How To Find A Vision Supplement That Actually Works

You may have heard it’s good to take eye health vitamins to protect your vision, but did you know there are over 500,000 vision supplements in the world? Many companies make wild claims about their product but don’t have any credible research to back them up. Every day, people get swindled by these companies that are selling low-quality products with no proof of safety!

Before choosing a Vision Supplement, it’s important to 

ask at least a few key questions:

Will this supplement actually work?

Is it overpriced?

Can I trust the ingredients?

Of course, doing all this research takes time and often money that most people don’t have. That’s why our team of researchers got together to analyze the top eye vitamins on the market.

We’ll show you the 8 must-haves of a good eye health supplement that works, and give you our official rating of the best eye vitamins to buy.

Here are the top 8 things to look for in a quality vision supplement that will actually do you some good.

The 8 “Key Indicators” of an Effective Vision Supplement

During our research, we discovered the top qualities you should look for for when purchasing a vision support supplement. These are:

AREDS-2 Formula – Landmark study AREDS-2 tested 6 ingredients and nutrients which showed them to work effectively for thousands of people. Any good vision supplement will contain an adequate amount of these nutrients in the proper amount.


Filler Free – Some manufacturers add artificial flow agents to their supplements to help the manufacturing process. These fillers add unnecessary ingredients that do nothing to support your vision. The top supplements skip artificial fillers to deliver maximum vision-restoring power.

Quality Ingredients – Quality supplements will be created from natural ingredients that are carefully sourced to provide the purity and potency you need to heal your vision.

Stop Vision Loss At The Source – Scientists have discovered the real cause of fading vision: CPE. CPE stands for a chronic proinflammatory environment, meaning that inflammation and oxidative stress have combined to form a vicious cycle that damages your eyes right down to the very DNA. Reversing this process requires the right blend of potent antioxidants to break the cycle and clear your eyes of CPE.

Adequate Dosages – Studies have shown that even the most powerful eye nutrients need to be administered in the right amount to be effective. An effective eye health supplement will contain the right ingredients at clinically relevant doses.

GMP Certified and FDA Compliant Facility – Following the guidelines and supervision of these agencies helps ensure that supplements are safe to use and deliver a consistent product.
3rd Party – Good supplement companies have nothing to hide. Each batch should be tested at a 3rd party facility to make sure it contains what is promised. That way, you can rest assured that what you pay for is what you get

Money-back guarantee – Honest companies stand by their work and trust that when you see results, the last thing on your mind will be getting your money back. If, for some reason, their product doesn’t work for you, they’ll happily refund you since you didn’t get the results you were looking for.

Marketplace Overview

Sadly, as we examined many of the products on the market, we were disappointed with what we found. Many of these manufacturers didn’t do enough research to treat declining vision fully. 

Even the ones who included the formula from the acclaimed AREDS-2 study simply stopped there. Clearly, they didn’t understand how to address the root cause of fading vision.

Also, many of them did not include clinically relevant doses, which means you’ll have to take more, or they may not be as effective.

PLUS – nearly every supplement we reviewed was packed with useless fillers… who knows what impact these artificial ingredients may have on your health!?

Expert Recommendations

Despite the results of our research, there was a supplement that stood head and shoulders above the competition when it came to effective natural eye health.

Instead of using fillers, the manufacturers of this product use Turmeric – a powerful, natural antioxidant – so that you get even more natural vision support instead of cheap artificial ingredients.

They also went above and beyond the AREDS-2 Formula and included a powerful 12-nutrient complex designed to stop CPE: the root cause of vision loss.

PLUS – each of the carefully sourced, high-quality ingredients in this supplement are included at clinically relevant doses. That means you can rest assured that your eyes get enough of the nutrients they need every time you take this supplement.


iGenics is our #1 recommendation because it meets and exceeds all 8 of the Key Indicators of an effective eye health supplement – It has the full AREDS 2 formula while offering 20 mg of lutein, a full 10 mg of zeaxanthin, 480 mg of bilberry extract, 20 mg of saffron, 80 mg of ginkgo biloba, and 350 mg of turmeric extract an achievement that no other product on the market can claim!

While iGenics is a bit more expensive, it has the most vision-supporting ingredients at dosages found in clinical studies. We feel comfortable recommending iGenics as the best. Here are a few other popular products on the market to consider.

Preservision is a popular supplement with the AREDS-2 formula to help support healthy vision.

Some people have found it helpful when it comes to slowing the progression of AMD, and helping preserve their vision.

After looking closer, we realized that their formula stops at the AREDS-2 formula but doesn’t go above and beyond to stop vision loss at the source.

We also found filler ingredients like titanium dioxide, gelatin, and glycerin add nothing to your eye health.

Preservision will deliver the effective doses of each AREDS-2 ingredient but does not include any other vision-supporting ingredients. This means that it may take longer for you to see results, which may not be as significant as iGenics.

Another popular supplement does not contain the full AREDS-2 formula. The label says AREDS 2 inspired, as it does not contain enough vitamin C, E, or Zinc. It does include 4 mg zeaxanthin and 20 mg lutein, and 50 mg of bilberry extract.

While filler ingredients are still present, and the few ingredients included aren’t quite the CPE stopping power of iGenics, the lack of the full AREDS 2 formula and potency make this a #3 behind iGenics and Preservision.

Popular Vitamin and Supplement manufacturer Nature Made also created a supplement to support healthy vision. They use the AREDS-2 formula at minimum effective doses to help deliver results.

Like many supplements, though, they stop there. Without an antioxidant complex to stop CPE, clinically relevant doses, and a supplement with filler ingredients, it falls short of the standard set by iGenics for supporting healthy vision.


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