • Recent studies report how living bacteria in the gut can alter the way our brain works.
  • The scientific question asked after recent studies is, “can we soothe our brains by cultivating our gut bacteria”?
  • By adjusting the gut’s bacterial intestinal terrain, scientists have been able to change the behavior of lab animals and, in smaller numbers to date, in people.
  • Scientists, by altering intestinal microbes have turned anxious mice bold, and shy mice social. Rats inoculated with bacteria from depressed people developed signs of depression.
  • Smaller studies of people suggest that eating specific kinds of bacteria may change brain activity and ease anxiety/panic. This is believed to be effective because gut bacteria can make the very chemicals that brain cells use to communicate…Click to continue reading…

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What You Should Know…

  • Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. When it comes to understanding all the fuss about gluten, it pays to know the differences between the conditions connected to it. There’s celiac disease, wheat allergy, and/or gluten sensitivity, and keratosis pilaris (chicken skin).
  • Great confusion exists around oats – do they or do they not contain gluten? According to the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, oats are technically naturally gluten-free since they are not a type of wheat, barley or rye grain; those three groups of whole grains naturally contain the protein gluten. Oats, however, do not contain gluten but rather a protein called avenins. Many that must avoid gluten get sabotaged when eating oats because most brands are cross-contaminated with small amounts of grains that do contain gluten. If you eat oats and symptoms manifest, it best to avoid them or find a brand certified organic and certified gluten-free…CLICK to continue reading…

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The following is a quick look at recent research regarding the health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and how they help induce better sleep:

Omega-3 (essentially DHA) was found to:

  • Impart a mellowing/calming effect;
  • Reduce arterial plaque;
  • Lower triglycerides;
  • Shield the heart from disease;
  • Affect sleep quality.

Scientific Perspective…

The research, on children and adults, showed that the higher level of omega-3s are credited with fewer sleep problems in both groups. In addition, DHA was linked as beneficial in reducing the severity of sleep apnea…Click to continue reading…

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