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With aging comes the reality that our brain chemistry can easily become unbalanced if it lacks proper nutrition, healthy stimulation, minerals and electrolytes – the body’s electrical transmitters. Click to continue reading…  

Under the age of 40, our bodies are better equipped to tolerate abuse, including, but not limited to: consumption of processed and overcooked foods devoid of enzymes and nutrients; excessive mental and physical stress; consumption of alcohol and soft drinks; use of medications (which can severely deplete mineral reserves); and toxic environmental factors. That said, it is vital our brains maintain a constant supply of neurotransmitters as well as the raw materials to keep them balanced for optimum function.

Message transmission

Neurotransmitters are chemicals that occur naturally in the brain, allowing transmission of messages from one nerve cell to another. They are chemical signals used by neurons to communicate with one another, and are responsible for making the brain work and determining how you think, feel, act, and retain information.

Minerals are cofactors for enzymes, meaning that enzymes depend upon minerals for their function. When the body is depleted of minerals, enzymes become sluggish or paralyzed; detoxification systems, especially the liver, kidneys and large intestine, are compromised; and pH balance is lost; which leads to the development of chronic disorders we wrongfully associate with mental decline from “normal” aging.

Michael Lesser, MD explains, “You never get any more neurons than you’re born with. In fact, the brain loses nerve cells as it ages. This stepped-up breakdown throws your brain chemistry so out of balance that it leads to decrease in the general level of brain activity, interference with the ability to think and remember, and depression.”

Diseases of Aging

Health experts worldwide agree that mineral combinations found in whole foods, such as organic kosher wheatgrass juice, possess what the body needs most for maintenance, healing and longevity. Minerals from a whole food source are important because they offer the best absorption and utilization within the body. Freeze-dried organic kosher wheatgrass juice concentrate dissolves instantly in water and contains high amounts of whole-food minerals.

  Mental Aerobics

People below the age of 40 have an incredible opportunity to learn the nutritional and biological aspects of aging – not only for themselves, but also for those they love. The information in this article is an example of what you can learn to help yourself and others, at any age.

As baby boomers age, it’s important for them to remember that they are NOT their parents’ or grandparents’ generation – 60 is now the new 40. Today there is more health information available than ever before, as well as unlimited opportunities to educate ourselves in non-drug methods of maintaining health and adding life to our years.

All ages reap the benefits of health education, which can be accomplished through continuing education school courses, a specialized college, or distance learning within the privacy of the home or office. It doesn’t do much good if you provide the brain with fuel for its communication and retention skills and never use it to continue learning! Aging without quality of life, is surviving, not living.

The Way I See It…

The old adage “you lose what you don’t use” also applies to our brain – Wholistic Rejuvenation principles (WSBR) education programs provides you with the tools to build on the wealth of information you’ve gained, personally and professionally. Enhance your natural health skills; you’ll be amazed at the difference in yourself, both mentally and physically, naturally.

Your Health Detective:

Uncovering Clues to Add LIFE to Your Years…NOT Merely Years to Your Life, Naturally

Dr. Gloria Gilbère (aka Dr. G), N.D., D.A.Hom., Ph.D.,

EcoErgonomist, Wholistic Rejuvenist

Creator of certificated courses to become a Wholistic Rejuvenist™ (CWR) and for post-graduate education for health professionals. Go to and click on Wholistic Skin & Body Rejuvenation (WSBR™) for course outline. Available on-site at worldwide locations and via distance-learning at your convenience globally.

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