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The Way I See It…

  • Discover which is worse; white or brown fat;
  • Learn which fat is worse for your health – hip or belly fat;
  • Scientists believe that body fat is one of the most fascinating organs;
  • Fat has many more functions in the body than originally thought;
  • Fat releases hormones that control metabolism;
  • Newer research shows that body fat is no longer the enemy of a healthy body and mind; sugar and food groups that convert to sugar and additives are the villains;
  • There are basically FIVE types of body fat.

Until recently, scientists and medical professionals believed that body fat was mostly worthless; new research has now shed new light on that. Click All Fat is NOT Created Equal to continue reading…

I’ve been teaching Wholistic Rejuvenation DETOX online programs for several years now. This year our format will be a bit different. I’m offering you my best-selling book (value $16.95) at NO CHARGE. It details the protocols for initial 90-day detoxification program, recipes and a maintenance schedule as well.  

The basics of this new program include:


  • eBook, full-color 73 pages along with recipes, “Rejuvenation DETOX” – Age without Feeling our Looking Old, Wholistically;
  • ONE initial email to provide you with individualized support to begin the program. I will reply ONLY when this code is in the subject line: Guidance 08017. This is only for initial support for the detox program to gather what you need for specific health conditions or questions about the products used in the protocol…it is not in place of a client consultation. If you have specific health disorders and choose to become a patient, use this U.S. phone number (208.265.8555) to ask for a phone consultation worldwide (I place the call) and to schedule your appointment.
  • ONE final email if you’re following the DETOX protocol at no charge to assist you in proceeding to your individualized maintenance program. The program is 90-days so this email would be 90-120 days AFTER you begin. Place this code in the subject line: Final 08017.

Additional Guidance…

  • 15-Minute Non-Client/Patient Telephone Consultation (I call you in 19 countries)…$35. Includes questions and guidance to continue Rejuvenation Protocols after your initial Detox program. If you then decide to have me further guide you as a new client for 90-days including 3 follow-up emails or phone consultation, to identify the underlying causes of your disorder (s) rather than continue to deal with symptom-care, the fee for this mini-consult will be deducted from the new client fee of $240. Which now includes the laboratory Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (value $149.) that I will interpret during our first new client/patient consult of one-hour. You need to complete all the new client forms from my website and submit online then call the Institute at (888) 352.8175 to schedule a time and make financial arrangements. Appointment phone line available Mon. – Thursday 8: to 2: PACIFIC TIME. 

This offer valid through September 2017 ONLY.

Download BodyBurden_R3_2017_ebook to download your FREE copy of “Rejuvenation DETOX”.

REMINDER: After four years of offering TeleClasses for Rejuvenation DETOX, I’m most humbled by the response and comments from those who have learned how to transform their lives and health by participating. My next series is just in time to begin the New Year with a New You. Since the TeleClass is limited in participants because of screen-sharing so you can see my PowerPoints and Educational Materials while listening to the class on the phone, you must register as soon as possible to reserve your space.

Before you get involved in all the holiday commitments and gifting, gift yourself the education and guidance to lose those extra pounds, find the cause and natural remedies for your symptoms and disorders and the secrets to aging without feeling or looking old, NATURALLY.

To view the entire brochure and dates of this series click to Download Jan-Feb ’17 Detox Class w EB link (you can click on the link and register directly)

To Register directly you can click on the pdf when viewed or CLICK HERE to Register.

Your Partner in Health, Dr. Gloria

As many of you know, I recently begun spending some of my time in Ecuador teaching and providing cooking classes to show people how to cook with foods that are NOT inflammation-inducing. In addition, this experience offers me the opportunity to expand my Health Sciences & Research division to continue to educate through my online classes. Many of you have asked about vegetables and regional dishes that you may not be familiar with and asked if I’d share some of my new discoveries. One of the root vegetables most American’s are not very familiar with is Maca. This article deals with that vegetable and its awe-inspiring health benefits.

AND, for those of you asking if my time in Ecuador changes the way I counsel my clients or classes, it DOES NOT. Since retiring from my two brick-n-mortar clinics, all my consulting is virtual via telephone or Skype…and…I place the call to you in over 19 countries – one of the advantages of our cyber global connectivity. If you’d like help in identifying causes, effects and natural solutions to your “invisible illnesses” that include inflammation and digestive disorders, go to my website and complete the forms to become a client, currently I have clients in 11 countries and often in as many as 19.

Continue reading “Issue 11.18.16 South American “Super Food” with Amazing Health Benefits” »

As many of you know, we offer TeleClasses for Rejuvenation Detox several times a year to assist you in getting well and staying well while aging without looking or feeling old, naturally.

The timing of this next series is perfect to get your body in shape before the holidays and all that rich, sugar-laden food and other temptations. Keep in mind that once you participate in one of these classes you can retake the entire series (6) up to 3 times more within a year whenever it’s offered at no charge so that you can continue to reduce your body’s overall toxic burden.

As requested by participants for the past three years, 3 classes are interactive online so you can see my screen and presentation, 3 are emails you send me directly in order to receive more individualized guidance for the program for your specific health needs. This in no way constitutes a consultation as a client but rather to guide you in following the detoxification guidelines as outlined in my presentation and in the book that is included, as well as educational material you’ll receive once you register.

Click photo to enlarge and view the entire program, dates and costs ($10.wk for 6 weeks). Once you decide to register, go to my website at and click on the slider to register or CLICK here to go directly to the page to REGISTER:

To view what you’ll learn as a participant View this photo

With school beginning, fall upon us along with the barrage of colds and flu, and needing to re-energize our body and maybe in the process lose those few extra pounds that accompany you from summer delights, consider a healthy protein shake for you and your children customized with enhancements of greens, fruits, etc. to your liking, AND 20 grams of protein, only 90 calories, ZERO fat and ZERO cholesterol per serving!

Protein is Protein, Right? OH NO it isn’t!…Click to continue reading…

Continue reading “Issue 9.18.15 The WHEY to Rejuvenation – Weight-Loss – Enhanced Energy – Stress Relief” »

For decades, protein was promoted to be mostly for the sport enthusiast and athlete. Then, as more health concepts developed, evolved, and the baby-boomers became of age, protein became the topic of choice for those over age 65 because many were not eating a balanced healthy diet. Today, science and anti-aging specialists understand and validate the importance of a quality protein as the world’s MOST valued macronutrient.  That makes choosing quality protein easy, right? Not so quick! 

For those of us who pride ourselves in reading labels, we look for the contents of sodium, sugars, fats, carbohydrates and protein – but what number of protein should we be looking for and what does that number represent?    Click here to continue reading…

Continue reading “Issue 8.28.15 Quality Protein a MUST…As We Grow…As We Age” »

There is a disturbing nutritional trend that I see in those I counsel that I believe needs clarification; especially for those attempting to eliminate those extra pounds that have slowly crept up. That trend is to avoid, or severely limit, the amount of protein consumed; believing if they do the weight will come off easier. What we don’t often consider is the biological mechanism that is responsible for sending specific messages to the body’s fat-burning mechanisms to either dump fat or store it.

Through millions of years, our bodies developed a specialized survival mechanism to protect it against starvation and death. When protein intake is reduced, the body stores fat and literally holds onto it for dear life to help preserve it; you might now be asking, “why does it do that?”…click here to continue reading…

Continue reading “Nutritional Changes to “Dump Fat” Instead of “Storing Fat”” »


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